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Appeared on EQ tv-showLee Philips (Jan 10. 1927 - Mar 3.1999)



(1) Jean Allison (actress) (aft 1950 - bef 1956,  divorced)
(2) Barbara Schrader (1956 -  Dec 31. 1980, divorced)
     Daughters: Caitlin Meg Philips (b.Oct 09. 1957)
                        Julie Amanda Philips (b. Aug 14. 1960) actress

Lee Philips was born on January 10, 1927 in New York City, New York, USA. After attending public schools in Brooklyn he went to study (Bachelor of Arts) at the Adelphi College, Garden City, Long Island in New York with Harold Clurman (
theatre director and drama critic). Whilst in college he started performing with an off-Broadway group Interplayers at The Circle Theatre, ....

After graduation (Class of 1950) he married another Adelphi graduate and actress Jean Allison but were later divorced amicably.

Appeared in two classic 1950s television productions: a episode of The Philco Television Playhouse: 'Marty' (1953) and Studio One's 12 Angry Men (1957) where, credited as Lee Phillips, he was Juror Number 5


The sober, good-looking dramatic actor, acting career started on Broadway where in Jan 1954 he made his debut with "Mademoiselle Colombe" (Jan 06. 1954 - Feb 27. 1954). In "Wedding Breakfast" he replaced Anthony Franciosa (from Jan. 11 1955 until closing in Feb 26. 1955). He had some success whilst performing as the husband in Broadway's "Middle of the Night" (Feb 08. 1956 - May 25. 1957) but his popularity really peaked when he played Dr. Michael Rossi in Lana Turner's film version of Peyton Place (1957).  No with any difficulty. Turner's lover at the time, the notorious Johnny Stompanato, would stand behind the camera and intently watch the actress during her scenes with Lee Philips.


Lee Philips popularity really peaked when he played Dr. Michael Rossi in Lana Turner's film version of Peyton Place (1957) In 1959 he again appeared in his Broadway success "Middle of the Night", this time on the movie screen opposite Kim Novak.


In 1956 Lee married Barbara Schrader and on Oct. 9 1957 their first daughter Caitlin Meg was born.


Past the halfway point of 'The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen' series (1958), he took over as Ellery Queen. Philips played Ellery as a man of awareness and compassion, substantially closer to the original concepts. Using only original scripts the show was produced on videotape rather than live and the title was shortened to "Ellery Queen".


In 1959 he again appeared in his Broadway success "Middle of the Night", this time on the movie screen opposite Kim Novak.

 Lee Philips on the set of 'A Girl named Daisy' (03/27/1959) episode of TV series 'The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen' Candid photo of Lee Philips showing his daughter Julie (ca.1960)

On Aug 14. 1960 another daughter Julie Amanda was born just as his career shifted towards directing, with credits ranging from the television series of Peyton Place to The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961).

Occasionally he still did some acting, in 1963 he appeared in "Never Wave Goodbye", a two-part episode of The Fugitive. Also in 1963, he played a lead role in "Passage on the Lady Anne", an hour-long episode of The Twilight Zone; he returned to the show the following year in the episode "Queen of the Nile", where he plays a reporter named Jordan 'Jordy' Herrick.

     Lee Philips as Dr. Ray Brooks in THE FUGITIVE episode "Never Wave Goodbye" airdate, Oct 8. 1963In the Twilight Zone episode "Queen of the Nile" we see Lee opposite Ann Blyth (1964)

He appeared in Flipper in 1964 and also made two guest appearances on Perry Mason in 1965: as Kevin Lawrence in "The Case of the Golden Venom," and murderer Gordon Evans in "The Case of the Fatal Fortune."
Also guest starred on the Combat!: episode: "A Walk with an Eagle".
Let's not forget The Andy Griffith Show for which he directed a whopping 60 episodes (1965-1968).

Philips joined the durable M*A*S*H (1972) where he remained for several years and again directed Farrell, who played one of the series' irreverent Army surgeons on the front lines in the Korean War. In 1973 he directed The Girl Most Likely to... starring Stockard Channing.

Other series of which Philips directed episodes included The Waltons, The Practice, The American Girls, Salvage 1, Lottery!. For the 1972-73 Emmy for Director of a Drama Series for a Single Program he was nominated the The Waltons episode "The Love Story".

     Lee Philips as George in ' Double Troubl'e (1969) an episode from The Ghost & Mrs. MuirWhilst directing it Lee Philips did a cameo as Minister on 'Shivaree', an episode from the Waltons (1975)

On Dec 31. 1980, Lee and Barbara were divorced ending a 24 year long marriage.

Philips also directed dozens of television movies and such miniseries as Sidney Sheldon's Windmills of the Gods in 1988 and James A. Michener's Space in 1985. Among his made-for-TV movies were Silent Movie, Barnum, American Geisha, Samson and Delilah, Mae West, Wanted: The Sundance Woman and Louis Armstrong--Chicago Style.
More recently he directed Dick Van Dyke on several episodes of Diagnosis: Murder

Philips died in his Brentwood home from progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) just past his 72nd birthday on March 3. 1999.
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