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Blow Hot, Blow Cold ( 1964)

There was an epidemic of death in the town. Lila Connor, neighborhood flirt and sex goddess, lay dead in her home, victim of an ill-placed letter opener. Larry Connor, successful accountant and distraught husband, lay dead in his office, slain by the giant Mickey Finn. And at Shady Acres, Nancy Howell was crazy wondering who killed Lila and Larry. Was a killer even now hidden in Shady Acres, waiting for a chance to slay again...? (cover)

Recipe for a backyard cookout: one guest skewered by another

"Lila was shameless," Mae Walters said to Lieutenant Masters. "I'm surprised someone didn't kill her long ago."
"Now, Mae," Stanley Walters said, "you needn't make Lila out to be worse than she was."
"Yes, darling," said Vera Richmond, "you mustn't exaggerate. All Lila did was to give Stanley a meaningless kiss. As a matter of fact, Lieutenant, it started us all off kissing one another immediately."
"Did anything else happen I ought to know about?" asked Masters.
"Nothing at all, Lieutenant," Vera said. "It was just a little backyard cookout. We didn't ask any gangsters."
"Apparently," Masters said, "you asked a murderer."

Blow Hot Blow Cold - Signet CoverBlow Hot, Blow Cold - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Rebecca Mitchell, November 1. 2014Blow Hot, Blow Cold - cover Road, August 11, 2015

With cast of characters at the beginning. Written by Fletcher Flora.

Het Gebeurde op een Zomerdag - dutch coverHet gebeurde op een Zomerdag - Dutch coverChauds les glacons - cover French edition Presses de la cité, 1967Die Gartenparty - cover German edition Ullstein Bucher, 1978Die Gartenparty - cover German edition HeyneMasters non ci vede chiaro - cover Italian edition, Collana dei Gialli Mondadori N° 852, 1965Blow Hot Blow Cold - Cover Czech edition, 1978
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Blow Hot, Blow Cold  Translations:
Czech: Horké i Studené 
Dutch/Flemish: Het gebeurde op een zomerdag 
French: Chauds les glaçons 
German: Die Gartenparty 
Italian: Masters non ci vede chiaro 
Japanese: 熱く冷たいアリバイ 
Portuguese: O Mistério do Corta-Papéis 
Spanish: Soplo caliente, soplo frïo 
(aka Barbacoa Sagrienta) 


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