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He spun the combination, opened the strongbox, and glanced at the glittering fortune nestled in velvet. With his left hand he began stuffing the diamonds into his pocket. When one pocket was full, he shifted the gun and began filling the other. Suddenly he sensed movement and someone lunged at him. The gun boomed, and the bullet ripped through his assailant's upper arm as he ran outside and leaped head first off the ledge. For a moment it looked as if he'd decided to dash out his brains on the rocks, then the lean body knifed the water three feet beyond the rocks and came up swimming. A power cruiser was lying at anchor, a hundred yards out.

The Killer Touch - cover pocket book edition, Pocket Book N° 50494, October 1965.The Killer Touch - cover pocket book edition, Signet 451-Q6514, June 3. 1975.The Killer Touch/The Devil's Cook - cover pocket book edition, Signet Double Mystery, 451 AZ3204, October 2 1978The Killer Touch - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, March 1. 2015The Killer Touch - cover Road, August 11, 2015

Ghostwritten by Charles W. Runyon (Death & Ghosts F. Nevins 1998)

A tough Florida cop, tormented by a wound and his guilt at killing a teen-ager in line of duty, comes to a tropical island resort where a gang of thieves headed by a doom-haunted sadistic intellectual has just moved in after pulling off a diamond robbery. The writing is vivid, the incidents lurid, the climax rushed, and Runyon crams in enough torture scenes, sex teasing and carnage to satisfy the most rabid, although Anthony Boucher was apparently turned off by the bloodletting and chose not to review this one. (Nevins)


Tribulations flicardesques - cover French edition, Collection Série Noire (n° 1090), Gallimard, Trad. by Georges Alfred Louédec, 01-12-1966Menschenhai - cover Ullstein Krimi 1095, 1966, translation Mechtild SandbergIm griff des Killers - cover German edition Kaiser KrimiIm griff des Killers - cover German edition Scherz-VerlagIm griff des Killers - cover German edition Scherz-Verlag, 1978Der Teufel im Paradies - cover German edition
Der Teufel im Paradies - German cover Scherz Krimi-Klassiker, 1999Poliziotto di ventura - Italian cover editions Giallo Mondadori Nr 933, 1966El Toque Asesino - cover Mexican edition, Coleccion Caiman - # 395 - Diana,1967Ferias com a morte - Cover Brazilian editionΧίλιοι τρόποι για να πεθάνεις - cover Greek edition, (Viper) Βιπερ Νο.718, 1977

The Killer Touch Translations:  
French: Tribulations flicardesques  
German: Der Teufel im Paradies  
 (aka Im Griff des Killers)  
(aka Menschenhai)  
Greek: Χίλιοι τρόποι για να πεθάνεις  
Italian: Poliziotto di ventura  
Portuguese: Férias com a morte  
Spanish: El Toque Asesino  


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