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What's in the Dark? (1968)
aka When Fell the Night

This killer is an expert. He has climbed ten stories in the Manhattan blackout, found and dispatched his victim amidst the men and women trapped in the building. The night drags on. Nerves wear thin and inhibitions disappear. Anyone, including a beautiful secretary with a yen for eye-patched Tim Corrigan, could be the lurking killer. Suddenly, out of the dark, a deadly hand strikes at Corrigan....

In one darkened corner of the office, a strait-laced spinster was giggling like a girl as an office Milquetoast made a grab for her. Across the room, two arch-enemies were drunkenly toasting their newborn friendship. And a sexy little secretary was passing out in the arms of a silver-haired executive.
The power failure was erasing more inhibitions than all of the booze in Manhattan. Even the corpse in the next room wasn't dampening the high spirits.
Suddenly a scream cut through the merriment. Tim Corrigan knew what it meant: a second corpse - and a secret madman who was fast becoming the death of the party.

What's In the Dark - coverWhat's In the Dark - cover General,1985What's In the Dark - cover edition United Kingdom, 1970What's In the Dark - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Traber Burns, May 1. 2015

What's In the Dark - cover Road, September 29, 2015

Ghost-written by Richard Deming

Mord verdirbt das Büroklima - German cover Ullstein Krimi Verlag, 1975Buio dopo buio - cover Italian edition, Mondadori, series Il Giallo Mondadori, April 6.1969Mørkelagt mord - Cover Danish edition, 1973Stalo se ve tme - cover Tjech editionStalo se ve tme - cover Czech edition, Magnet, 1970Stalo se ve tme - cover Czech edition, 2013, Naše vojsko
Um Alibi de Dez Minutos - cover Portuguese edition, Minerva, 1970Morte No Escuro - cover Portuguese edition, Livro de Lisboa, 2009¿Qué acecha en la obscuridad? - Cover Spanish edition, 1968¿Qué acecha en la obscuridad? - Cover Mexican edition, editions Diana, 1971What's In the Dark - cover Japanese edition, Hara Shobo, November 2015

What's in the dark?  
(aka When fell the night) Translations
Czech: Stalo se ve tmě 
Danish: Mørkelagt mord 
German: Mord verdirbt das Büroklima 
Italian: Buio dopo buio 
Japanese: 摩天楼のクローズドサークル 
Portuguese: Morte No Escuro 
(aka Um Alibi de Dez Minutos)
Spanish: ¿Qué acecha en la obscuridad?

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