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How goes the Murder? (1967)

The banners waved; the crowd cheered; the reporters rushed towards the candidate as he made his way to the speaker's platform. And than a shot rang out, the candidate clutched at his chest, screamed and fell dead. It was a pretty kettle of fish for Tim Corrigan, the crime solver with the eye-patch and the stainless steel nervous system. The suspect included the candidate's voluptuous widow, his handsome bodyguard, and a breathtaking young thing with every reason to want the candidate dead. And pretty soon Corrigan himself was a candidate - for murder.

How Goes The Murder? - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Robert Fass, March 1. 2015How Goes The Murder? - cover Road, September 22, 2015

Ghost-written by Richard Deming  

Wie steht's mit Mord - cover German editionCome va il delitto? - cover Italian edition Il Giallo Mondadori Nr 1801, August 1983


How goes the murder Translations:  
German: Wie steht's mit Mord?
Italian: Come va il delitto?  

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