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The Blue Movie Murders (1972)

All Hollywood producer Ben Sloane had wanted was to find Sol Dahlman, the mysterious film genius who had made The Wild Nymph and now Sloane was dead. The governor told Mike McCall to, 'Go up to Rockview and get me the killer!' But it wasn't quite that easy. The Mann Photo Service, long rumored to be a center of the blue movie industry, was torn by a strike, and nobody was talking to strangers not Xavier Mann, not Major Jordan, not beautiful April Evans, who refused even to tell who she was or why she, too, was investigating the murder. Then, just to make the job a little harder, Cynthia Rhodes and her Fem Lib Raiders hit town and a man named Carry Tanner decided McCall had lived too long. 

The Blue Movie Murder - Penguin Books, 1975 cover design by Peter FluckFirst (Paperback) Appearance: 1972; Lancer Books 75-277 The Blue Movie Murders - cover edition Gollancz, London, 1973The Blue Movie Murders - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, November 1. 2014 The Blue Movie Murders - cover Road, September 29, 2015

Ghostwritten by Edward D. Hoch.  All of the ghostwritten books were edited and supervised by Lee, except The Blue Movie Murders which was edited and supervised by Dannay after Lee's death.

Ed attested to this fact "I remember that I spent an entire summer's afternoon there, going over the manuscript page by page. For me , it was a lesson in editing from a master. He preferred fewer commas than I usually used, and fewer words. He found a phrase like, 'He shrugged his shoulders," to be redundant. "You can't shrug anything but your shoulders", he told me, and of course he was right. To this day I remember that, every time I see the phrase in someone else's book. There were red editing marks on virtually every page of the manuscript..." (Old-Time Detection Issue 16, Autumn 2007)

I'd like to remark that the Taiwanese edition in the section below has the name of Edward Hoch next to Ellery Queen. A first to my knowledge.

De Wilde Nimf - cover Dutch/Flemish edition Prisma-DetectivesMordfall saubere Leinwand - cover German edition Ullstein Krimi, 1972Vietato Essere Uomini - cover Italian edition, Mondadori, series Il Giallo Mondadori N°1283, September 2. 1979Assassinato na industria do sexo - cover Brazilian edition, Ediciones MM,1973
ΟΙ ΔΟΛΟΦΟΝΟΙ - Cover Greek edition, Viper, 1972The Blue Movie Murders - cover Japanese edition, Hara Shobo, Feb 2000The Blue Movie Murders - cover Chinese edition, New Star Press, November 2011The Blue Movie Murders - cover Taiwanese edition, Face Press, 2005

The Blue Movie Murders Translations

Brazilian:Assassinato na industria do sexo  
Dutch/Flemish: De wilde nimf  
German: Mordfall saubere Leinwand  
Italian: Vietato essere uomini  
Japanese: 青の殺人  

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