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Double, double (1950)
         aka The Case of the Seven Murders (1958)

Ellery Queen is back in Wrightsville - the town that his thousand of admirers will remember as the scene of many of the brilliant detective's most striking triumphs, including Calamity Town and Ten Day's Wonder.
Ellery has never had a more bewitching client than Miss Rima Anderson, who recalls him to Wrightsville. A series of newspaper clippings, sent anonymously, have half-prepared him for Rima's visit, but upon his arrival for on-the-spot investigation, he comes up against the most puzzling set of clues in his career: a heart attack, a suicide, a disappearance over a cliff, all quite natural - perhaps - but whoever sent the clippings might have thought otherwise.
Ellery Queen has never been sharper and Wrightsville has never been as productive of such interesting characters as those found in this unusual novel. As a final fillip, the authors have again cast reasonable doubt on the continuation of Ellery Queen's prized bachelorhood.

There were three deaths before Ellery Queen was called in on the case ... 

  1. Luke MacCaby - A "heart-attack" killed Wrightsville's Town Hermit and revealed that he had left a fortune of $4,000,000!
  2. Johan Spencer Hart, The Wealthiest Man in Town, committed "suicide" and was discovered to have been penniless!
  3. Tom Anderson, the Town Drunk, "disappeared", leaving only his hat and coat at the edge of a cliff!

But that was only the beginning. Soon there was another "death," then another, and another ... until murder had struck seven times. The most diabolic killer Ellery Queen had ever known was on the loose ... and he left no clues!

The Case of the Seven Murders - coverDouble, Double - cover DellDouble, Double - cover Ballentine, 1979 (ISBN: 9780345282897)# 874 cover art by Tom DunnDouble, Double - cover Penguin edition

The last full-fledged Wrightsville story is as usual strong on characterizations. But some of the deductions made from the clues seem more speculative than logical. Rima Anderson, grossly neglected by most Queen-critics, is featured as a "Nikki Porter" like character, a very down to earth girl with basic interests (nature!). Again Mr. Queen keeps his interest in her very ambiguous.

Double,Double - cover Ballentines, 1975Double, Double - cover Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1950, first printing.Double, Double - coverDouble,Double - cover Triangle BooksDouble,Double - Large Print edition
Double,Double - dustcover by Little Brown & Co. Boston, 1950. Jacketdesign by John O'Hara Cosgrave IIDouble, Double - cover by Little Brown & Co. Boston, 1950Double, Double - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, March 1. 2014Double, Double - cover Road, August 4, 2015

Moord op Rijm - Dutch coverMoord op Rijm - coverMoord op Rijm - kaft Nederlandstalige uitgave Prisma detective 531Coup Double - cover French edition, Presses de la Cité, 1951Coup Double - cover French edition, Presses de la Cité, Un Mystere N°51, 1951 Coup double - cover French edition, éditions J'ai lu, Paris, Nr.1704, 1984
Coup double - cover French edition, éditions J'ai lu, Paris,   November 23. 1997 Wer ist der nächtste? - cover German edition Alfred Scherz Verlag Bern,Nr.55, 1956Der Kreis schliest sich - cover German edition, Ullstein Krimi...und Raus bist du! - cover German edition DuMonts Kriminal Bibliothek, 1999...und Raus bist du! - cover German edition, e-book DuMonts Digitale Kriminal-Bibliothek, March 27. 2014Il rovescio della medaglia - cover Italian edition, Garzanti

  The Case of the Seven Murders) Translations
Danish: Dobbeltspil 
Dutch/Flemish:Moord op rijm 
Finnish: Salaperäiset lehtileikkeet 
French: Coup Double 
German: ... und raus bist du! (aka Wer ist der nächtste?) 
(aka Der Kreis schliest sich), 
Indonesian: Irama Neraka 
Italian: Il rovescio della medaglia 
Japanese: daburu daburu 
Korean: 더블, 더블 
Portuguese: Cara ou Caroa 
Russian: Две возможности 
Spanish: Las Dos Caras de la Moneda (aka Crimines Al Por Mayor) 
Swedish: Dubbelspel 

Il rovescio della medaglia - cover Italian edition, I classici del giallo Mondadorin,192Il rovescio della medaglia - cover Italian edition, Garzanti, series Il Gialli Garzanti N°4, 1964Il rovescio della medaglia - cover Italian edition, Mondadori, series Il Classici del  Giallo N°827, 1998Il rovescio della medaglia - cover Italian edition, 90 anni di Giallo Mondadori, Jan 2019Las Dos Caras de la Moneda - cover Spanish edition, Libreria Hachette, 1951, ArgentinaCrimenes Al Por Mayor - cover Spanish edition Nr77, Novaro, México 1967Cara ou Caroa - cover Portuguese edition, Livros de Bolso / Serie Clube do Crime, Publicações Europa-América, 1986
Cara ou Coroa - cover Portuguese edition, Publisher Visão, Lipton - Mestres Policiais collection Nr.3, 2000Dobbelspil - cover Danish edition, Martin's Kriminal-Club KobenhavnDobbelspil - cover Danish edition, Lommeromanen KrimiDubbelspel - Swedish edition, BonniersIrama Neraka - Cover Indonesian edition Double, Double, editions Buku RoketSalaperäiset lehtileikkeet - Cover Finnish edition 1989Две возможности - Cover Russian Edition, 2005 (Also contains Ten Days' Wonder)
Double, Double - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Publishing Pocket Mystery BookDouble, Double - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Publishing (full cover)Double, Double - cover Taiwanese edition, Face Press, May 22. 2009Double, Double - cover Chinese edition, New Star Press, June 2011더블, 더블(Double, Double) - cover South-Korean edition, Sigma Books, Jul 1. 1994더블, 더블(Double, Double) - cover South-Korean edition,  검은숲, Ellery Queen Collection, Nov 27. 2014

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