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Beware the Young Stranger (1965)

John Vallancourt, the cool, calm diplomat, was worried stiff. A dear friend was dead and his daughter Nancy was missing. John feared the worst and the worst was Nancy's sweetheart Keith Rollins. Keith was the prime suspect in the case and he was running scared, dragging Nancy into danger with him. If Keith was a murderer, John was certain of one thing. He had to catch Keith before the cops did, or he might find himself with one very dead daughter...!

What's the matter with you, Keith?

With her hand on the car door, she ventured a look over her shoulder. "Do you really want me to go?"
"Why not?"
"You're lying to me, you know. What happened in town?"
"All right," he said through stiff lips, "you're asking for it. Here it is. In town they're looking for me. They're saying I killed Aunt Dorcas." She looked at him for several seconds as if she were about to giggle. He caught her arm at the elbow and shook her slightly. "Did you hear me, Nancy?" She continued to stand there and stare at nothing. Then a thread snapped inside her. With a clawing motion she put her hands to her face and started sobbing

Beware the Young Stranger - cover Signet BooksBeware The Young Stranger - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Robert Fass, October 1. 2014Beware The Young Stranger - cover Road, August 4, 2015

Cast of characters included. Written by Talmage Powell

Verdacht en Voortvluchtig - dutch cover Prisma-Detective N°147Ein Dorn im Auge - German cover Ullstein 1215,1968.La catena al piede - cover Italian edition Mondadori, series Il Giallo Mondadori N°922, 1966Cuidado com o desconhecido - Cover Portugese edition, Agência Portuguesa de Revistas, LisboaCuidado Con Ese Extraño - Cover Spanish edition, Coleção: Biblioteca Oro Nr.571 , E. Molino, 1967

Beware the Young Stranger Translations: 
Dutch/Flemish: Verdacht en voortvluchtig
German: Ein Dorn im Auge  
Italian: La catena al piede  
Portugese: Cuidado com o desconhecido  
Spanish: Cuidado con ese extraño  

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