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It's spring vacation time and Djuna has invited Bobby Herrick up from Florida. The boys are looking forward with excitement to the annual run of herring in a local river - when everybody in the community take time out to join the fun.

But mysteries have a way of finding Djuna, and this time a missing page from an old ship's log and the dead captain's haunted house start the ball rolling. Djuna has learned that Capt. Beekman brought a treasure from his whaling trips. Who can have an interest to let the boy get lost? Was he close to the answer of the mystery? Before Djuna and Tommy know what's happened, the herring run turn into another, much more dangerous race! 

Never in his life had Djuna been so frightened. He had reached the barn, running as he had never run before, but his pursuer was not far behind and would corner him there, within the next few seconds. Where could he hide? Where could he hide?

There was no time to think. A dozen feet above his head, on each side of the wide door, were the haymows from which the diary cows had been fed through the winter. Each one could be reached by the ladders nailed to the heavy hand hewn upright beams supporting the timbers of the barn roof. Djuna jumped for the ladder nearest him and scuttled up with the speed of a monkey. He reached the crossbar just above the level of the hay, and, twisting as he jumped, dove into the hay...

''This is a fast-moving adventure, colorfully told, but in general I do not find the characters well drawn. Djuna is himself such a mental and physical infant prodigy that he is unrealistic."    D.D. New York Times

Young Djuna of The Yellow Cat Mystery and others, is on the hunt again, this time in his own Atlantic seaboard home town of Edenboro, to solve the mystery of the belongings old Capt. Jonas Beekman left behind him…Lively hide and seek.
  Kirkus Reviews

"All is not right in that charming, old fashioned place named Edenboro, but a boy named Djuna is on hand to set things straight. It is his eighth assignment, but the book has all the freshness of an opus one." T.M.L. Christian Science Monitor

"Queen, Jr. never fails to make his story move and hold the young reader." San Francisco Chronicle
The Blue Herring Mystery - dustcover Little, Brown & co., 1954 (1st)The Blue Herring Mystery - hardcover Little, Brown & Co, Boston, 1954 (1st)The Blue Herring Mystery - hardcover Little, Brown & Co, Boston,
The Blue Herring Mystery - cover pocket book edition, Berkley Highland F1533, 1968The Blue Herring Mystery - cover eBook publication, Open Road Media Teen & Tween, March 10, 2015The Blue Herring Mystery -  cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Traber Burns, October 1. 2015
Above:  dust and 2 hard cover variations for Little, Brown & co. (1954); cover Berkley (1968); cover Open Road Media Teen & Tween (2015); cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc. (2015). (Click on the covers to see the differences) * 
Samuel (Duff) McCoy (1882-1964) had a contract with the Queens for the first eight juveniles from The Black Dog Mystery until The Blue Herring Mystery. But he didn't actually write the stories ... Whilst researching his new book on Ellery Queen, Jeffrey Marks found a first edition of The Red Chipmunk Mystery with the following inscription "Rhinebeck, N.Y. Aug. 31/48 For Karen Rose from the only real ghost who had anything to do with this book - Harold Montanye". He looked into this and found proof in correspondence between McCoy and Montanye that all final six books before 1954 beginning with The Green Turtle Mystery were written by Montanye.  Harold had some difficulties getting his stake in the half share McCoy had. (More on the authorship can be read here...) 

Milo auf falscher Spur - cover German edition, Benziger,Zürich , Köln, 1971.Milo auf falscher Spur - cover German edition, Tosa Verlag, Vienna, 1980. Cover illustration by Franz Josef TrippMilo auf falscher Spur - cover German edition Albert Müller-Verlag, Rüschlikon, 1967.Il Mistero Della Aringa Azzura - Cover Italian edition, Nr.9, 1957The Blue Herring Mystery - cover Japanese edtiionThe Blue Herring Mystery - cover Chinese edition,Relay Press, Jieli Publishing House, August 1. 2016 

The Blue Herring Mystery  Translations
Chinese: 博物馆蓝鲱鱼谜案 
German: Milo auf falscher Spur 
Italian: Il Mistero Della Aringa Azzura 
Japanese: 青いにしんの秘密 (aoi nisin no himitsu) 

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