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Kill as Directed (1963)

Competent, respectable practitioner of the time-honored art of medicine, Dr.Harry Brown - failure! Until the day old man Gresham, with his bum ticker, his millions, and his voluptuous young spouse, hired Harry as his doctor. Then it was money, luxury- and love. But what happens to a doctor when someone slips a corpse into his locked apartment? What can a man say when he finds himself a member of an organized crime ring? How can Harry tell his richest patient he's having an affair with the man's wife? It's enough to give a man a heart attack. But which man?

The perfect weapon

Kurt Gresham smiled again. "You were the sucker. You were the patsy in the middle. The expendable man. And they couldn't wait."
"What?" Harry asked blinking. "What did you say?"
"Don't you know? You mean you still don't see it?"
"See what?"
"That you'd been framed by my wife and her lover? Ah, she didn't tell you about Tony? Oh yes, Tony and Karen. I've known about it since the day it started. What I didn't know was that theirs was no ordinary liaison. I didn't know they were planning my murder and were only waiting for the right weapon to come along. You!"

Kill as Directed - cover SignetKill as Directed - cover Road, August 11, 2015Kill as Directed -  cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, February 2015

Everyone Hungered for Karen Gresham door Ellery Queen

Cast of characters. Written by Henry Kane. Later reprinted in the 1964's September issue of Men's Magazine. Being the kind of magazine it was the title was changed to
Everyone Hungered for Karen Gresham and pictures were added accordingly... (right)

Moord volgens Instructie - cover Dutch hardcover NBC nr. 67725Hausarzt in der Hölle - German edition Ullstein Krimi Nr 1121, 1967Hausarzt in der Holle - German editionHausarzt in der Holle - German editionHausarzt in der Holle - cover German editionHausartz in der Holle - German cover City Crimes
Assassinio su ricetta - cover Italian edition, Il Giallo Mondadori Nr 811, August 1964Assassínio premeditado - cover Portuguese edition,  Livros de Bolso / Serie Clube do Crime, Publicações Europa-América, April 1984Muerte dirigida - cover Spanish edition, Picazo, 1971Kill as Directed - cover Turkish edition, 1964Το όπλο του εγκλήματος - Cover Greek edition, Viper, 1974

Kill as Directed Translations:  
Dutch/Flemish: Moord volgens Instructie
Finnish: Paholaisen pauloissa  
Kuin kala verkossa  
German: Hausarzt in der Hölle  
Greek: Το όπλο του εγκλήματος  
Hungarian: Gyilkosság rendelésre  
Italian: Assassinio su ricetta  
Portuguese: Assassínio premeditado  
Romanian: Gyilkosság rendelésre  
Spanish: Muerte dirigida  
Turkish: Aradaki silah (aka Silah) 

Το όπλο του εγκλήματος - Cover Greek edition, 2009, Δημοσιογραφικός Οργανισμός Λαμπράκη (Lambrakis)Kill as Directed - cover Turkish edition, 2000 (published in a series of erotic/pulp novels)Paholaisen pauloissa - cover Finnish edition, Helsinki  Viihdekirjat, 1965Kuin kala verkossa - cover Finnish edition, No 3, 1984.Gyilkosság rendelésre - cover Hungarian edition, 1970

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