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W here is Bianca? (1966)

Is the lovely young heiress hiding somewhere among the shiny steel towers of Manhattan? Or is she the horribly mutilated corpse hauled up from the sewers of the city? Captain Timothy Corrigan, the cool cop with the eye-patch sets out to solve the puzzle - and finds himself playing a fantastic game of hide-and-seek in a glittering world where everything is make-believe, except sudden, shocking death.

Where is Bianca? - coverWhere is Bianca? - cover Four Square 1st paperback edition, 1966Where is Bianca? - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Traber Burns, June 1. 2015Where is Bianca? - cover Road, September 29, 2015

Ghost-written by Talmage Powell

Who steckt Bianca? - cover German edition Ullstein KrimiWho steckt Bianca? - cover Italian edition Il Giallo Mondadori N° 1100 - 1970Που είναι η Μπιάνκα - cover Greek edition, Viper, 1974

Where is Bianca? Translations: 
German: Who Steckt Bianca? 
Greek: Που είναι η Μπιάνκα 
Italian: Bianca come cadavere 

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