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The Golden Goose (1964)
         aka Who Killed the Golden Goose?

Old Slater O'Shea, the golden goose, was ruler of a peculiar roost. A gaggle of free-loading O'Sheas were lazing around the mansion, letting Slater foot the bills, while they waited for him to die and leave them his money. But someone got tired of waiting, and when Slater went upstairs for a little nip before his nap, his bottle of bourbon was labeled Rest in Peace! It was up to Cibola City's finest to find out who'd cooked Uncle Slater's goose, before the charming O'Sheas could play any more gruesome games in their battle for the goose's gold.

Goosey, goosey, gander, whither...

Uncle Slater O'Shea was loaded.
Uncle Slater was supporting the lot of them -- five freeloaders.
And in spite of liberal daily applications of whisky, Uncle Slater had his health.
He intended to keep it, so he had made a new will. So long as he continued to enjoy life, he would continue to maintain them. But the minute he died, his estate would be cut up among them, plus seventeen additional assorted O'Sheas. Cut up into twenty-two pieces, the freeloaders wouldn't get enough from Uncle Slater O'Shea's estate to live in the manner to which they had become accustomed.
Several weeks later, benevolently trailing a fragrant haze of good Irish whisky behind him, Uncle Slater went upstairs for a nip and a nap. He never came down. Which of them had been foolish enough to do the old boy in?

Which of them had killed the golden goose?

The Golden Goose - cover SignetThe Golden Goose - cover NEL pockets Four Square Crime, 1967The Golden Goose - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, January 2015The Golden Goose - cover Road, August 11, 2015

Cast of characters included. Written by Fletcher Flora.

Suikeroompje R.I.P. - cover Dutch edition Prisma-DetectivesSuikeroompje R.I.P. - dutch coverEine Flasche Bourbon - cover German edition Heyne Verlag Nr.1085Schlachte nie den Goldesel - cover German edition Ullstein Krimi 1637, 1974Lo zio buonanima - cover Italian edition, Il Giallo Mondadori, Nr.829, 20 Dec 1964
Lo zio buonanima - cover Italian edition, Il Giallo Mondadori, 1983Η χρυσή κότα - cover Greek edition, βίπερ (Viper) N°489 El Ganso de Oro - Cover Mexican edition, Coleccion Caiman Nr 367, 1966Kuoleman kultarahat - cover Finnish edition, Kirjayhtyma, 1985

The Golden Goose   
(aka Who killed the Golden Goose?) Translations
Dutch/Flemish: Suikeroompje R.I.P.   
Finnish: Kuoleman kultarahat   
German: Schlachte nie den Goldesel   
(aka Eine Flasche Bourbon)   
Greek: Η χρυσή κότα   
Italian: Lo zio buonanima   
Mexican: El Ganso de Oro   

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