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Queen's Experiments in Detection (1968)

For something light and piquant, we recommend No Parking, with its bewitching heroine and her three desperate suitors.
For a mouth-watering quick snack, you can try Half a Clue, in which Ellery nabs the murderer almost before the victim has stopped breathing.
For a main course you can really sink your teeth into, there's Mum Is the Word, in which the "dying message" offers the ultimate in hidden clues.
And for an unforgettable pièce de résistance, we have Abraham Lincoln's Clue, a classic that Anthony Boucher called "perhaps the greatest of all Queen mysteries."
These are but four of sixteen great tales designed to please the most sophisticated palate -- all prepared and elegantly served by the master chef of mystery, the one and only Ellery Queen.

Let Ellery Queen clue you in his special brand of high tension, brain-teasing mystery!

    • "Mum is the Word" (EQMM, 4/66)
    • "Object Lesson" (This Week, 09/10/55, as "The Blackboard Gangsters" and reprinted: EQMM, 4/58)
    • "No Parking" (This Week, 3/18/56, as "Terror in a Penthouse" and reprinted: EQMM, 2/58)
    • "No Place to Live" (This Week,  6/10/56, as "The Man They All Hated" and reprinted: EQMM, 3/58)  
    • "Miracles Do Happen" (EQMM,  7/57)
    • GAMBLING DEPT. -- "The Lonely Bride" (This Week, 12/04/49, as "The Lady Couldn't Explain", The Sunday Herald 7/9/50 as "The Case Of the Lonely Bride")
      SPY DEPT. -- "Mystery at the Library of Congress" (Argosy, 6/60 as "Enter Ellery Queen" reprinted: EQMM, 2/63)
    • SPY DEPT. -- "Dead Ringer" ( (?): Diners' Club, 3/65 and reprinted in EQMM, 10/66)
    • KIDNAPPING DEPT. -- "The Broken T" (This Week, 7/28/63 as "Mystery in Neon Red" and reprinted in EQMM, 5/66)
    • MURDER DEPT. -- "Half a Clue" (This Week, 8/25/63 as "Half a Clue to Murder "reprinted: EQMM, 8/66)
    • ANONYMOUS LETTERS DEPT. -- "Eve of the Wedding" (EQMM, 8/55, as "Bride in Danger")
    • PROBATE DEPT. -- "Last Man to Die" (This Week, 11/3/63 reprinted: Variety (Australian), 1964; EQMM, 1/67)
    • CRIME SYNDICATE DEPT. -- "Payoff" (Cavalier, 8/64 as "Crime Syndicate Payoff" reprinted: EQMM 7/66)
    • "The Little Spy" (Cavalier, 1/65 reprinted: EQMM, 9/66)
    • "The President Regrets" (Diner's Club, 9/65 reprinted: EQMM, 7/67)
    • "Abraham Lincoln's Clue" (MD, 6/65 reprinted: EQMM, 3/67)

All stories originally published in This Week, Argosy, Cavalier, Signature, MD, and EQMM between 1949 and 1966.

     Q.E.D. - cover NAL ,1968Q.E.D. - cover GollanczQ.E.D. - cover Road (July 28, 2015)

A historical story similar to "The President's Half Disme" (1946), is about another US President, "Abraham Lincoln's Clue" (1965). In this story Howard Haycraft is paid a charming tribute. The collectors who show up in these stories remind one of those in "The One Penny Black" and "The Glass-Domed Clock". Although W.W.II is not mentioned in the story, it reflects the atmosphere of wartime patriotism prevalent then. Arnold Schoenberg would pay a similar tribute to George Washington in his Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte. The tale is set in a lonely farmhouse in Pennsylvania. The solution of the puzzle involves mathematics, as did such earlier EQ tales as "The Glass-Domed Clock" (1933) ,"The Hollow Dragon" (1936) and "The Gamblers' Club" (1951). The use of mathematics seems related to EQ's deep commitment to logic and reasoning.  (Michael E.Grost) 

The concept of the puzzle club seems completely in tune with Queen's universe of strange individuals. Membership can only be earned by solving a puzzle the others prepared earlier. It seems totally unusual that someone would want to be part of a club that has a sole purpose of trying to baffle the other members, but perhaps not so unusual in the world of Queen. Nowadays analogous clubs are quiet common, although often they don't actually “meet” . . .since they do so only in the virtual sense. Several internet fora or sites (such as those catering to mathematical riddles) are based on the same concept. The two Ellery Queen puzzle stories involve a club that has 6 members. They are:

  • Syres (Texan oil baron and of course millionaire), founder of the Club and also Chairman
  • Darnell (lawyer rumored to be up for a chair in The Supreme Court)
  • Dr.Vreeland (psychiatrist)
  • Miss Emmy Wandermere (poet)
  • Dr.Arkavy (biochemist who won the Nobel Prize)
  • Ellery Queen
  • The President of the US (no name is mentioned) was unable to attend ... so as such not (yet) a member...

They meet in an apartment on Park Avenue, there is an English butler and a cook named Charlot.

Three other "Puzzle Club" stories were published in other magazines and later collected in The Tragedy of Errors ("The Three Students", "The Odd Man" and "The Honest Swindler").

This series was, perhaps, cut short by the death of Manfred Lee. One wonders where Dannay and Lee would have gone with the series if they had been allowed to continue it.

Queen's Experimenten in deductie - coverEsperimenti deduttivi di Ellery Queen - cover Italian edition 'I racconti di"  N°6, 1984Esperimenti deduttivi di Ellery Queen - cover Italian edition/ebook Mondadori, Nov 5 2015Queen: Especialista em Deduçao - cover Portuguese edition, editora Cultrix, Brasil, 1971Q.E.D. - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Publishing (full cover)РАССЛЕДУЕТ ЭЛЛЕРИ КВИН - Cover Russian edition 2007 (together with the Glass Village)

Q.E.D. Queen's experiments in detection Translations:  
Dutch/Flemish: Q.E.D.   
Queens experimenten in deductie   
Italian: Esperimenti deduttivi di Ellery Queen   
Japanese:  クイーン犯罪実験室   
Portuguese: Queen: Especialista em Deduçao   

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