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The Four Johns (1964)
          aka Four Men Called John

The four of them had only two things in common - their name and a love for the ladies. John Boce was a no-account accountant who lusted after food, drink cars, and women. John Thompson was a secretive librarian who liked his books and his women well-stacked. John Viviano was a fashion photographer with a great feel for a body - any body! And John Pilgrim was a poetic bum who had the girls hanging on his every stanza. All of them wanted the same woman, but which one wanted her enough to kill...? (cover)

The Four Johns - coverFour Men Called John - cover GollanczThe Four Johns - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, Jan 1. 2015The Four Johns - cover Road, August 11, 2015

Set on and around the campus of the University of California-Berkeley. Mary Hazelwood, "one of the busiest bodies on the campus," disappears one day. The main suspects in the disappearance are all named John, from John Pilgrim, a "beatnik of distinction", to librarian and UC stacks supervisor John Thompson. Thompson is "persuasive, hedonistic, and enterprising, a librarian who likes his assistants well stacked." He is a "compact, sunburned man of thirty-five," with a mild disposition. he does, however, lead a mysterious existence: Each Friday after work, he disappears from campus, not to be seen again until Monday morning. When an investigator follows Thompson as the latter blasts off in his MG late one Friday, he discovers an astonishing truth: John Thompson is living a double life. During the workweek, he's a stack superintendent-roué and lives in a bachelor apartment in the city. From Friday evening to Monday morning, he's a devoted family man who lives in the suburbs with his wife and children. Is he guilty of more than duplicity? This is a competent Ellery Queen potboiler (Librarians in Fiction: A Critical Bibliography Grant Burns)

A cast of characters is included, and the book is ghostwritten by Jack Vance. Why did he write the books? "Because Ellery Queen gave me a flat fee of 3000 dollars for each book. Which was then a 12 page "Star Weekly" Novel insert (April 18, 1964) titled "Four Men Called John", this being the 1st Canadian appearance. Included 3 magazine sections, novel, and comics. lot of money! I did have to sign a contract never to reveal I actually wrote the books. Theoretically I never took his name. In a way he took my good prose and did everything to let it pass as his own." Vance was forbidden by his contract to sign copies of books written under the Ellery Queen pseudonym. As Vance developed a following in his own right (he was an elaborate Sci-fi-writer), he did eventually sign the Queen-books as "Jack Vance" or "Ellery Queen" and initialed "JV". Recently the manuscripts of the three Vance Queens were partially recovered. They will be restored and made available. So this story was published under its original title Strange She hasn't Written as a supplemental volume to the Vance Integral Edition in 2006.

Above right: 12 page Star Weekly Novel insert (April 18, 1964) titled Four Men Called John, this being the 1st Canadian appearance. Included 3 magazine sections, novel, and comics.

Uw Liefhebbende Moordenaar - dutch coverUw Liefhebbende Moordenaar - dutch coverDie vier Johns - cover German edition Ullstein KrimiVerlag 1978 (Nr. 1941)Confessa o morirai - cover Italian edition I Gialli Mondadori n. 846Los Cuatro Johns - cover Spanish edition, Ediciones Picazo España 1967Los Cuatro Johns - cover Spanish edition Picazo, 1975
Los Cuatro Johns - coverLos Cuatro Johns - hardcover Spanish edition,  Planeta, 1976, BarcelonaLos Cuatro Johns - cover Spanish edition, Editions Plaza and Janes, 1981.Los Cuatro Johns - cover Spanish edition, Barcelona, Ed. Dalmau Socias, Coleccion Enigma & Crimen, 1987Os Quatro Suspeitos - cover Portuguese edition,  Livros de Bolso / Serie Clube do Crime, Publicações Europa-América, April 1993

The Four Johns  
(aka Four Men Called John) Translations
Dutch/Flemish: Uw liefhebbende moordenaar  
German: Die vier Johns  
Finnish: Neljä epäiltyä (aka Neljä murhaajaa
Grieks: Ο Πέμπτος Ύποπτος  
Israelian:  מי רצח בשלג  
Italian: Confessa o morirai  
Persian: چهار جان  
Portuguese: Os Quatro Suspeitos  
Spanish: Los cuatro Johns  

Neljä murhaajaa - cover Finnish edition, 1966Neljä murhaajaa - cover Finnish edition, 1966Neljä epäiltyä - cover Finnish edition, 1984Ο Πέμπτος Ύποπτος - kaft Griekse uitgave, Viper, 1975מי רצח בשלג The Four Johns - Israelian edition, 1970چهار جان - cover Persian edition by Hazarafsan 2006

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