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Death Spins the Platter (1962)

Every time he spun a platter on "The King's Session," gold came out: TV earnings, returns on his secret holdings in recording companies, the old payola that some bright young men think only their rightful due. Tutter was a gay young man-around-town. He was also involved in some hanky-panky with his pretty blond assistant, Lola Arkwright. And then the roof started to cave in. Senate Investigating Committees. The angry emergence of the wife who Lola never knew existed. The canceling of his network contract. Poor Tutter, it looked like he was going to lose everything. Even his life!

Tutter King had it made.

Death Spins the Platter - cover SignetDeath Spins the Platter - cover Signet, 1973Death Spins the Platter - cover Victor Gollancz edition, 1975
Death Spins the Platter - Ulverscroft Large Print edition Thorpe Publishing 1976Death Spins the Platter - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, December 1. 2014Death Spins the Platter - cover Road, August 11, 2015

Written by Richard Deming

De dood aan de draaitafel - kaft Prisma-Detective
De dood aan de draaitafel - dutch coverRiskante Show - cover German edition Ullstein Krimi, 1978Abschiedsvorstellung - cover German edition Heyne Bucher Nr 1091Alta infedeltà  - cover Italian edition Collana il Giallo Mondadori Nr 754, 07/1963Alta infedelta - cover Italian edition, I Classici del Giallo, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Verona, 1972

Death spins the platter Translations: 
Czech: Smrť krúti platňu 
Dutch/Flemish: De dood aan de draaitafel 
German: Abschiedsvorstellung (aka Riskante Show) 
Kuolema vaihtaa levyä 
Greek: Φόνος στις 45 στροφές 
Italian: Alta infedeltà 
Polish: Smrt v televizním studiu 
Portugese: A Morte Gira O Disco 
Spanish: La muerte gira en un disco 
(aka La Muerte Va Al Circo) 
(aka La Muerte Gira el Disco) 

La Muerte Va Al Circo - cover Argentinian edition Biblioteca de bolsillo, 1945, Serie Naranja nº 41, Buenos AiresLa muerte gira en un disco - Cover Spanish editionLa muerte gira en un disco - Cover Spanish edition, Libro Picazo, Policiaca Nr 6.La muerte gira en un disco - Cover Spanish edition, Picazo, Barcelona, 1980A Morte Gira O Disco - Cover Portugese editionA Morte Gira O Disco - Cover Portugese edition, Picazo Editores, S.A.. Barcelona. Año 1980.
 La Muerte Gira el Disco - cover Spanish edition, Diana Caiman, Mexico, 1963Φόνος στις 45 στροφές - cover Greek edition, Viper, 1975Kuolema vaihtaa levyä - cover Finnish editionKuolema vaihtaa levyä - cover Finnish edition, 1987.Smrť krúti platňu - Cover Czech edition, 1968 (Also includes Cat of Many Tails)

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