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The Dragon's Teeth 
                 aka   The Virgin Heiresses ( 1939)

When a very odd but important millionaire was buried at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, it might have embarrassed Ellery Queen. After all, the millionaire had been the first client of Ellery Queen, Inc. And now the client had joined the mackerels he was deader than. The crew of his yacht was scattered, and there was no autopsy to suggest the ways and means of his death.
However, Ellery Queen, case-hardened and unembarrassed as ever, stepped into the case without batting an eye, bringing along his new partner, Beau Rummell, a tough egg with a yolk of gold. Together they sliced away as mysterious a tangle of events as even Ellery Queen had ever seen. For clues they had one fountain pen covered with tooth marks, and a few additional corpses. The climax delighted Queen. He liked his cases dramatic, especially with a beautiful girl or two thrown in

The Dragon's Teeth - cover Mercury Mystery nr.57The Dragon's Teeth - Cover Gollancz, 1939The Dragon's Teeth - cover war edition on thin paper, 1941.The Dragon's Teeth - cover English edition, Gollancz, London, 1950The Dragon's Teeth - cover English edition, Gollancz, London, 1973
The Dragon's Teeth - cover Triangle Books, 1945The Dragon's Teeth - cover Triangle Books, 1967The Dragon's Teeth - hardcover Triangle Books several colours existThe Dragon's Teeth - hardcover International Readers League, New York,1939

The Dragon's Teeth (1939) is an unusual book in the Queen canon. It is certainly not centered on deduction, or the other things that make most of EQ great. Things which one could find disturbing  although the storytelling of the book is much more advanced. EQ tries to create a new hero for the book, and get him involved in romantic adventures. The story succeeds admirably as romantic fiction. If you are going to enjoy it, you just have to accept the book on its own terms, and adjust yourself to its orientation away from EQ's traditions. (Michael E.Grost)

The Dragon's Teeth - coverThe Virgin Heiresses - coverThe Virgin Heiresses - cover Great Pan Books 1959The Dragon's Teeth - cover Pocketedition, 240 pages, 1947 by PhoenixThe Dragon's Teeth - cover Audiobook Chivers Audio Books, read by Blain Fairman
The Dragon's Teeth - cover AudiobookThe Dragon's Teeth - Hardcover exists in several covers click for the red version
The Dragon's Teeth - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Fred Sullivan, January 17, 2014The Dragon's Teeth - cover Road, July 28, 2015

Cadmus Cole was missing at sea. The story is set in N.Y. City, Hollywood and Tarrytown (in the "Villanoy" room 1726).
A  little while back the Ellery Queen detective agency was founded by Beau Rummell. His father Johnny Rumell was chief inspector of the narcotics department, and Beau was born in Cherry street, N.Y. in 1914. He wore a moustache and impersonated Ellery on two occasions, once in Hollywood and once in Tarrytown.
Ellery smokes and had appendicitis. He was hospitalized in Adirondacks and was several weeks out.
After this case Ellery immediately starts on a new case.
Richard Queen seldom appears when official business has to be taken care of. Dr.Murphy and dr.Prouty appear as does justice officer Sampson.  NYPD: Velie, Flint and Pigott who knew Beau from childhood.

The story is set between June and Wednesday July 5. Although no year is mentioned we learn that Cole is 66 years old and born in 1873 so it is fair to establish 1939 as the year wherein this story takes place.

No map no challenge to the reader.

De Drakentanden - cover Dutch edition MimosaDe Tanden van de Draak - coverLes Dents du Dragon - cover French edition Editions Albin Michel - Le Limier, 1950Les Dents du Dragon - cover French edition Editions Albin Michel - Le LimierLes Dents du Dragon - French edition J'ai Lu  N° 2148, 1987Die Drachenzähne - German edition SchertzDrachenzähne - cover German edition Scherz 507
Die Drachenzahne - cover German edition Scherz-Verlag, Bd.0419, 1973Drachenzähne - cover German editionDrachenzähne - German edition Scherz, 1997Drachenzähne - German cover American Crime Classics, 2000Drachenzähne - German cover Fischer Crime Classic, 2009I Denti Del Drago - cover Italian edition, series I libri gialli, Nr 246, 1937I Denti Del Drago - cover Italian edition, series I gialli Mondadori,  N° 202, July 22. 1962

The Dragon's Teeth  
 (aka The Virgin Heiresses)Translations
Danish: Døden lurer (aka Dragens tænder)  
Dutch/Flemish: De Tanden van de draak  
 (aka De Drakentanden)  
French:  Les dents du dragon  
German: Drachenzähne (aka Die Drachenzähne)  
Greek: Τά δόντια τοῦ δράκοντα  
Hebrew: תעלומת היורשת הבתולה   
Italian: I denti del drago  
Japanese: ドラゴンの歯 (aka doragonnoha)  
(aka 許されざる結婚)  
Portugese: Os Dentes Do Dragão  
Romanian: Coltii Insangerati Ai Dragonului  
Russisch: Зубы дракона  
Spanish: Los dientes del dragón  
Swedish: Draksådden  
Turkish: Milyoner Kızlar  

I Denti Del Drago - cover Italian edition Mondadori, series I Classici del Giallo, N° 375, 1981I Denti Del Drago - cover Italian edition Oscar Mondadori, N° 1671, 1983I Denti Del Drago - italian cover, collana Oscar leggere i classici, 1996I Denti Del Drago - cover Italian edition San Paolo, series Il Giallo dell 'estate, 1997I Denti Del Drago - cover Italian edition Mondadori, 2001I Denti Del Drago - cover Italian edition Mondadori, 2005I Denti Del Drago - cover italian edition I Libri Gialli N. 118 - Arnoldo Mondadori Publisher
Os Dentes Do Dragão - Cover Portugese edition, Coleccao XIS, Editorial Minerva, Lisboa, 1953Los dientes del dragón - cover Spanish editionLos dientes del dragón - cover Spanish editionΤά δόντια τοῦ δράκοντα - cover Greek edition, Viper, 1977Draksådden - Cover Swedish edition, Bonniers, 1940Dragens tænder - Cover Danish edition
Coltii Insangerati Ai Dragonului - cover Romanian edition, Editions Lucman, 1999
Milyoner Kızlar - cover Turkish edition, Akbaba, 1965. Translation by Gülten Suverenתעלומת היורשת הבתולה - Cover Israelian edition, 1973Зубы дракона - Cover Russian edition, 2004 (includes The Door Between)The Dragon's Teeth - cover Japanese editionThe Dragon's Teeth - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Pocket Mystery book, 1958
The Dragon's Teeth - cover Japanese edition; Somoto reasoning paperback 104-20, July 23. 1965The Dragon's Teeth - cover Japanese edition, 1995 ドラゴンの歯 (The Dragon's Teeth) - cover Japanese edition, Kadokawa Bunko, June 4. 2011The Dragon's Teeth - cover Taiwanese edition, March 18. 2005The Dragon's Teeth - cover Chinese edition, New Star Press, January 1. 2011

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