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               aka Guess Who’s Going to Kill You ?

Let's face it, Alex: you were the KGB's top assassin, and they paid you off. Just as we might. A cushy lieutenant-colonelcy in Tokyo; riding pour le sport, a yacht, your pick of Eurasian dolls... Like? We can do better in the U.S.A., Alex - come on over, and bring your secrets with you...
That was FACE's pitch to the would-be defector, and it got results. Witness one hell of a nice courier slashed and dumped in a Tokyo alley. Maybe agent Pete Brook could make jolly Alex's dream come true. Except what did Krylov really long for in America - wine, women and song...or a dramatic return to the murderer's trade?

Guess Who's coming to Kill You? - cover pocket book edition, Lancer N° 73-802, 1968. Guess Who's coming to Kill You? - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, February 1. 2015Guess Who's coming to Kill You? - cover Road, August 11, 2015
The last gasps of the ghosted Queens were exhaled by Lancer Books, a much smaller and less prestigious paperback publisher that took over the package more or less where Popular Library had left off, only without any further Tim Corrigan exploits. Not that the characters in the Lancer entries were any improvement. (Nevins)

Continuing the title format of the Tim Corrigan series, the hero, Peter Brook, agent for an agency known as FACE, is an unsubtle copy of all the popular super spy clones from the heyday of the early James Bond films (with organisations like SPECTRE & SMERSH) and TV series like The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Brook, impervious to torture and irresistible to women like any other secret agent of his race, is ordered to Tokyo to help stage the defection of KGB agents. There he has to deal with the usual mix of murder, pursuit, pain, bureaucratic double-dealing and fun in bed. Our side plays rough, but their side much rougher still in this professionally plotted, lackluster readable adventure written by Walt Sheldon (1917-1996), a specialist in paperback thrillers with Asian settings.

Nudeln aus Tokio - cover German edition Ullstein KrimiNudeln aus Tokio - cover German edition Ullstein KrimiΟι διπλοπρόσωποι - cover Greek edition, editions Viper ΒΙΠΕΡ, 1976Οι διπλοπρόσωποι - Cover Greek edition, 2009, Δημοσιογραφικός Οργανισμός Λαμπράκη (Lambrakis)Indovina chi viene a ucciderti - cover Italian edition Arnoldo Mondadori,Nr 70, Sept 1980.
Indovina chi viene a ucciderti - cover Italian edition Mondadoriנחש מי בא לרצוח אותי אלרי קווין - Cover Israelian editionAdivinha quem vem para matar - cover Greek edition, Minerva, 1971Adivinha quem vem para matar - Cover Brazilian edition, 1986

Guess who's coming to kill you Vertalingen:  
Brazilian: Adivinha quem vem para matar  
German: Nudeln aus Tokio  
Greek: Οι διπλοπρόσωποι  
Hebrew:  נחש מי בא לרצוח אותי אלרי קווין  
Italian:Indovina chi viene a ucciderti  

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