Ever since a friend of mine gave me a genuine Queen to read I was hooked. Okay I was around 15 years old and chances were this was a teenage fling. At the time (late seventies) Queen was widely translated and freely available in Dutch pockets. This helped me to start collecting other stories. At the time I didn't know much about the special relationship between Frederic Dannay and Manfred B.Lee and the writer or indeed the character of Ellery Queen. I soon realized there was a huge difference in quality between the books. If Ellery appeared in them content was good, if not quality varied, with the exception made for Drury Lane. The playfulness of the scenario, the use of puzzle's, the format,... who knows what attracted me most but I soon had a list of books which could only have been written by a man who did nothing else! A oeuvre of about 60 books... how could this be?

I started a collection not knowing where it would end... A large fire hit the main depot of publisher destroying large quantities of (Dutch) books ready to go to the audience. Subsequently no more 'pockets' were published and a 'shortage' drove me toward 'English' publications. Here I met JJMcC which was cruelly left out the translations.
It became more and more difficult to find the books and I became greatly dependent on second-hand stores. It still thrills me to bits when, in some dusty bookstore, I discover a 'new' Queen!
A friend of mine, which I introduced to the Queen-cosmos by lending him a copy of 'the Greek Coffin Mystery', found it 'not realistic'. Which, my dear friends, is beside the point. Realism is not what we're after but a genuine puzzle set in human circumstances. Knowing we'll get all the clues and all we have to do is to deduce. We trust our idol to give us ample time to come to the right solution and when it is given we expect to be baffled by the loophole's in our solution. It's fun! Nothing to do with realism. If we wanted 'bloody' realism we could find truckloads at the nearest videostore in glorious Technicolor and Dolby surround.

In 1997 the net came to my house... Too few sites, in my opinion, do justice to this writer who started of in the late twenties and made it through into the seventies.He made maximum use of the media at that time and is now, I feel, grossly neglected. Some bookstores in the N.Y.area didn't even know him by name! The linkpage (Q.E.D.) has several links but the site's by David Gideon, Michael Grost, Mark Koldy and Johan Blixt are greatly advised ... .

Although my knowledge of the English language takes me through all of the Queen books, it is hardly my native tongue. I first intended to create a Dutch site, but this would have left out a large portion of the public. The net could indeed be a prolific medium so I have added my thoughts to those of others and came up with something new.
I've been gathering the information for this site over several years...I hope it fires up more interest in the books of Ellery Queen. I'd like to clarify the feel of the banners on the site with a small tribute to the coverartists of the Dutch pockets which made use of detective related 'icons' (guns, typewriters, daggers, clues,...). Surely one can hardly expect anything else from a mystery-book-related site....
April 18, 2001 and the site celebrates two year on the web... the website doesn't aim at mainstream-visitors...but for a interested reader(fan) it wants to give all available information on a wonderful partnership and doing so has given me the opportunity to make some friends...which is more than one can hope for!
Meanwhile, whatever the reason you stopped by, I'm honored to have you as my guest, please enjoy my site.

Damme, Belgium    
April 2001         

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