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Cat of Many Tails (1949)

Fear stole through the city of New York like a choking fog. Within five months, nine people had been strangled to death! And the unknown killer was still at large! Like a savage cat, the murderer pounced without warning, choosing his victims at random. No one was safe. The City was in a panic!
Ellery Queen, ordered on the case by the mayor, believed that there was an insane method to these murders. The facts were clearly laid out like nine neat corpses. But where did they connect? Queen knew that if he waited long enough a pattern of clues would emerge and point straight to the killer. But in the meantime...
When would the Cat strike again ?
Who would be the next victim?

Cardinal C-357Cat of Many Tails - cover Ballantine Books # 24603Cat of Many Tails - coverCat of Many Tails - cover Penguin edition
Cat of Many Tails - coverCat of Many Tails - coverCat of Many Tails - cover

In some of the books, notably Ten Days' Wonder (1948) and Cat of Many Tails (1949), Ellery's actions cause additional deaths, and his anguish over his presumption and intellectual arrogance (he refers to his 'first victim' in Ten Day's Wonder) gives these stories additional depth and lasting interest. This book concerning the strangulation murders of six people during a hot summer  in New York City, shows the amount of action, psychological insight, and social observation Queen brought to the puzzle mystery. While Ellery and his father try to discern the pattern behind the murders and identify the killer, sensational newspaper and radio coverage whips the public into a frenzy, vigilante groups rise up, and the city bursts into lethal riots. After an exhaustive police investigation and some bravura reasoning by Ellery, the police set a trap for the killer, but before Ellery realizes that they have captured the wrong person, more deaths occur. Ellery resolves to quit his "glorious career of [bumbling] masquerading as exact and omnipotent science," but a wise professor dissuades him, avowing that the "great and true lesson" the detective should learn from the story is, quoting from the Gospel of Mark, "There is one God; and there is none other but He."(Mystery Men by S.T.Karnick)

Cat of Many Tails - cover edition Great Britain, 1949Cat of Many Tails - cover Book Club edition design by Carl RoseCat of Many Tails - cover Little & BrownCat of Many Tails - cover eBook edition Road (February 5, 2013)
Cat of Many Tails - cover Gollancz London 1949Cat of Many Tails - cover Gollancz London 1949Cat of Many Tails - cover Gollancz London

A departure for EQ: more of a manhunt than a mystery, although with a neat twist. There's that extraordinary sequence with Ellery and the psychiatrist. Michael E.Grost suspects that the use of the name Casilis is in tribute to Mollie Casilis in Craig Rice's It Takes a Thief (1943). Despite the fact that Lee felt that this was his best book it was not published as a serial in a magazine prior to publication.
TV-Movie (simplified): "Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind You." Recently chosen by the Members of the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association's online discussion group as one of the 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century.

Paniek op Manhattan - coverPaniek op Manhattan - coverGriffes de Velours - cover French edition, Un Mystère N° 15, 1950Griffes de velours - cover French edition, J'ai Lu, 1984Griffes de velours - cover French edition, J'ai Lu, April 18.1997
Die Geheimnisvolle Katze - Cover German edition Humanitas, 1961Die Indische Seidenschnur - German edition Ullstein Bucher N° 1658, 1975Die Indische Seidenschnur - German edition, Ullstein, 1983Die Katze tötet lautlos - cover Dumont's Kriminal Bibliothek 1998Yhdeksänhäntäinen kissa - Cover Finnish edition, K.J.Gummerus, Series Salamasarja N°33, 1956
Il Gatto Dalle Molte Code - softcover Italian edition, Garzanti, 1954Il Gatto Dalle Molte Code - hardcover Italian edition, Garzanti, 1954Il Gatto Dalle Molte Code - cover Italian edition, 1975Il Gatto Dalle Molte Code - Italian coverIl Gatto Dalle Molte Code - Italian cover, Mondadori, series ' I Classici del Giallo' N° 860, 11.1.2000

Cat of Many Tails Translations:
Danish: Den nihalede kat 
Dutch/Flemish:Paniek op Manhattan 
Yhdeksänhäntäinen kissa 
French: Griffes de velours 
German: Die Katze tötet lautlos (aka Die indische Seidenschnur 
aka Die geheimnisvolle Katze) 
Italian: Il gatto dalle molte code 
Japanees: kyuubinoneko 
Norwegian: Katt med mange haler 
Portuguese: O gato de muitas caudas (aka O Enigma do gato) 
Spanish:El gato de muchas colas 
Swedish: Katt med många svansar 

Il Gatto Dalle Molte Code - cover Italian edition, Amelibri Oscar varia N°1775, 2001Il Gatto Dalle Molte Code - cover Italian edition, 2008Il Gatto Dalle Molte Code - cover Italian edition, Oscar Gialli, 2009 (ISBN: 8804591412)El gato de muchas colas - cover Brasilian edition Libraria Hachette, Buenos Aires, 1950El gato de muchas colas - cover, 1971
El gato de muchas colas - Cover Spanish edition, Ciudad de Libros (eBook)O Gato de Muitas Caudas - cover Brazilian edition Livros do Brasil, first edition, Vampiro Nr 469, 1986O Enigma do gato - cover Portugues editionO Enigma do gato - Cover Portuguese editionDen nihalede kat - Cover Danish edition, Lademann, 1974
Katt med många svansar - cover Swedish edition, Aldus Bonniers,1965КОТ СО МНОГИМИ ХВОСТАМИ - Cover Russian edition, 2005 (together with The Origin of Evil)Cat of Many Tails - cover Japanse editionCat of Many Tails - cover Chinese editionCat of Many Tails - cover Chinese edition, March 20. 1997

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