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Quintin Chivas    (1961)

At eleven he was the leader of a gang of child thieves in teeming fifteenth-century Naples. Tough and relentless and shrewd, he had the face of an angel and the morals of a tomcat. Wise beyond his years, and wholly without scruples, he had already set his goals--nothing short of the full trappings of a gentleman: wealth, a wife who could bring him social acceptance, leisure to pursue the arts. Nor did he care how he attained them. There were only two kinds of people--those at the top who could reach down to give him a hand up, and those at the bottom who were convenient stepping stones. Both kinds he understood perfectly. But neither understood him--until it was too late!"

Written by Don Tracy this is a historical novel of 15th century Naples, Italy. The story of an 11 year old boy from the slums and what all he did to achieve a life of luxury.

Quintin Chivas - cover NY Simon & Schuster/Trident Press, 1961Quintin Chivas - cover Pocket Book 6141, 1962

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