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The Perfect Crime (1942)

With $250,000--of somebody else's money--in his pocket, Ellery had the time of his life buying in the famous Garten book collection as it was auctioned off. But the fun didn't last long, for before evening John Mathews, who had been responsible for Garten's ruin, was found murdered. And neither the book collector, nor the dead man's nephew, Walter, who was engaged to Garten's daughter, had any kink of an alibi.

The police were certain it was murder - but a reliable witness "saw" the hated Wall Street millionaire shoot himself in the head! There were half a dozen suspects - each, naturally, with an airtight alibi - but first Ellery Queen had to figure out how the impossible crime was committed.
Ellery crashed through the door and bent over Nikki on the floor. "What happened?" he demanded. "Are you hurt?"
"I don't know" she moaned."I thought I was dead" She sat up and pointed at the corner of the room, where the chimpanzee cowered, whimpering. "That creature... he came through the window with a gun... he tried to murder me!"

The Perfect Crime - cover Pyramid Books Nr.1814The Perfect Crime - Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1942The Perfect Crime - coverThe Perfect Crime - cover Paperback, Literary Licensing, LLC (September, 2011)The Perfect Crime - cover Paperback Literary Licensing, LLC (Oktober15, 2011)

Non-Queen based on the movie Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime for which the the plot of  The Devil to Pay was used. Nikki Porter reappeared. Also appeared as one of the Better Little Books in 1942. Issue of "Movie Detective", Jan.1940 with publication of movies in story form e.g. "Ellery Queen & the Perfect Crime".
Above right: Issue of Movie Detective, Jan.1940 with publication of movies in story form e.g. Ellery Queen & the Perfect Crime.

Mr.Misdaad - Dutch coverFlieg, Kugel, flieg - German edition Ullstein BucherFlieg, Kugel, flieg - cover German edition, Ullstein Krimi, 1969Ellery Queen e il delitto perfetto - cover Italian edition, Il  Giallo Mondadori N° 1079, 1969Ellery Queen e il delitto perfetto - cover Italian edition, I Classici Del Giallo N°499, March 1986

The Perfect Crime Translations: 
Dutch/Flemish: Mr.Misdaad 
German: Flieg, Kugel, flieg 
Italian: Ellery Queen e il delitto perfetto 


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