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A Room to Die in (1965)

How could a man have been murdered when he was found alone in his study, a gun in his hand, and the door locked from the inside? It had to be suicide, the police figured, for although there was no suicide note there was a letter proving conclusively that Roland Nelson, over the last several months, was being blackmailed. But to his daughter, Ann, whom he had seen only spasmodically since he had left her mother when Ann was a baby, there were unanswered questions. She was convinced that her father could never have killed himself. Before she found the answers, two people were brutally garroted with a wire, one of them in her own apartment. Could she fins all the answers before the killer silenced her, too?

A Room to Die In - cover SignetA Room to Die In - cover first hardcover U.K. edition, first printing. Published by Kinnell Books, 1987Death of a Solitary Chess Player - 2005 (cover art by Howard Kistle, cover art made by fan)A Room To Die In - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Traber Burns, May 1. 2015

Ghostwritten by Jack Vance. Why did he write the books? "Because Ellery Queen gave me a flat fee of 3000 dollars for each book. Which was then a lot of money ! I did have to sign a contract never to reveal I actually wrote the books. A Room To Die In - cover Road (September 22, 2015) Theoretically I never took his name. In a way he took my good prose and did everything to let it pass as his own." Vance was forbidden by his contract to sign copies of books written under the Ellery Queen pseudonym. As Vance developed a following in his own right (he was an elaborate sci-fi-writer), he did eventually sign the Queen-books as "Jack Vance" or "Ellery Queen" and initialed "JV". Recently the manuscripts of the three Vance Queens were partially recovered. They will be restored and made available. So this story was published under its original title Death of a Solitary Chess Player as a supplemental volume to the Vance Integral Edition in 2006.

Een Plaats om te Sterven - dutch cover Prisma-Detective 143Een Plaats om te Sterven - dutch coverMit drei Beinen im Grab - German cover Ullstein bucherUne piece pour mourir - cover French edition Presses De La Cité, 1967Mit drei Beinen im Grab - German cover Kaiser KrimiMit drei Beinen im Grab - German cover Scherz Krimi
Una stanza per morirci - cover Italian edition Mondadori, Nr.905, series 'Il Giallo Mondadori', 1966Una stanza per morirci - cover Italian edition Mondadori, series 'Il Classici del Giallo Mondadori' Nr 739, 1995O Camera In Care Se Poate Muri - cover Romanian edition, 1992Φόνος στο Κλειστό Δωμάτιο - Cover Greek edition, 1975A Room To Die In - cover Japanese edition, Hara Shobo, January 2016

A room to die in Translations:  
Dutch/Flemish: Een plaats om te sterven  
French: Une piece pour mourir  
German:Mit drei Beinen im Grab  
Greek: Φόνος στο Κλειστό Δωμάτιο  
Italian: Una stanza per morirci  
Japanese: チェスプレイヤーの密室  
Romanian: O Camera In Care Se Poate Muri  

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