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The Black Hearts Murder (1970)

Where is Harlan James? He was the indicted, bail-jumping leader of Banbury's militant Black Hearts -- who had gone underground...but whose rage, still heard on tape, was edging the city towards interracial terror. Harlan James called for violence -- for black protests, demonstrations, drastic political action against the city's white leaders. But did he also call for -- or commit -- murder? It was a top-priority job for Mike McCall, a new breed of crime-fighter, whose cases plunge him into the crises of modern America.... A prominent white official is shot to death and Mike must find the Killer -- or face open racial warfare!

The Black Hearts Murder - Published in 1970 by Magnum Books as Paperback #74640The Black Hearts Murder - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Robert Fass, October 21. 2014The Black Hearts Murder - cover Road (September 29, 2015)

First (Paperback) Appearance: 1970; Magnum Books 74-640
Ghost-written by Richard Deming

Mordfall schwarze Herzen - cover German edition Ullstein Krimi N°1395, 1971Vietato essere neri - cover Italian edition, Il Gialli Mondadori, N° 1182, September 26. 1971O crime do poder negro - cover Brazilian edition Cultrix Romances Policias 1971.O crime dos corações negros - Cover Portuguese edition, 1971

The Black Hearts Murder Translations: 
Brazilian: O crime do poder negro 
(AKA O crime dos corações negros) 
German: Mordfall schwarze Herzen 
Italian:Vietato essere neri 

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