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Dead man's Tale (1961)

When Barney Street, the fixer, was in Holland during World War II, his life had been saved by a German soldier. Now Barney was dead; his estate was worth $2,000,000. But in his will Barney left it all to Hacha, the German soldier who had saved his life. Barney's wife, Estelle, wanted that money. If Hacha was dead, she would get it. If not...? So she sent Steve Longacre to Europe to find out. Steve, who had once been one of Barney's boys, took along his kid brother, Andy, and they trailed Hacha from Holland to Switzerland, to Vienna, finally to Prague.
Andy wondered what they were going to tell him when they found him. But Steve knew, only too well. If he were alive, there was only one possible answer. And it was up to Steve to deliver it to him in person! Find Milo Hacha or else!

Written by Stephen Marlowe

Dead Man's Tale - cover SignetDead Man's Tale - cover SignetDead Man's Tale - cover Gollancz 1977
Dead Man's Tale - cover Four Square CrimeDead Man's Tale - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, Dec 1. 2014sDead Man's Tale - cover Road, August 11, 2015


Tchéques aux échecs - Presses Internationales Inter-Espions Nr 50 (1963)L'eredita' che scotta - Cover Italian edition Mondadori, series Il Classici del Giallo Nr 82, March 17. 1970 L'eredita' che scotta - Cover Italian edition, Nr 704,  1962.Ordem: Matar - cover Portuguese edition, 1962A historia do homem morto - cover Portuguese edition, Distri Editora, 1984
Død mands saga - cover Danish edition, Lommeromanen KrimiKuolleen miehen tarina - cover Finnish editionKuolleen miehen tarina - cover Finnish edition (Viihdekirjat 1966)Εξαφανίστε τον Κληρονόμο - Cover Greek edition, Viper, 1975Dead Man's Tale - cover Japanese edition

Dead man's tale Translations:
Chinese: 死者的冒險 
Danish: Død mands saga 
Kuolleen miehen tarina 
French: Tcheques aux echecs 
Greek: Εξαφανίστε τον κληρονόμο 
Italian: L'eredita' che scotta 
Portuguese: Ordem: Matar 
(aka A h
istoria do homem morto) 

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