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A Study in Terror (1966)

Ellery Queen and Sherlock Holmes-Undisputed masters of analytical deduction - their talents and methods strikingly, almost uncannily, alike. Through the strange interlocking of events past and present, two celebrated detectives meet to focus their razor-sharp intellects, their brilliant powers of observation on the mystery of... Jack the Ripper. History's most depraved murderer, his victims were the whores of Whitechapel. Lurking in narrow, fog-shrouded alleys, he crept forth night after night to murder and mutilate. Eluding Scotland Yard's most heroic efforts to track him down, the Ripper continued to satisfy his unnatural appetites, unrestrained and unidentified!

Frederic Dannay and Derek Ford (1933-1995) got the writing credits for the movie A Study in Terror (aka Fog, 1965).While Conan Doyle never addressed the problem of the Ripper in any of his Sherlock Holmes stories (despite many letters asking him to do so), his followers have done it several times. Holmes appears in center stage in Ellery Queen's A Study in Terror. The story was also published in Argosy (Aug '91) as The Adventure of the Surgeon's Kit.  The Holmes part of story of the movie was rewritten by Paul W. Fairman and then Ellery Queen added a second solution that trumps the great Holmes! In our 2002 interview Edward Hoch stated that just prior to Face to Face, Lee collaborated with Dannay on the framing sections of A Study in Terror added to Paul W. Fairman's novelization of the film.

A Study in Terror - cover Lancer Paperback,1969A Study in Terror - cover Lancer Paperback,1969 variationSherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper - cover Victor GollanczA Study in Terror - cover
A Study in Terror - cover Large Print Softcover edition, G.K. Hall & Co. , 2001A Study in Terror - coverA Study in Terror - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Robert Fass, Augustus 1. 2014A Study in Terror - cover Road, August 4, 2015

 As such the novel is, in actuality, two novels in one. Ellery Queen (the character) is given an unpublished manuscript by a woman who asks that Ellery use his powers of deduction to clear the man Holmes names as the Ripper. The  Watson manuscript is interwoven with Ellery's as he reads through the book. This evokes mixed feelings "..One reason why the book is so unsatisfactory is the denouement in which six of the principal characters are killed, murdered, or commit suicide in a little over four pages. One impales himself on his sword stick; four more are burned to death; and the sixth is stabbed by somebody pretending to be Jack the Ripper" (Rumbelow, Donald. Jack the Ripper: The Complete Casebook. Revised, 248).

Critics accused EQ of taking this job just for the money and based on both movie and book we have to say the money seems well-spent, as it remains a clever, creative pastiche.
The Watson manuscript details Holmes tracking the killer and eventually discovering him. Working from text only Ellery deduces otherwise. Unlikeliness aside, the main problem of this novel is that it purports to be giving a solution to the puzzle. As such, it should follow the constraints of the evidence as we know it. This does not happen as victims are introduced haphazardly and the murders do not take place in the correct sequence. A petty point, to be sure, but one that invalidates its authority. The story is an amusing read but unsatisfying for both Ellery Queen and Sherlock Holmes fans. Holmes lacks Doyle's touch and there is not enough of Queen to bear mentioning.

Sherlock Holmes contre Jack l'Eventreur - cover French edition J'ai Lu, Paris, Nr.2607, 1989Sherlock Holmes contre Jack l'Eventreur - cover edition stock, 1968Sherlock Holmes und Jack the Ripper - coverSherlock Holmes und Jack the Ripper - cover Dumont's Kriminal-Bibliothek, 2000Sherlock Holmes gegen Jack the Ripper - German cover Ullstein BucherUno studio in Nero - cover Italian edition Il giallo Mondadorio n.949, 1967
Uno studio in Nero - cover Italian edition,I classici del giallo N°.339Uno studio in Nero - cover Italian edition, Oscar Mondadori, 1988Uno studio in Nero - cover Italian edition, 2009Sherlock Holmes contra Jack, O Estripador - Brazilian edition, Livros do Brasil, 1997Sherlock Holmes contra Jack O Estripador - Portuguese edition Editora Alibiสืบคดีเขย่าขวัญ - Cover Thai edition "A Study In Terror", October 2007

A study in terror Translations:
Chinese: 恐懼的研究  
Danish: En studie i mord  (aka Et Studie i Mord)  
Dutch/Flemish: none  
French: Sherlock Holmes contre Jack l'Eventreur  
German: Sherlock Holmes gegen Jack the Ripper  
(aka Sherlock Holmes und Jack the Ripper)  
Greek: Ποιός ἤταν ποιός  
Italian: Uno studio in nero  
Japanese: kyoufunokenkyuu  
Lithuanian: Džekas mėsinėtojas  
Norwegian: En studie i mord  
Portuguese: Sherlock Holmes contra Jack O Estripador  
Spanish: Un estudio en terror  
Swedish: En studie i skräck - Ellery Queen och  
Sherlock Holmes löser mysteriet  
med Jack Uppskäraren  

Un Estudio en Terror - cover Spanish editionEn studie i skräck - cover Swedish edition, Läsa Bra, 1979En Studie I Mord - Norwegian cover, 1977En Studie I Mord - cover Danish versionEt Studie i Mord - Cover Danish edition, Rosenkilde & Bahnhof, 2015Džekas mėsinėtojas - cover Lithuanian edition, 1993, Europa
Ποιός ἤταν ποιός - cover Greek edition, Viper, 1970НЕИЗВЕСТНАЯ РУКОПИСЬ ДОКТОРА УОТСОНА - Cover Russian edition, 2005 (Also includes The French Powder Mystery)A Study in Terror - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Publishing (full cover)A Study in Terror - cover Chinese edition, New Star Press, October 2015恐懼的研究 - A Study in Terror - cover Chinese edition, Publisher Facebook, January 28. 2016

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