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What happened to the stone egg in the carved claw? What was the meaning of the faded ink message, "I have put the nest-egg where it be?" Why should anyone steal and wreck the lobster boat named Patagonia? How did a carved cane get into the eagle's nest?
That young "G-man" with the odd name - Djuna - and his pal; Billy Reckless, piece together the clues to a 150-year-old mystery. Only quick thinking enables them to outsmart crooks following the same clues to a pot of - well, that would be giving away another exciting Ellery Queen Jr. mystery story.

Djuna and his dog Champ, go to Stony Harbour to spend what he thinks will be a quiet and uneventful holiday in a seaside village. But little does Djuna know what is in store! First he meets Billy Reckless and his "dog" Alberto. (And we are sure you can't fail to be amused by Alberto!) Then there is the mystery which enshrouds Djuna's Aunt Patty. Things begin to happen! Djuna has a grand time with his new-found friend, lobstering, sailing and exploring, till Aunt Patty's motor boat the Patagonia mysteriously disappears. Ellery Queen Junior has created a likeable character in Djuna the Junior Sleuth, not forgetting, of course, his black Scotty, Champ.

Djuna does as masterly a piece of deduction as any small boy can imagine himself doing.       New York Times

“Nine to twelve is not too young for the craving for mystery stories to show itself, so start them with worthwhile ones. The Ellery Queen Jr. mysteries fill this bill.      Kirkus Reviews  
The Golden Eagle Mystery - dust cover Lippincott edition, 1942 (first edition, sixth printing)The Golden Eagle Mystery - dust cover Frederick Stokes co. edition, 1942The Golden Eagle Mystery - hardcover Frederick Stokes co. edition, 1942The Golden Eagle Mystery - dust cover Grosset & Dunlap edition, 1942 (drawings by E.A. Watson)
The Golden Eagle Mystery - hardcover Grosset & Dunlap edition, 1942 (drawings by E.A. Watson)
The Golden Eagle Mystery - dust cover Collins edition, 1943The Golden Eagle Mystery - hardcover Collins edition, 1943The Golden Eagle Mystery - hardcover Collins edition, 1943
The Golden Eagle Mystery - hardcover Collins edition, 1946
The Golden Eagle Mystery - hardcover Collins Junior Mystery, 1948 (art E.A.Watson)The Golden Eagle Mystery - hardcover Collins Junior Mystery, 1948The Golden Eagle Mystery - hard cover (unknown, possibly Library book World Publishing co.)
Above from top left to bottom right: dustcover Lippincott (1942); dust and hardcover Stokes edition (1942);  dust and hardcover Grosset & Dunlap (1942); dust and 3 hardcover variations Collins (1943-1946); Collins dust and hardcover (1948); hardcover unknown edition (possibly Library book World Publishing co.). (Click on the covers to see the differences) * 

Pulp fiction writer Frank Belknap Long (1901-1944) has admitted writing at least two, unfortunately, without mentioning the titles. Mike Nevins, and in his wake half the internet, identified them as The Golden Eagle Mystery and The Green Turtle Mystery.

We do know Samuel (Duff) McCoy (1882-1964) had a contract with Lee/Dannay for each of the first eight juveniles from The Black Dog Mystery until The Blue Herring Mystery but he didn't actually write the stories ...

Whilst researching his new book on Ellery Queen, Jeffrey Marks found a first edition of The Red Chipmunk Mystery with the following inscription "Rhinebeck, N.Y. Aug. 31/48 For Karen Rose from the only real ghost who had anything to do with this book - Harold Montanye". He looked into this and found proof in correspondence between McCoy and Montanye that all final six books before 1954 beginning with The Green Turtle Mystery were written by Montanye.

Which throws a different light on the Frank Belknap Long admission to writing two or three in a letter to August Derleth. The identification of these two books was based on Nevins' identification. Long's two remaining volumes can only be the two remaining first volumes: The Black Dog Mystery and The Golden Eagle Mystery.
There was even talk about the existence of a third volume called The Mystery of the Golden Butterfly which was apparently never published. (Without reference to EQ jr this "elusive" volume is mentioned as Long's on the rear panel of The Horror from the Hills, 1963 and on the rear flap of The Rim of the Unknown, 1972). 

 (More on the authorship can be read here...)
The Golden Eagle Mystery - cover paperback uitgave Scholastic Book Services, New York, 1958 (1st) - 1959 (2nd) - Oct 1962 (3rd) - Feb 1971 (6th printing), first edition probably by TAB Books Inc.The Golden Eagle Mystery - cover eBook publication, Open Road Media Teen & Tween, March 10, 2015The Golden Eagle Mystery - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Traber Burns, Augustus 1. 2015

This second yarn in the junior series offered by famous Ellery Queen mystery-story team (under the signature, Ellery Queen, Jr.) is a first-rate mystery and exciting reading. Djuna with his Scottie, Champ, goes to spend the summer in a coast village.

"Champ is back!"
Above: "Champ is back!"
Right away, things begin to happen. He makes a new friend who likes the same things he likes and who introduces him to some grand new sports, such as lobstering, sailing, and exploring a deserted island. In the midst of the fun an exciting mystery develops and Djuna follows one clue after another. Though the thing might have baffled a grown-up detective, Djuna uses his head (and his Scottie’s nose) and solves it in the end.

Het Geheim van de Gouden Adelaar - Dustcover Dutch edition Nicholson & Watson Ltd, Brussels (Wigwam series)Het Geheim van de Gouden Adelaar - Dustcover Dutch edition Nicholson & Watson Ltd, Brussels (Wigwam series)Le Mystère de l'aigle d'or - Cover French edition, Wigwam, 1947Milo und die Goldenen Adler - cover German edition Jr. Albert Müller-Verlag, Rüschlikon, 1961Milo und die Goldenen Adler - cover German edition, Benziger N° 59, 1968 (or 1965?)Milo und die Goldenen Adler - German cover, Tosa o.J., Wien VerlagIl Mistero Dell'Aquila d'Oro - cover Italian cover, Nr.12, 1957
O Mistério Da Águia Dourada - cover Brazilian edition, Editora Globo (Porto Alegre), 1951 - Coleçao UniversoDuffy och Guldörnen - cover Swedish edition B.Wahlströms UngdomsböckerTajemství zlatého orla - Dustcover Czech edition, Orbis, 1948Tajemství zlatého orla - Cover Czech edition, Orbis, 1948Rahasia Radjawali Emas - Cover Indonesian edition of  The Golden Eagle Mystery, PublisherJajasan Pembangunan Djakarta,1952The Golden Eagle Mystery - cover Japanese edition

The Golden Eagle Mystery  Translations
The Golden Eagle Mystery - cover Chinese edition, Jieli Publishing House, June 2015
Brazilian: O Mistério Da Águia Dourada 
Czech: Tajemství zlatého orla  
Dutch: Het Geheim van de Gouden Adelaar 
French: Le Mystère de l'aigle d'or 
Indonesian: Rahasia Radjawali Emas 
Italian:Il Mistero Dell'Aquila d'Oro 
German: Milo und die Goldenen Adler 
Japanese: 金色のわしの秘密 (kiniro no washi no himitsu) 
Swedish: Duffy och Guldörnen 

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