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The Last Man Club (1941)

$ 100 000,payable to the final survivor of the strange Last Man Club. It was a wonder they didn't start killing each other off..and then they did. Plunging Ellery Queen and Nikki Porter into a challenging chase after an invulnerable killer!

Nobody had any reason to want Peter Jordan dead - yet the ailing millionaire sent Ellery a desperate call for help... and Ellery and Nikki found him murdered! No motive... no clues... For once Ellery Queen was bogged down - until he found a very important wad of chewing gum!


The Last Man Club - cover Pyramide BooksAgain based on a radio play by Ellery Queen. But aside the leading role no real Queen.  First appeared as one of the  Better Little Books (N° 1406) in 1941 and published by Pyramid books together with The Adventure of the Murdered Millionaire.

"He was walking Nikki home"."Nikki worshipped her hero".
Above left: "He was walking Nikki home".
Above right: "Nikki worshipped her hero".

Better Little BookEllery's address is given as "212-A West 87th Street" beside being an obvious referral to a certain Baker Street address but also a one off in the Queen canon.

Nikki's (pert, blonde and pretty) domicile can be found in West 94th Street.


Il Milionario Assassinato - Italian coverКЛУБ ОСТАВШИХСЯ - Cover Russian edition, 2007 (includes Cop Out & Drury Lane's Last Case)The Last Man Club - cover

 The Adventure of the Last Man Club Translations: 
Italian: L’avventura del Club dell’ultimo uomo 

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