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A Fine and Private Place (1971)

Millionaire Nino Importuna had a lifelong obsession with the number nine - so it was only fitting that he should be murdered on the ninth day of the ninth month, and that his watch stopped at nine minutes past nine.
Investigating the murder, Inspector Queen and his son Ellery receive nine false clues - but what about the tenth? Did Nino's beautiful young widow and her secret lover really batter him to death? And who is the mysterious Mr.E?
This fascinating mystery of love, greed and death is vintage Ellery Queen.

The 9-word clue was one of 9 cryptic notes that had been sent to taunt Inspector Queen and Ellery 9 days after the murder. Nino Importuna had been obsessed with the number. He had lived by it. Now the killer who brought a trio of gory deaths to Nino's 9th-floor penthouse at No. 99 East was camouflaging his identity in a jungle of 9s. And daring Ellery to find him. The case was destined to be a dazzling contest of wits--to the 9th degree!

Nino got his jollies. Cat of Nine Tails whippings

A Fine and Private Place - coverA Fine and Private Place - cover Signet Q4978, 1972. “First time in paperback! A brand-new Ellery Queen!”A Fine and Private Place - cover SignetA Fine and Private Place - cover Hamlyn paperbackA Fine and Private Place - cover Penguin editions

The last EQ novel is OK but not too much more. EQ's first solution is so patently wrong as to be worthless as a red herring, and the "right" solution is not that hard to figure out either.

Mrs.Fabrikant re-appears (King is Dead). The "replacement" for Djuna is referred to as "Fabby" and her cooking seemed to be infamous ...

A Fine and Private Place - cover Gollancz editionA Fine and Private Place - Cover Thorndike Press Large Print Paperback SeriesA Fine and Private Place - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, July 16, 2014A Fine And Private Place - cover Road, August 4, 2015

3 x 3 = 10  -  cover3 x 3 = 10  -  Dutch coverUn bel endroit prive - cover french edition J'ai Lu, Paris, Nr 1811, 1985Un bel endroit prive - cover French edition, J'ai Lu, April 18. 1997Mord im neunten Monat - cover German edition Ullstein Krimi, 1972La prova del nove - cover Italian edition, Il Giallo Mondadori, Nr1235, 1.10.1972

A fine and private place Translations:
Danish: 9 er tallet 
Dutch/Flemish: 3x3=10 
Hauta on hiljainen paikka 
(aka Pitkä hiljaisuus)
French: Un bel endroit privé (aka La preuve par 9) 
German: Mord im neunten Monat 
Hungarian: Előkelő, zártkörű hely 
Italian: La prova del nove 
Lithuanian: Devyni mėnesiai iki žmogžudystės 
Norwegian: Et fint og rolig sted 
Portuguese: A Prova dos Nove 
Russian: Приятное и уединённое место
Swedish: Ett mord blir till 

La prova del nove - cover Italian edition, Il Giallo Mondadori, 1988La prova del nove - cover Italian edition, Il Giallo Mondadori, 2008A Prova dos Nove - cover Portuguese edition, Livros do Brasil 1st edition, Vampiro Nr.532, Lisboa, 1991.Ett mord blir till - cover Swedish edition, 19729 er tallet - Cover Danish edition9 er tallet - Cover Danish edition, 2015, Rosenkilde Bahnhof
Hauta on hiljainen paikka - cover Finnish edition Nr.1,1984Pitkä hiljaisuus - cover Finnish edition Devyni mėnesiai iki žmogžudystės - cover Lithuanian edition, 1994, EuropaПриятное и уединённое место - Cover Russian edition, 2006 (together with The Last Woman in his Life)A Fine and Private Place - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Publishing (full cover)A Fine and Private Place - cover Japanese edition, Pocket Hayakawa Publishing


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