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The Scarlet Letters ( 1953)

For once Ellery Queen had a simple case. A few days of discreet snooping, some choice advice, and the inimitable sleuth would blithely restore domestic harmony to the millionaire couple Dirk and Martha Lawrence. And then came the scarlet letters. And finally the cryptic alphabet clue...scrawled in a murdered man's blood. A simple case? Ellery had been a fool to think so. And unless he did some super-fast sleuthing, he'd have nothing to show but a very scarlet face... and a killer on the loose.

"Lovers' quarrel?" said a voice. Martha Lawrence quivered.
Ellery turned. Dirk Lawrence stood behind the bench. The reek of whisky surrounded him. "My little Martha," Dirk said dreamily. "My little nymph."
"Martha," Ellery said, "you'd better go."
"Yes Martha, my love, you do that," said Dirk. "On account of I'm doing to teach this dirty little feist to keep his paws off another man's wife...."
Dirk backhanded Martha's face across the bench and she disappeared. Involuntarily, Ellery stooped to look for her. He never reached his knees. The blow nearly tore his head off and he blacked out.

Pocket #1049, 1957, 3rd printing - cover painted by Carl BobertzScarlet Letters - cover Book Club Book by Little Brown & co 1952The Scarlet Letters - cover Little, Brown and Company, 1953 several variations of colours exist e.g. the grey cover is the first editionThe Scarlet Letters - cover Little, Brown and Company, 1953The Scarlet Letters - cover Pocket Books #6076The Scarlet Letters - cover Signet, 1974

The Scarlet Letters - cover audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc., read by Mark Peckham, April 1. 2014An odd EQ, where the murder occurs 3/4 way into the story, and most of the book is a suspense tale, though admittedly with some tricky deception. A lot of Nikki Porter, a character I liked and who bears, I feel, some resemblance to Inspector Thumm's daughter, Patience as found in the Barnaby Ross novels.

The Scarlet Letters - cover SignetThe Scarlet Letters - cover Penguin Crime, 1965The Scarlet Letters - cover first UK edition, second impression July 1953The Scarlet Letters - cover Victor Gollancz, 1975The Scarlet Letters - Large PrintThe Scarlet Letters - cover eBook, JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc, Feb 15. 2017

Met Rode Letters - coverMet Rode Letters - cover Dutch edition Prisma-Detectives N°384Lettres sans réponse - cover French edition, Un Mystere N°161, 1954 Lettres sans réponse - cover French edition, J'ai lu, N°2322, 1988Lettres sans réponse - cover French edition, J'ai lu, July 15. 1998Le lettere scarlatte - cover Italian edition, Garzanti, Serie Gialla #48, 1955
Le lettere scarlatte - cover Italian edition, Mondadori, series  'Il Classici del Giallo, December 2. 1973Le lettere scarlatte - cover Italian edition, Collana Oscar Gialli N° 167 Arnoldo Mondadori, Milaan,1989Le lettere scarlatte - kaft Italiaanse uitgave, Oscar MondadoriLe lettere scarlatte - cover Italian edition, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, I Classici del Giallo n. 888, 06/02/2001Le lettere scarlatte - cover Italian edition, Oscar Mondadori, Apr 7  2015De blodrøde bogstaver - cover Danish edition, 1954

The Scarlet Letters Translations:
Brazilian: As Cartas Vermelhas 
Danish: De blodrøde bogstaver 
Dutch/Flemish: Met rode letters 
French: Lettres sans réponse 
German: Zwei blutige Buchstaben 
Τα κόκκινα γράμματα 
Italian: Le lettere scarlatte 
Japanese: 緋文字 (himoji) 
Mexican: Las letras escarlata 
Polish: Psáno krví 
Russian: АЛЫЕ БУКВЫ 
Spanish: Las cartas escarlatas (aka Las Letras Escarlata) 
Turkish: Zina ... ve cinayet 

De blodrøde bogstaver - cover Danish editionDe blodrøde bogstaver - cover Danish edition, Lademann, 1974De blodrøde bogstaver - Cover Danish edition, Rosenkilde & Bahnhof, 2015Las letras escarlata - cover Mexican edition 1955Las letras escarlata - Hardcover Mexican edition, Colección Laberinto
Las Letras Escarlata - Cover Spanish edition, Editorial Cumbre, Mexico, 1954Zina ... ve cinayet - cover Turkish edition, 1979АЛЫЕ БУКВЫ - Cover Russian edition, 2005 (also includes The Vanishing Corpse & The Penthouse Mystery)The Scarlet Letters - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Pocket Mystery Book, Sep 30. 1956The Scarlet Letters 'himoji' - cover Japanese edition, Hayakawa Publishing (full cover)The Scarlet Letters - cover Chinese edition, New Star Press, November 2013

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