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The Last Man Club (1941)

$ 100 000,payable to the final survivor of the strange Last Man Club. It was a wonder they didn't start killing each other off..and then they did. Plunging Ellery Queen and Nikki Porter into a challenging chase after an invulnerable killer!

Nobody had any reason to want Peter Jordan dead - yet the ailing millionaire sent Ellery a desperate call for help... and Ellery and Nikki found him murdered! No motive... no clues... For once Ellery Queen was bogged down - until he found a very important wad of chewing gum!


The Last Man Club - cover Pyramide Books Again based on a radio play by Ellery Queen. But aside the leading role no real Queen.  First appeared as "Better Little Books" (1406) in 1941. Published by Pyramid books together with 'The Adventure of the Murdered Millionaire.'

Better Little BookEllery's address is given as "212-A West 87th Street" beside being an obvious referral to a certain Baker Street address but also a one off in the Queen canon. Nikki's (pert, blonde and pretty) domicile can be found in West 94th Street.

He was walking Nikki home Nikki worshipped her hero

Il Milionario Assassinato - Italian coverКЛУБ ОСТАВШИХСЯ - Cover Russian edition, 2007 (includes Cop Out & Drury Lane's Last Case)The Last Man Club - cover

 The Adventure of the Last Man Club Translations: 
Italian: L’avventura del Club dell’ultimo uomo 

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