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Wonderful adventure story of boy Djuna, who uses his eyes and his head and his little Scottie dog (terrier), Champ who uses his nose. There is also Mr. Scissors, the traveling knife grinder, driving though the country in a wonderful caravan (see cover) with his young granddaughter, Joan and also two wicked men who are cruel to Mr. Scissors plus a reporter named Socker Furlong and Miss Annie Ellery who plays a surprising part at the end.

"...Mr. Furlong, a newspaper reporter, was a friend of both the boys'. They admired him, because he was a really good reporter, but he liked to pretend that he was lazy. Waterbury looked alarmed at seeing so many people around and hastily pulled his head back inside his shell. ..."

A new Ellery Queen, Jr. book is an event which is joyously hailed by all boys and girls who love a good mystery story.
Once more Djuna, the boy with a flair for detection and hero of previous Ellery Queen, Jr. books, is at grips with a mystery -- this time it's a "stolen jewels" mystery, in which, but for his dog, Champ, he might never have been involved.
When Champ runs away at an intermediate station on their way home from holiday so that they miss the train, then adventure begins. No sooner has Djuna resolved to hitch-hike the rest of the way than one curious event follows another with such rapidity that he needs all his wits to solve a mystery which has baffled even the police.

"Both boys and girls will enjoy the further adventures of Djuna. There are a tight plot, excitement without bloodshed and a boy whose sharp eyes and quick wits really solve the mystery without his seeming out of character as a normal boy."  Margaret Scoggin - Weekly Book Review
The Red Chipmunk Mystery - dust cover J. B. Lippencott Co. edition, 1946The Red Chipmunk Mystery - hardcover J. B. Lippencott Co. edition, 1946 (1st)The Red Chipmunk Mystery - hardcover J. B. Lippencott Co. editionThe Red Chipmunk Mystery - hardcover J. B. Lippencott Co. edition, 1946 (drawings E.A.Watson)The Red Chipmunk Mystery - hardcover J. B. Lippencott Co. edition, 1946 (1st)The Red Chipmunk Mystery - hardcover (J. B. Lippencott Co. edition, 1946 (3rd) ? confirmation needed)
The Red Chipmunk Mystery - hardcover J. B. Lippencott Co. edition, 1946 (library copy)
The Red Chipmunk Mystery - dust cover Grosset & Dunlap edition, 1946The Red Chipmunk Mystery - hardcover Grosset & Dunlap edition, 1946The Red Chipmunk Mystery - cover unknown edition (confirmation needed)The Red Chipmunk Mystery - dust cover Collins, London, 1948. Drawings by E.A.Watson.The Red Chipmunk Mystery - hardcover edition, Collins, London, 1948.
Above from top left to bottom right: dust and 6 hardcover variations Lippincott (1946) (5th needs confirmation); dust and hardcover Grosset & Dunlap; hardcover unknown edition; dust and hardcover Collins (1948) (Click on the covers to see the differences) * 
Samuel (Duff) McCoy (1882-1964) had a contract with the Queens for the first eight juveniles from The Black Dog Mystery until The Blue Herring Mystery. But he didn't actually write the stories ... Whilst researching his new book on Ellery Queen, Jeffrey Marks found a first edition of The Red Chipmunk Mystery with the following inscription "Rhinebeck, N.Y. Aug. 31/48 For Karen Rose from the only real ghost who had anything to do with this book - Harold Montanye". He looked into this and found proof in correspondence between McCoy and Montanye that all final six books before 1954 beginning with The Green Turtle Mystery were written by Montanye.  Harold had some difficulties getting his stake in the half share McCoy had. (More on the authorship can be read here...)
The Red Chipmunk Mystery - cover eBook publication, Open Road Media Teen & Tween (March 10, 2015)The Red Chipmunk Mystery - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Traber Burns, August 1. 2015

Milo und der Scherenschleifer - cover German edition Jr .Albert Müller-Verlag, Rüschlikon, 1963.
Omnibus: Milo und die Gelbe Katze/Milo un der Scherenschleifer - kaft Duitse uitgave, Bertelsmann club, 1983Il Mistero Dello Scoiattolo Rosso - cover Italian edition, Nr.11, 1957Duffy och det försvunna arvet - cover Swedish edition B.Wahlströms UngdomsböckerThe Red Chipmunk Mystery - cover Japanese edition, March 1961The Red Chipmunk Mystery - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa PublishingThe Red Chipmunk Mystery - cover Chinese edition, Jieli Publishing House, June 2015 

The Red Chipmunk Mystery  Translations
Chinese: 紅栗鼠之謎 
German: Milo und der Scherenschleifer 
Italian: Il Mistero Dello Scoiattolo Rosso 
Japanese: 赤いりすの秘密 (akai risu no himitsu) 
Swedish: Duffy och det försvunna arvet 

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