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Wife or Death (1963)

Angel was voluptuous child-woman, bouncing in and out of every bed in town, until she landed in the wrong one and found death was her lover. Then the town that had played voyeur to her indiscretions pounced upon Angel's husband Jim, branding him cuckold and killer and screaming for blood. But what could Jim do when even the D.A., last in a parade of Angel's lovers, was out to pin the murder on him? He had to find the one who had played Angel false or let an avenging Angel cheat him again. Only this time he would pay with his life...! (cover)

District Attorney Crosby was waiting for them in the lobby. He ignored Denton. "You tell him anything, Chief?"
"Nope." - "Tell me what?" Denton asked slowly....
"We think," he said in an acrid, bitter voice, "we've found your wife."
A little gavel began to tap on Denton's temple. "Found her? You think? What is this? What do you mean?"
District Attorney Ralph Crosby's lips flattened with a sort of enjoyment, and his nostrils flared. "It's hard to tell, Denton. She's been lying out there in the woods a week or more!"

Wife or Death - cover Signet, 1974Wife or Death - cover Four Square 1963 #2890Wife or Death - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Traber Burns, Jul 1, 2015Wife Or Death - cover Road, September 22, 2015

Man's Magazine - October 1963 which featured "A matter of Wife or death" -- She was a frisky bride --- the loving endCast of characters. Written by
Richard Deming. Almat Magazine corporation of N.Y. gave out Man's Magazine aimed at... well... men...
In the sixties they featured several of the farmed out stories which didn't feature Ellery or his dad. Some of the stories are not identified as yet but this story appeared in the October issue of 1963 as "A matter of Wife or death" subtitled "She was a frisky bride - the loving end"

In 1992 this was made into a TV movie for Czech television called Dama a smrt

Rendez-vous met de Dood - dutch coverRendez-vous met de Dood - dutch coverGeflüster im Dunkeln - cover German edition Ullstein, 1971Dopo la folgore - cover Italian edition, Il Giallo Mondadori Nr 818, October 4. 1964Mujer O Muerte - cover Spanish edition, coleccion Caiman, Ed. Diana, Mexico
Crime Passinal - cover Portuguese edition, Coleccao XIS, Minverva, Lisbon, 1964Ο λόφος της οργής - Cover Greek edition Viper, 1975Ο λόφος της οργής - Cover Greek edition, 2009, Δημοσιογραφικός Οργανισμός Λαμπράκη (Lambrakis)Olette Murhaaja! - Cover Finnish edition, 1965, Tikarikirjat

Wife or death Translations:  
Chinese: 死亡選項   
Dutch/Flemish: Rendez-vous met de dood   
Finnish: Olette Murhaaja!   
German: Geflüster im Dunkeln   
Greek: Ο λόφος της οργής   
Italian: Dopo la folgore   
Portuguese: Crime passional   
Spanish: Mujer O Muerte   

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