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The one man...Larry Cutter was going to take no chances at all when he moved in to take over Iroquois, Ted Saxon thought. He wasn't willing to settle for a police chief who could be hoodwinked into cooperating with a puppet mayor. He wanted a man in office over whom he had absolute control. Chief Saxon had been murdered, his son framed, and now Arts Marks was being lured out of a job that could be his permanently by the offer of a better one. Why? And who could be the only man over whom Cutter could possibly have perfect control. There could be only one answer. The man who had murdered Andy Saxon!

This was cold-blooded murder!

"Car One to Control. Can you read me, Control?"
Lifting the microphone from its bracket on the radio panel, Ted Saxon said, "Control to Car One. I read you fine. What's up?"
"We're on Route 60, five miles out of Rigby. The Chief and Lieutenant Burns have both been shot by a suspicious character we stopped. I'm rushing them to Rigby Memorial. Description of suspect's car: new Chevrolet two-door sedan, grey with blue top, New York license 1UL-053. Too dark for description of suspect; he started firing before the Chief and Burns got close to him, then took off. Last seen thirty seconds ago headed south on Route 60. Over to you." It might have been a routine call, coming over any police hook-up, but it wasn't.
The Chief, you see, was Ted Saxon's father.


The Copper Frame - cover pocket book edition, Pocket Book N° 50490, June 1965 (1st)The Copper Frame - cover edition NEL, Four Square Crime N°1730, 1968.The Copper Frame - cover pocket book edition, Signet 451- , January 7. 1975 (?).The Copper Frame/A Room to die In - cover paperback edition, Signet Double Mystery 451-AE3120, 1984
The Copper Frame - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, December 1. 2014The Copper Frame - cover Road, August 11, 2015

Third book ghost-written by Richard Deming. About a small upstate New York town which a syndicate boss wants to take over and turn into a hotspot. Young acting police chief Ted Saxon goes on the warpath after his father is murdered and he himself gets framed on a rape charge and suspended from office.

Nevins called the well-evoked chase through a snowstorm the highlight in this adequate but unexciting job. Anthony Boucher (August 15, 1965) was kind  “better than many of Ellery Queen’s paperback originals: a transparently plotted but moderately lively and readable story. . . .”

Gangsters in Iroqouis - cover Dutch pocket book edition, Het Spectrum, Prisma-Detectives N° 133, 1969.Geheimnummer 7-3204 - cover German edition Ullstein Krimi 1141,1967 translation Will HelmDie letzte Rechnung schickt der Tod - cover German editionDie letzte Rechnung schickt der Tod - cover German editionΚατ' εντολήν - cover Greek edition, Viper, 1975
Κατ' εντολήν - Cover Greek edition, 2009, Δημοσιογραφικός Οργανισμός Λαμπράκη (Lambrakis)El Misterio Del Policia - cover Spanish edition, Diana, Mexico 1967Mirate al Cuore - cover Italian edition Mondadori, series 'Il Giallo Mondadori'  Nr914, 1966Puunis / Kas salakuulaja tapab? - cover Estonian edition of  Copper Frame / Who spies who kills?, Elmatar, 1994

The Copper Frame Translations:  
Dutch/Flemish: Gangsters in Iroquois
Estonian: Puünis   
German: Die letzte Rechnung schickt der Tod  
(aka Geheimnummer 7-3204)  
Greek: Κατ' εντολήν  
Italian: Mirate al cuore  
Spanish: El Misterio Del Policia  

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