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Kiss and Kill (1969)

The nice-guy blues
The nice mild man named Edward Tollman had a problem. His lovely wife was missing, and he wanted her back -- fast. So he went to a fellow whose specialty was solving problems like that -- a very private detective called Barney Burgess. Burgess' methods were not pleasant -- but they got results. Burgess was used to sordid scenes and secrets. But after four quick corpses, a wild ride to Mexico, and a blonde sex bomb who threatened to blow the case wide open at the first wrong move, Barney began to wonder how such a nice guy got him into something this nasty....

Dellcover Nr 4567 - 1969 art by Robert McGinnisKiss and Kill - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, February 1. 2015Kiss and Kill - cover Road, September 22, 2015

"Kiss and Kill" - Richard Deming in 1960
Ghostwritten by Charles W. Runyon
. (Death & Ghosts F.Nevins 1998) Although we have to mention the existence of a 1960 unrelated Richard Deming title named ... Kiss and Kill. (The cover text  "Here was a deadly version of the worlds oldest profession"). On the other hand Deming himself said in an interview to have written 10 books under the Queen-monicker...and all are already accounted for.

Right: Kiss and Kill - Richard Deming in 1960

Kus me en Sterf - dutch cover
Kus me en Sterf - dutch coverCasse-tete Azteque - cover French edition Presses de la Cite Nr148, 1971Feigenblatt Kaliber .32 - cover German edition Ullstein Krimi Nr.1333, 1970Frontiera maledetta - cover Italian edition, Collana Dei Gialli Mondadori, Nr 1119, July 12.1970Um Rasto de Morte - cover Portuguese edition, Livros do Brasil, Coleccao do Vampiro, Lisboa
Kys og do - cover Danish editionKys og do - cover Danish edition, Rosenkilde, Nov 16. 2017Besa y mata - Cover Spanish edition, Selecciones Septimo Circulo_Madrid_1975Besa y mata - Cover Spanish edition, El Septimo Circulo, 1971.Besa Y Mata - Cover Spanish edition, Club del Misterio, Nr. 93נשיקת המוות - Cover Israelian edition

Kiss and Kill Translations
Danish: Kys og dø 
Dutch/Flemish: Kus me en sterf 
French: Casse-tête Aztèque 
German: Feigenblatt Kaliber.32 
נשיקת המוות 
Italian: Frontiera maledetta 
Portuguese: Um Rasto de Morte 
Spanish: Besa Y Mata

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