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Inspector Queen's Own Case (1956)

“A quarter of a century’s requests from many thousands of Ellery Queen fans all over the world have finally borne fruit. At long last, here is a full-fledged murder mystery investigated and solved by Inspector Richard Queen without so much as a single deduction’s help from his celebrated son. But ‘Inspector Queen’s Own Case’ is far more than a baffling murder mystery. It is also a tender, understanding story of middle-aged people everywhere who find themselves put out to pasture on a pension to face an empty old age. Ellery’s father was spending the summer with friends at their beach house on the Connecticut shore. It should have been a golden summer, but all the Inspector could think about was his enforced uselessness. The old pro had been retired – the Administrative Code made no exceptions when a New York police officer reached the age of 63. How was he to occupy the endless days? He was still vigorous, still useful. A man needed more than security. He needed something to do. Richard Queen found one man’s answer on Nair Island, and he was soon plunged into the most challenging and dangerous case of his long career. And he found something else, too – that life can even be sweet at 63. Her name was Jessie Sherwood, a registered nurse in her late 40s, lonely, still pretty, and all woman. Jessie had been hired by the blueblood Humffreys to take charge of their newborn infant. When queer, frightening things began to happen in that multimillionaire home… A helpless baby, a unique romance, and a tensely plotted tale of multiple murder mounting to a shocking climax make ‘Inspector Queen’s Own Case’ one of the most superb novels to come from Ellery Queen’s typewriter.”

Inspector Queen's own Case - cover Ballantine Books #24582Inspector Queen's Own Case - cover volumes XXIII from the Complete Crime novels first published in 1956, reissued in 1977.Inspector Queen's Own Case - cover
Inspector Queen's Own Case - cover Penguin edition, 1963, cover design by Romek MarberInspector's Queen Own Case - cover Bantam Books
Inspector Queen's Own Case - coverInspector Queen's Own Case - cover An Inner Sanctum Mystery, Simon and Schuster, 1956

The first Inspector Queen retirement case, it really isn't up to the level of the best of the rest--but makes quick, entertaining read nonetheless. Introduces the future Mrs. Richard Queen.
This novels is more Lee contribution as it in large measure an exploration of Lee's feelings about growing older. He told his son (Rand B.Lee) that he based the character of Richard Queen from memories of his father, Benjamin Lepofsky and his maternal grandfather, Robert Hugh Brinker, of whom Lee was fond.

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Inspector Queen's Own Case - cover AudiobookInspector Queen's Own Case - cover, Black Dagger Crime (hardcover), 2002.Inspector Queen's Own Case - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Robert Fass, May 1. 2014Inspector Queen's Own Case - cover Road, August 4, 2015

Le cas d'Inspecteur Queen - cover French edition, Presses de la Cité, N°336, 1957Le cas de l'Inspecteur Queen - cover French edition collection Pocket n°1108_1974.Le cas de l'inspecteur Queen - cover French edition éditions J'ai lu, Paris, Nr.3023, 1991Le cas de l'inspecteur Queen - cover French edition Polar, bibliomnibus, Omnibus (April 10, 2014)Inspektor Queen greift ein - cover German edition (3 stories by several authors)Inspektor Queen greift ein - cover German edition
Complimenti Mr.Queen! - cover Italian edition I Gialli Mondadori N°400, 1956Complimenti Mr.Queen! - cover Italian edition, intended for juveniles Arnoldo Mondadori, Editore Nr 67Complimenti Mr.Queen! - cover Italian editionComplimenti Mr.Queen! - cover Italian editionComplimenti Mr.Queen! - cover Italian edition I Classici Del Giallo N°519, December 1986Complimenti Mr.Queen! - cover Italian edition I Classici Del Giallo - 2010

Inspector Queen's Own Case 
(aka November Song)Translations
Danish: Inspektør Queens eget mysterium 
Dutch/Flemish: no translation 
Kämmenen jälki 
French:  Le cas de l'Inspecteur Queen 
German: Inspektor Queen greift ein 
Hungarian: Queen felügyelő önálló esete 
Indonesian: Rahasia Djutawan Kedjam 
Italian: Complimenti Mr.Queen! 
Japanese: クイーン警部自身の事件 (kui-nkeisijisinnojiken) 
Norwegian: Inspektør Queen tar en sjanse 
Portuguese: O último caso do Inspector Queen 
Spanish: El caso del inspector Queen 
(aka Un caso dificil para el inspector Queen
Swedish: Kommisarie Queens eget fall 

O último caso do Inspector Queen - cover Portuguese edition, Minerva, 1958El caso del inspector Queen - Cover Spanish edition, Ediciones Picazo, 1979El caso del inspector Queen - Cover Spanish edition, Ediciones Picazo, 1979Un caso dificil para el inspector Queen - Cover Spanish edition, Versal, Barcelona, 1988Inspektør Queens eget mysterium - cover Danish cover, Martin KobenhavnKommisarie Queens eget fall - cover Swedish edition Bonniers, 1955
Kommisarie Queens eget fall - cover Swedish edition Bonniers Nr 134, 1961Kämmenen jälki - Cover Finnish editionСОБСТВЕННОЕ ДЕЛО ИНСПЕКТОРА КУИНА - Cover Russian edition, 2006 (Also includes On the Eight Day)Rahasia Djutawan Kedjam - cover Indonesian edition, Bukusaku AnausaInspector Queen's Own Case - cover Japanese editionInspector Queen's Own Case - Japan


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