The Adventures of Ellery Queen
Photo Mystery
               "The Twilight Zone"
                                          by Ellery Queen

Want a recipe for a good mystery show?
First, take handsome Lee Bowman and cast him as a dashing mystery writer and super-criminologist. Then add Florenz Ames. Season with glamorous guest stars like Eva Gabor and mix well. Result: The Adventures of Ellery Queen (Dumont, Thursdays, 9:00 - 9:30 PM, EST). Serve while hot.

exact date unknown as this episode appeared as Photo Mystery in TV Show edition of January 1952, sadly no title for this episode was mentioned... (cross matched with other information "The Twilight Zone" came up)

ELLERY QUEEN ......... Lee Bowman
INSPECTOR QUEEN ...... Florenz Ames
MARSDEN .............. Guy Spaull
ILSA ................. Eva Gabor
KARL.......... ....... Edgar Franken
MAX LEOPOLD........... Ted Goetz
COMMUNIST ............ Cosmo Cordello








A German beer stein, bought on vacation in Europe reminds Ellery (Lee Bowman) of what befell him and his father at a club in Western Zone of Germany. There they met Marsden.
British correspondent Marsden (Guy Spaull), after greeting his old friend Inspector Queen, joins Ilsa (Eva Gabor), sultry singer at club. Proprietor Max Leopold (Ted Goetz) doesn't approve.

At the bar, Marsden's drink is drugged by Red Agent Karl (Edgar Franken) who takes him to the Eastern Zone where he is tortured for vital anti-communist list.

Trying to find Marsden, Inspector Queen (Florenz Ames) is also kidnapped to the Red Zone and is "persuaded" by Karl to "confess" to espionage. He refuses

Despite threats of Karl and his strong-arm (Cosmo Cordello), Queen still refuses to sign document. Meanwhile Ellery begins to look for his father.

Leopold suggest that Ilsa might lead Ellery to his contacts in the Red Zone who could furnish more information. She agrees to escort him via a secret route.

Meanwhile Communists, who have made no headway with the Inspector, throw him into a room with dead body of Marsden who had chosen to remain silent

Ilsa has led Ellery straight to Karl's headquarters, but Ellery already had suspected trap. he knocks out the guard, arms his dad, then covers Karl and Ilsa.

Karl is forced to call off the guards in the immediate area and with Ilsa to "escort" Mr.Queen and son back to the Western Zone. Karl and Ilsa obey unwillingly.

Though the reluctant "guides" warn of sudden death, they are forced to guide Ellery and his dad through an abandoned sewer, as Red Police hunt them above.


Ellery and his father are surprised to find that the tunnel leads directly to Ilsa's night club dressing room, headquarters for a Red Kidnaping ring.
The night club owner appears and retakes the surprised Ellery and dad at gunpoint. He order them to turn around and begin trip back through the tunnel.

At the entrance to the tunnel, Max is mistakenly killed by Red bullets. While Karl is caught off guard, Ellery grabs the dead man's gun and once again he has Ilsa and the Communist agent in tow. Ellery orders them to re-enter the night club where he calls the authorities. Ilsa and Karl make a one way trip to jail.



reproduced after a publication of Photo Mystery in
TV Show edition of January 1952 

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