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The Adventures of Ellery Queen                            t e r u g
("A Kaiser-Frazer Adventure in Mystery")

The show appeared on the Dumont Network beginning in 1950 and each episode took 25 minutes.Click on left and/or right sideDumont, 14 Oct 1950-1951
ABC, 1951- Dec,1952

Producers: Norman and Irving Pincus
Directors: Donald Richardson, William Hart, Alex Cohen.
Scriptwriters: Helene Hanff, Reginald Denham,
Mary Orr,
Eugene Burr, ...
Composer "Ellery Queen Theme" (the same theme that was used on the last 2 Radio series): Chester ("Chet") Kingsbury.  Music Arranged by Ray Carter
Set designer: J.R. Lloyd
Ellery QueenLee Bowman
Inspector Queen: Florenz Ames

Scriptwriter Helene Hanff became what she described as "Ellery Queen's special write of arty murders", and wrote plots about a murder at an art gallery, one at the opera, two at the ballet and one at a Shakespeare festival. "We were just getting round to murder at a rare book shop when they took the show off the air."

First Season 

After an eight week summer vacation Ellery returned for 13 episodes

Second Season

39* "The Twilight Zone"
            Script: Henry Misrock
            appeared as Photo Mystery in TV Show edition  of January 1952 where no
            title was given...   Full photomystery of this episode
            With: Guy Spaull (Marsden), Eva Gabor (Ilsa), Edgar Franken (Karl),
                       Ted Goetz (Max Leopold), Cosmo Cordello, Luis Van Rooten

Lee Bowman as Ellery Queen
  A German beer stein , bought on vacation
            in Germany reminds Ellery of what befell
            him and his father in a club in
            There they met British correspondent
            Marsden who meets Ilsa, a sultry singer.
            Propietor Max  Leopold does not approve.
            Marsden is drugged by a red agent Karl
            and swept off to East-Germany where he is
            In a attempt to find Marsden Inspector
            Queen also is kidnapped and subjected to
            the same treatment. Ellery, aided by Ilsa
            finds his  way through tunnels to the "Red

40* "The Dead Man who Walked"
           Script: Henry Misrock
           With: Mary Beth Hughes

41* "Murder in the Death House"
           Script: Betty Loring

      Ellery sets out to to solve a prison murder and prevent a jailbreak.

42* "The Garden of Death"
           Script: Henry Misrock

           Ellery gets to know a frightened sculptor and finds a murder problem.

 43"The Hanging Acrobat"
              aka "Carnival Acrobat"
              aka Carnival Killer (?) or "Murder at the Carnival" (?)
          Repeated on 10/11/51
      With: Sono Osato (Louise), Kurt Katch (Hugo), Frank Tweddell (Sheriff),
                     Ray Bramley (
Colonel Day), Don Kennedy (Tex)
          Donald Richardson (director), Gilbert Braun (adaptation),  Eugene Burr
         (script editor), Trew Hocker (settings), Ray Carter (music), Rex Marshall
         (announcer: uncredited).

         Amy Muller, a carnival acrobat with too many boyfriends, is found strangled to
         death. The prime suspect is
"Tex," but Ellery Queen soon discovers who
         really did it.

44* "The Gridiron Murder"
           Script: Henry Misrock

45* "The Coffee House Murder"
           Script: Norman Lessing

           Ellery visits a poor neighborhood to solve murder in an ethnic coffeehouse.

          Survives on Kinescope (1) 

46* "Death in a Ghost Town"
           11/01/51 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
           Script: Henry Misrock

           Ellery and his father find a body in a Western ghost town but it disappears
           before anyone else sees it. Ellery suspects that somewhere in the ghost town
           both the victim and the murderer are hidding.

47* "Murder to Music"
Script: Helene Hanff
          "Kaiser Frazer" commercials presented by Rex Marshall.

Ellery is invited to the birthdayparty of the famous Maestro, he becomes
          suspicious when the conductor's invalid wife dies under strange circumstances.
               ("Murder to Music" - YouTube moondogsballroom)

48* "The Inside Man"
           Script: Henry Misrock based on story by Irving Pincus and Eugene Burr
           With: Valerie Bettis, Rex O'Malley

49* "Pavane for a Dead Princess"
           Script: Betty Loring
           With: Billy Redfield, Reba Tassel

50* "The Shape-Up"
           Script: Henry Misrock

51* "Death attends the Opera" (2) aka
"Death at the Opera"
Script: Helene Hanff

The series changed date, time slot, network and sponsor. It was seen Sundays on ABC from 7:30 to 8:00 PM sponsored by Kaiser-Frazer ...

The series changed date, time slot, network and sponsor. It was seen Sundays on ABC from 7:30 to 8:00 PM sponsored by Kaiser-Frazer.

52*"Ticket to Nowhere"
        Script: Henry Misrock based on a story by Carol Gluck
        With: Nils Asther

53*"A Christmas Story"
         Script: Raphael Hayes

54* "The Long Shot"
          Script: Norman Lessing

          A murder is committed in a betting parlor, Ellery and his dad investigate.

55* "The Long Shot" (2)
          Script: Norman Lessing
"The Unhung Jury" (1)
          Script: John C.Gibbs

56*"Death in the Sorority House"
         Script: Henry Misrock

57*"The Feminine Touch"
         Script: Raphael Hayes

58* "Dance of Death"
Script: Helene Hanff

Mysterious doings in a ballet school, Ellery investigates.

59* "One week to live"
2/3/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
          Script: John C.Gibbs

          A bereaved widow asks Ellery for help after she's contacted by a stranger who
          demands she share with him the proceeds onher late husband's life..

60* "Mr.Big"
          2/10/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
          Script: Betty Loring

Ellery suspects that the suicide death of a smalltime gangster is connected with
          the operations of the underworld's Mr.Big. This mysterious figure has risen to the
          leadership of a narcotics ring.

        Script: Raphael Hayes

A corrupt boxing manager wants to fix a championship fight, Ellery looks
         for clues.

62*"The Red Hook Murder"
          Script: Richard Ellington

63* "King Size Death"
          Script: John C.Gibbs

64* "The File of Death"
           Script: Henry Misrock

      Income tax fraud uncovered as Ellery investigates a murder.

Lee Bowman (right) in a scene from "the Red Hook Murder".Lee Bowman as Ellery Queen in "Buck Fever" (01-10-1952).
Above left: Lee Bowman (right) in a scene from "The Red Hook Murder".
Above right: Lee Bowman as Ellery Queen in "Buck Fever" (01-10-1952).

After slightly more than a month the series returned to ABC in a new time slot 9:00 PM Wednesdays with a new sponsor Phillies Cigars and a new title Ellery Queen's Adventures beyond these changes the production team remained the same...

65* "The Bar Peaceful Murder"
          Script: Norman Lessing

          A kind old lady is murdered on a Western Ranch. Ellery sets out to find
          the culprit.

66* "Doodle of Death"
4/23/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
          Queen  01/29/56)
          Script: Betty Loring

          Ellery probes a murder that is connected with the disappearance of a priceless
          diamond. A series of penciled doodles provide a clue.

67* "The Man without Faces"
4/30/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
          Queen  "The Night Visitors" 03/11/56)
          Script: Henry Misrock

          While traveling in Germany Ellery witnesses the beating of a young couple by a
          Neo-Nazi group wearing uniforms and masks.Ellery decides to expose it. He
          meets with no success  however until he meets an old innkeeper

68* "Death of a Wax Doll"
5/7/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
         Queen  02/26/56)
          Script: Betty Loring

          Ellery investigates a murder discovered by an eleven-year old boy who took a
          shortcut through a vacant lot.
When the young boy visits a wax museum to see a
          tableau of a murder he has witnessed, he is almost killed.

69* "Cat and Mouse"
          Script: Henry Misrock

          A vengefull criminal threatens Ellery's life.

70*"Coroner's Inquest"
        Script: Raphael Hayes

Ellery tries to help a boy prove that his father's death was not accidental.

71* "The Not So Private Eye"
          Script: Henry Misrock

Episode 6/4/52 pre-empted: Betty Garde, local TV actress was injured when the taxi in which she was riding was involved in a collision with another car. As a result Ellery Queen scheduled for that night, in which she had the female lead was canceled and the entire cast paid off.
Norman and Irving Pincus used a kine of an earlier stanza in the 9-9:30 p.m. slot, via ABC which meant a second payment to members of that cast as well. Miss Garde was resting in a New York hospital with a split lip, banged nose and possible concussion. Her role was to be rescheduled for July.

Betty Garde, who was to play the femme lead on ABC-TV’s "Adventures of Ellery Queen” last Wednesday (4), was hurt while riding in a taxicab to a rehearsal on the day of the telecast. As a result, the N. Y.-originating live show had to be cancelled and an old kine used; It was too close to air time to get a substitute lead. Packagers Norman and Irving Pincus were clipped financially, since they had to pay the cast in the vehicle which wasn’t aired and also pay the performers and scripter on the kine. The cancelled yarn will be reprised in a month or so when Miss Garde is able to appear in it. Accident occurred when a pedestrian darted in front of the cab and the driver stopped short; a web spokesman said. Actress, was thrown against the jump seat, had a nose hemorrhage and had to be hospitalized.

                                                      (Variety, Wednesday June 11, 1952)

72* "Rehearsal for Murder"
           Script: Helene Hanff based on story by Irving Pincus and Eugene Burr
With: Lili Darvas (5)

           In the milieu of a summer theatre a murder is committed.

73*"Prize Catch"
Script: Raphael Hayes

           Whilst on a fishing trip Ellery and his father get entangled in a murder

74* "The Heartbroken Men"
          Script: Henry Misrock
          With: Neva Patterson (5)

Ellery and his father crack a vicious insurance racket

75* "The Third Room"
          This episode came up at an eBay auction (Jul 2009) described as "ABC
          Television Network 16mm A-wind Kinescope Composites Ellery Queen
           #6 #4900 07-02-52" unfortunately as part of 5,000$ (starting bid) set

Episode 7/9/52 pre-empted by coverage of the Republican National Convention.

76* "The Pool of Death"
          Script: Betty Loring

          As usual Ellery runs into a murder plot as he checks into a tourist resort and rents
          a poolside cabana.

Episode 7/23/52 pre-empted by coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

77* "Dead Secret"
           Script: Irving Pincus and Helene Hanff

           Ellery's life depends on his memory as he needs to remember the finest details of
           his last visit to the bank

78* "The Canvas Shroud"
           Script: Irving Pincus, Eugene Burr and John C.Gibbs

           Ellery's on vacation and Inspector Queen sets out to the circus only to find

79* "A Frame for a Chair"
          Script: Henry Misrock

Inspector Queen sets out to exonorate a teenager sentenced to the electric chair.

80* "The Winner was Death"
           Script: John C.Gibbs

           Inspector Queen attends a prizefight that culminates in murder.

Richard Durr starts on "Ellery Queen" tonight (Wed.)- while Lee Bowman is on vacation. Bowman returns the following week
(Variety, Wednesday, August 27, 1952)

81* "Confidential Agent"
          Script: Betty Loring

          A blackmail victim and a murderess is what faces Inspector Queen.

82* "The Ten Dollar Bill"
          Script: Henry Misrock

Ellery and his dad need to visit a waterfont magic shop as they found a strange
          banknote on the body of a murdered man.

83* "The Wise Man"
           Script: John C.Gibbs

           Ellery tracks down a blackmail ring.

84* "Ready for Hanging"
           Script: Helene Hanff based on a story by Irving Pincus

           High-society aestheses fall victim to an art swindle. Ellery intervenes.

85* "Legacy of Death"
          Script: Betty Loring

          Ellery as bodyguard for a woman who is marked for murder.

86*"Buck Fever"
         Directed by Walter Hart, Script:
Henry Misrock, script editor: Eugene Burr
         Setdesign:  John Robert Lloyd,  Music arrangement:  Ray Carter
         Technical director: Walter Kubilus, Supervision:  A.Burke Crotty
         With: Richard Caryle (Bill Williams), Rusty Lane (Sheriff), Robert Middleton
          (Tim Hadden, Lori March (Claire Williams), Dennis Dengate (Stick-man)

          Ellery goes hunting and gets accused of shooting a collegue hunter by

             ("Buck Fever" - YouTube ComicWeb)

87* "Custom Made"
           10/08/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
           Queen  01/08/56)
           Script: Raphael Hayes and Helene Hanff

           Ellery's tailor sends him the wrong dinner jacket, Ellery seeks out the right
           garment only to find it on a dead man.

88* "The Two-Faced Man"
           10/15/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
           Queen  "The Mask of Rosselli" 12/25/55)
           Script: Michael Morris

Ellery is baffled when an American plastic surgeon  is kidnapped in Rome only
 to be identified a few weeks later as a dangerous masked murderer

89* "A Touch of Death"
10/22/52 re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
          Queen  "Stranger in the Dark" 10/02/55
          Script: Betty Loring

          Ellery tries to save a blind girl, the only witness her roommate's murder, who is
          stalked by the killer in the Braille room of the public library

90* "Close-up of Murder"
          10/29/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
          Queen  12/11/55)
          Script: Henry Misrock

Ellery sets up a hidden microphone to solve a murder in TV-studio during
          broadcast of a live detective program.

91* "The Destructive Angel"
           Script: Michael Morris
           With: Haila Stoddard.

The theft of a literary manuscript leads to murder.

92* "The High Executioner"
           Script: Helene Hanff

           During the performance by an amateur opera company of "The Mikado" a
           murder takes place. Ellery sets out to find the murderer.

93* "Companion to a Killer"
           11/19/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
          Queen  "The Recluse" 11/27/55)
           Script: Irving Pincus and Betty Loring

          A hotel bellhop murders the desk clerk and takes refuge in the room of a diabetic
           old woman. Ellery uses a lump of sugar as part of a plan to capture the murderer
           without endangering then hostage.

94* "Double Exposure"
           11/26/52 (re-used as basis for an episode of TPA tv-series Adventures of Ellery
          Queen  04/01/56)
           Script: Henry Misrock

A frightened father comes to Ellery for help when the kidnappers of his son
           warn him not to go to the police. Ellery compares two photographs and comes
           up with a clue.

Unknown titles, possibly alternative title to an existed episode or pre-empted episode :

"Killer D.A."
     exact date unknown  ? / ? /51

The series was also shown in Australia, where it played on Channel 2 on Thursdays at 9 pm throughout 1957.


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volume 17, 1984

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