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Nobody had any reason to want Peter Jordan dead. Yet the ailing millionaire sent Ellery a desperate call for help...and Ellery and Nikki found him murdered! No motive... no clues... For once Ellery Queen was bogged down- until he found a very important wad of chewing gum!

Another non-Queen story with Ellery
"sleuthing" around. Based on a radio play "The Gum-chewing Millionaire" by Ellery Queen from 1939. Published in 1942 as one of the Better Little Books (N° 1472) (left) and published by Pyramid books in 1968 together with The Last Man Club. Illustrated by Erwin L.Hess

"Lucille Cherry Told her Story"."Nikki's eyes Sparkled".
Above left:  "Lucille Cherry Told her Story".
Above right: "Nikki's eyes Sparkled".

Above (Top and left side): The Whitman Better Little Book edition features a murder mystery with black and white illustrations on right-hand pages with vignette at upper right corner of those pages with figures that appear to move when the pages are flipped. *

Il Milionario Assassinato - Italian cover, 1984Последнее дело Друри Лейна - cover Russian compilation, includes "Drury Lane's Last Case" (Последнее дело Друри Лейна"), "Cop Out" (Я больше не коп) & "The Last Man Club" (Клуб оставшихся) and "The Murdered Millionaire" (Убийство миллионера), publisher Centrograph (Центрполиграф), 2007.The Adventure of the Murdered Millionaire - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Pocket Mystery, October 15. 1973.The Adventure of the Murdered Millionaire - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Publishing, 1979

Adventure of the Murdered Millionaire Translations:
Italian: L’avventura del milionario assassinato
AKA Il Milionario Assassinato
Japanese: 大富豪殺人事件
Russian: Убийство миллионера

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