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T_s_letter.gif (993 bytes)he New Adventures of Ellery Queen (1940)

Nine new adventures of Ellery Queen! A complete novel and eight more short stories! The Lamp of God, the novel, is one of the weirdest stories about a disappearing house that only can be matched by Poe.
... A most ingenious tale about a curious treasure hunt, hidden gold, a house of horror, and murder. The solution depends on the whim of a dead man in building two identical houses, and fate in producing two almost identical people.
Four sports mysteries featuring baseball, horse racing, pugilism and football full of the sporting world vernacular, will delight the fans. The New Adventures of The Treasure Hunt, The Hollow Dragon, The House of Darkness and The Bleeding Portrait complete the list of stories.
Ellery Queen at his best.... New adventures.... humor.... horror.... romance.... and the supreme in deduction and observation! Try and match Ellery Queen with your wits. Enjoy his versatility in this marvelous variety of stories.
  • The Lamp of God (Detective Story, October 1935 as House of Haunts)
    (other app: as The Lamp of God, Dell 10c series #23, c. 1939 also it was renamed "House of Haunts" in the Street and Smith anthology, All Fiction Detective Stories, 1942. )
  • ...The Treasure Hunt (Detective Story, 1935)
  • ...The Hollow Dragon (Redbook, December 1936)
  • ...The House of Darkness (The American Magazine, February 1935)
  • ...The Bleeding Portrait (original title: "The Gramatan Mystery" in 
    American Cavalcade, September 1937 then "Beauty and the Beast")
  • Man Bites Dog (Blue Book, June, 1939 reprinted in The Pocketbook of Great Detectives, 1941)
  • Long Shot (Blue Book, September 1939 reprinted in EQMM, 3/59)
  • Mind Over Matter (Blue Book, October 1939)
  • The Trojan Horse (Blue Book, December 1939)

Titles starting with ... begin with "The Adventure of...." Short stories originally appeared in other magazines as indicated above. "The Adventure of the Treasure Hunt" was reprinted in the first issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. The Blue Book stories represent the "sports detective series".

"Suspect everything, everybody. Be careful, Mr. Queen, as if your life depended on it."

The Lamp of God was what Ellery Queen named the light that gave him the clue which helped solve one of the most eerie cases in his career -- the case of the disappearing house containing a fortune in gold, and a murder plot that was almost beyond belief. " 'The Lamp of God' (1935) deals with an impossible crime story; an entire house vanishes, a typical EQ trick, given his use of very eccentric Howard Hughes types somewhere along the line -- this is much more fun in short-story format than at novel length. It does have features of real imagination, especially dealing with the impossibility. "The first half of 'Lamp' is a full Gothic tale. There is a full atmosphere of horror, climaxing on Ellery's speculations of a science fictional explanation for the crime. The tale has affinities with The Tragedy of X (1932). Both deal with a long complex history, in which villains engage in elaborate plots. Neither is especially plausible. Both have a somewhat sinister atmosphere. In different ways, it is similar to "The Bearded Lady" (1934), in which complex family relations converge on sinister events at an isolated house."(Michael E.Grost)

The New Adventures of Ellery Queen - coverThe New Adventures of Ellery Queen - cover (slight variation)The New Adventures of Ellery Queen - cover Penguin BooksThe New Adventures of Ellery Queen - coverThe New Adventures of Ellery Queen - cover

" The House of Darkness (1935) and The Treasure Hunt (1935) show EQ's skill with elaborate, surrealistic backgrounds for his fiction. Both stories are also good mystery puzzles, not too realistic, but imaginative in their plotting. The estate of the retired General in Treasure Hunt recalls that of retired actor Drury Lane in The Tragedy of X (1932). The cubist inspired designer of the "The House of Darkness" is a Frenchman, and recalls the similar French designer of the Art Deco furniture in The French Powder Mystery (1930). Another noteworthy feature of the early EQ stories is the presence of black people among the suspects. EQ is clearly trying to treat them in non-stereotyped ways. They are most fully present in The House of Darkness. The Bleeding Portrait (1937), has some good atmosphere in its first half, but which never builds up much of a mystery plot.

After writing 14 short stories, including a novella, in the three years 1933-1935, EQ largely gave up the form in the next three, publishing only two mediocre shorts in 1936-1938. In 1939 EQ returned to the short tale with a series of four stories, all with sports backgrounds. Each co stars Paula Paris, with whom EQ fell in love in The Four of Hearts (1938). She is a good character, but unfortunately she seems never to have returned after these works. The first three stories are well done, and even the weaker final tale ("The Trojan Horse") is a game attempt with some pleasant mystery; like "The Treasure Hunt" it involves a long search for some stolen jewels. "Man Bites Dog" has some affinities with the minimalist tales of poisoning EQ was essaying in these years, such as The Four of Hearts and Calamity Town (1942). "Long Shot" returns to the turf of The American Gun Mystery (1933), with a tale combining Western characters, horses, and guns, the same elements of the earlier book." (Michael E.Grost)

Hardback cover Tower Books Edition 1947The New Adventures of Ellery Queen - cover Tower Books, 1947The New Adventures of Ellery Queen - cover, 1940The New Adventures of EQ - cover Triangle Books, New York, 1940.The New Adventures of EQ - hardcover Triangle Books, New York, 1940.
The New Adventures of Ellery Queen - cover Triangle BooksThe House of Darkness - ePub (Kindle) editionThe New Adventures of EQ - cover Road, July 28, 2015
The New Adventures of EQ - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Robert Fass, December 1. 2015

In How to Read a Short Story by Marjorie L. Burns the plot is discussed as having four elements. First the author reveals the situation that the characters find themselves in. The problem or conflict is exposed either by narrative or immediate action. Second, events and actions grow out of the conflict if it was fully revealed at the outset of the story. If the conflict is not immediately revealed because the author starts with action rather than narrative, then the readers must discover the conflict by carefully reading and observing what the characters do and say. This part of the plot is called rising action. Readers identify opposing forces in the story, perhaps two characters, a character and a force of nature (a storm), or a character and the problem he faces. Third is the turning point or climax in which the action reaches its acme and one opposing force wins and the other loses. In mystery or detective fiction the crime is solved. Fourth, the author shows the results of whatever was decided or revealed at the climax. The resolution in mysteries can be the explanation of the crime as only the detective or private eye could have determined it.

Man Bites Dog” is a good example of a story which is heavily reliant on plot and can be classified as an American version of the formal detective novel. The setting is the seventh game of the world series between the New York Yankees and the New York Giants. The characters include EQ, his date, gossip columnist Paula Paris, Inspector Queen and Sergeant Velie in one box behind the Yankee dugout. Below them are two boxes occupied by one couple each Big Bill Tree, ex-pitcher and Lotus Verne, shapely movie star, in one. In the other box were Big Bill’s estranged wife Judy Starr, Broadway celebrity and her escort Jimmy Connor, song-and-dance man. The exposition is in the introduction of the characters and the tension between the two couples, who are being closely scrutinized by Ellery Queen. To define “rising action”, one would examine all of the characters’ by-play.

Pocket Books awarded Gertrudes (little metal kangaroos) to authors whose books had sold over a million copies. In January 1946 presentations were made at a party at the Rainbow Room NY to Ellery Queen 'Messrs. Dannay and Lee' for 'New Adventures of Ellery Queen'.

De Nieuwe Avonturen van EQ - coverDe Nieuwe avonturen van EQ - coverDe Nieuwe Avonturen van EQ - coverLe dragon creux - cover French edition EO La Tour de Londres N°5, 1947Le Dragon Creux - Cover French edition "Nouvelles Editions Oswald" Collection Suspense Insolite Mystère, February 01. 1984Le Cheval de Troie - Cover French edition "Nouvelles Editions Oswald" Collection Suspense Insolite Mystère n° 80, 1984. (Man bites dog ...)The Treasure Hunt - French edition (3 stories), Collection Librio, August 01. 1995
The Lamp of God - cover French edition, Collection Librio, November 01. 1992La Lampada di Dio - cover Italian edition, 1948, GarzantiLe Nuove Avventure di Ellery Queen - cover Italian edition Mondadori editions, 1984Delitti Sotto L'Albero - Cover Italian edition SuperGiallo Mondadori, N°28 Nov 2004 (The Adventures and The New Adventures of ...)La Lampada di Dio - cover Italian omnibus which contains The Lamp of God, 2010Nuevas Aventuras de Ellery Queen - cover Spanish edition, Biblioteca de Bolsillo, 1945Alicia en el país del desconcierto - cover Spanish edition, Mateu Castellano.

The New Adventures of Ellery Queen Translations:  
Chinese: 昆恩再次出擊 (上帝之燈)  
Danish: Det forsvundne hus  
Dutch/Flemish: Nieuwe avonturen van Ellery Queen  
French: La course au trésor - Le char de Phaéton (Le dragon creux)  
- Le cheval de Troie  
Indonesian: Tiga Tjerita Detective   
Italian: Le nuove avventure di Ellery Queen  
aka Delitti Sotto L'Albero  
aka La Lampada di Dio
Japanese: エラリイ・クイーンの新冒険 (erari-kui-nnosinbouken)  
神の灯 (The Lamp of God)  
神の灯(ともしび) (The Lamp of God)  
黒い館の秘密 (The House of Darkness)  
Korean: 신의 등불 (The Lamp of God)   
(aka 엘러리 퀸의 새로운 모험 - The New Adventures of Ellery Queen)   
Russian:Четвёртая сторона треугольника   
and Календарь преступлений
Spanish: Nuevas Aventuras de Ellery Queen
aka Alicia en el país del desconcierto
aka El Misterio de la Casa Negra
Ukrainian: Bozhyi svityl'nyk  

El Misterio de la Casa Negra - Cover Spanish edition, BarcelonaTiga Tjerita Detective - cover Indonesian edition, short-story collection containing 3 stories ("The Bearded Lady", "The Hollow Dragon" and "The Treasure Hunt"), Editions Bitan Saka Widya, Djakara, 1965Четвёртая сторона треугольника - Cover Russian edition, 2006 (together with the Fourth Side of the Triangle)Календарь преступлений - Cover Russian edition, 2006 (Includes Lamp of God and Calendar of Crime)The Lamp of God - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Pocket Mystery Book, 1956
神の灯 (The Lamp of God) - cover Japanese edition, educational publication July 1959 (also includes story by Doyle and LeBrun)The Lamp of God - cover Japanese edition, Tokyo Sogensha, July 7. 1961黒い館の秘密 (The House of Darkness) - cover Japanese edition, educational publication, April 1967神の灯 (The Lamp of God) - cover Japanese edition, educational publication, March 1968神の灯(ともしび) (The Lamp of God) - cover Japanese edition, educational publication Dec 1969
黒い館の秘密 (The House of Darkness) - cover Japanese edition, educational publication, Feb 1970 (also contains stories by Keene and LeBlanc)神の灯 (The Lamp of God) - cover Japanese edition, educational publication Sep 1971The New Adventures of Ellery Queen - cover Japanese edition, Tokyo Sogensha - Somoto Reasoning PaperThe New Adventures of Ellery Queen - cover Taiwanese edition, January 20. 1997
The New Adventures of Ellery Queen - cover Chinese/Taiwanese edition, July 25. 2005The Lamp of God - cover Chinese (Mongolian) edition, Inner Mongolia People's Publishing House, January 1. 2010The Lamp of God - cover Chinese edition, Chemical Industry Press, January 1. 2016엘러리 퀸의 새로운 모험 (The New Adventures of Ellery Queen) - cover South-Korean edition,  Sigma Books, Aug 1. 1995신의 등불 (The Lamp of God) - cover South-Korean edition, Dongsuh Mystery Books, 검은숲, Sep 1. 2003

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