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Q.B.I.: Covers added since April 2015: 10 better and 185 new covers. The latter corresponding with the red numerals in the list.
(April 2015 - April 2016: 10 better and 185 new covers)

(April 2014 - April 2015: 18 better and 103 new covers).
April 18. 2016 - April 18. 1999

         The Butler Library at Columbia University, April 28th 2005

Sweet seventeen! Another year added to 'Ellery Queen a website on deduction'!

With still many covers to go we've finished this year additions to the site counting no less than 10 better and 185 new covers added.

We also saw many new works on Ellery Queen published which we can only be thankful for. This year also sees EQMM celebrate 75 year in continuous publication!
A fact they're celebrating all year long. Special features are planned for each of the 2016 issues, and festive events are coming up too!
September/October is the issue they’ve chosen to correspond to “Fall 1941,” EQMM’s first issue—therefore, the designated “anniversary issue.” It will include an article from Ellery Queen biographer Jeffrey Marks that includes new discoveries about the original contract between Mercury Publications (then EQMM’s publisher) and the editors of EQMM.
In addition to the year’s special issues, their anniversary jamboree will include a two-month EQMM exhibit at Columbia University’s Butler Rare Book and Manuscript Library, from mid-September to mid-November 2016. The library’s excellent curators have a wealth of edited manuscripts, correspondence, and art to choose from.
Also coming up is a half-day symposium hosted by Columbia University on September 30,2016.
April 9. 2016

Carleton G.Young  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...
Added an indepth page on Carleton G. Young (05/26/1907 - 07/11/1971) to the List of Suspects-Ellery Queen pages.  
One of radio's most successful and prolific actors with
some 8,000 to 10,000 appearances in Radio. His amazing voice was used for every dramatic Radio format imaginable.  On radio he took over from Hugh Marlowe as Ellery Queen in 1942-43.
March 25. 2016

Only last December Coachwhip Publications republished the three Dell comics as one volume under the title Ellery Queen, Detective (A Dell Comic Reprint).
This volume collects the three Dell Four Color comics (published in 1961 and 1962) in the Ellery Queen, Detective, set. This was the fourth appearance of Ellery Queen in comic book format.

The stories included are "The Mummy's Curse," "The Underwater Clue," "The Missing Man," "A False Alibi," "The Witch's Victim," "The Voodoo Victim," and "The Curse of Kane."
Read more on the Dell comics here

We also can report a massive update to the indepth pages in the Q.B.I. section. During the last weeks we added no less than 3 beter and 92 covers for Ellery Queen editions, mostly from Taiwan/China! This brings this years total (since April 2015) to 9 better and 181 new covers
March 12. 2016

This month we're glad to announce the addition of several (45!) new cover additions to the in-depth book pages thanks to  Open Road Media. We do have to make a small correction to an earlier post. Open Road Media has now re-published "almost" all Ellery Queen books (75 to be precise). Almost? Which books are missing? Another "Book Case" Mystery ;-)? Well, if so, it is a mystery easily solved. We can identify 17 books, novelizations, and short stories that are still missing:
Halfway House (1936),
The Door Between (1937),
The Devil to Pay (1938),
The Four of Hearts (1938).
The Vanishing Corpse (1941),
The Penthouse Mystery (1941),
The Perfect Crime (1942),
The Adventure of the Murdered Millionaire
The Last Man Club (1941),
There was an Old Woman
The Murderer is a Fox (1945),
The Case Book of Ellery Queen (1945),
The Scarlet Letters (1953),
The Finishing Stroke (1958),
Ellery Queen's International Case Book (1964),
Face to Face (1967),
The Woman in The Case (1967)

So we will stick to saying 'almost'.... Still, Open Road Media now has a current catalogue offering more than 70 Ellery Queen books, which is impressive!
And as to those missing Queen mysteries, well, one could say this gives us something to look forward to!

The Dragon's Teeth - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (July 28, 2015)  CLICK TO READ MORE...The New Adventures of EQ - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (July 28, 2015)  CLICK TO READ MORE...Double, Double - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (August 4, 2015)  CLICK TO READ MORE...The Origin of Evil - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (September 29, 2015)  CLICK TO READ MORE...Calendar of Crime - Cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road  (July 28, 2015)  CLICK TO READ MORE...
The New Adventures of EQ - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (September 29, 2015) CLICK TO READ MORE...Q.B.I. - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (July 28, 2015)  CLICK TO READ MORE...Inspector Queen's Own Case - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (August 4, 2015)  CLICK TO READ MORE...The Fourth Side of The Triangle - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (August 4, 2015)  CLICK TO READ MORE...Queens Full - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (July 28, 2015)  CLICK TO READ MORE...
February 12. 2016

From January 23 to February 21 you're in luck if you're in the neighborhood of the Vertigo theatre in Calgary, Canada.
If so you can enjoy the world premier of Ellery Queen's Calamity Town adapted for the stage, West 87th Street Irregular, Joseph Goodrich. The play, a part of the BD&P Mystery Theatre Series, is co-directed by Hall and Pronyshyn.

Tyrell Crews plays Ellery Queen (Photograph credits Tim Nguyen, Calgary Herald)

Tyrell Crews plays Ellery Queen, Julie Orton plays Nora Wright and Lindsey Angell her sister Patty who becomes Queen’s love interest and who talks him into solving the crimes in Wrightsville.

My Calamity Town is Our Town with murder. That’s not just a catch phrase", Joseph Goodrich insists pointing out the major comparisons of his and Thornton Wilder’s plays. “The are both set in a small New England town in the 1940s. They feature minimalistic settings to tell the story. There are no major sets and the actors bring in props and chairs and little set pieces. Both plays are completely, overtly theatrical. You know you’re watching a play at all times but you can still be drawn into these people’s lives, hopes, dreams and sorrows. Finally, in both plays, under what looks to be a peaceful, idyllic setting there are hidden sorrows."
They feature minimalistic settings to tell the story. There are no major sets and the actors bring in props and chairs and little set pieces ... (Photograph credits Tim Nguyen, Calgary Herald)

The play got excellent reviews:
"Vertigo Theatre’s Calamity Town is my kind of town. It’s a dream destination for every fan of live theatre and especially fans of stage whodunits. I’m giving it five stars" (Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Herald)
"It’s a fascinating way to stage a play and it works very well." (Jenna Shummoogum, getdown.ca)
"Contrary to its name, Calamity Town is anything but disastrous. What Vertigo Theatre has here is a real winner. Gifted with a stellar cast, Hall & Pronyshyn’s ingenious staging add layers of theatrical excitement to an already brilliant adaptation by Goodrich.  A must-see." (Rodrigo Flores, Joyful Magpies)

In the coming weeks we'll be adding a indepth page on this production to the Calamity Town bookpage... (Photographs Credits Tim Nguyen) 

              It’s 1940, and there is nowhere in the country seemingly more charming than Wrightsville. The Depression has abated, and the New England town is booming once again. There is hope in Wrightsville, but Ellery Queen has come looking for death. The mystery author is hoping for fodder for a novel, and he senses the corruption that lurks beneath the apple-pie façade. A jinxed house, poisonings and murder are all on the menu, as Queen sits back, waiting for crime to come to him.
January 1. 2016

Happy New Year!

What a year we have to look forward to! This month if you are lucky enough to be in the area of Calgary, Canada you can enjoy Joe Goodrich's adaptation of Calamity Town in Calgary (see above). And we're also expecting at least two new publications on Ellery Queen...

     The Tragedy of X - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (July 28, 2015) CLICK TO READ MORE...The Tragedy of Y - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (July 28, 2015) CLICK TO READ MORE...The Tragedy of Z - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (July 28, 2015) CLICK TO READ MORE...Drury Lane's Last Case - cover MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (July 28, 2015) CLICK TO READ MORE...

We'll also be updating all in-depth book pages since Open Road Media has now re-published all Ellery Queen books. This should end our previous lamentations that the Queen library was no longer available in the U.S.!

We've also added a factoid to the site concerning the tv series 'The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen'. Actor George Nader won the role after a coast-to-coast talent search that included sidewalk surveys of average people to get their views on what the sophisticated detecive should look like...

       Ulykkesbyen - cover Danish edition Calamity Town. CLICK TO READ MORE...
Døden i hvidt - cover Danish edition The Dutch Shoe Mystery. CLICK TO READ MORE...Mord? - Cover Danish edition The Murderer is a Fox. CLICK TO READ MORE...Modstander bag maske - Cover Danish edition The Player On The Other Side  CLICK TO READ MORE...
December 6. 2015

Dale C. Andrews published another EQ article at SleuthSayers. It's title "Ellery Queen in the Village of Good and Evil" refers to "Calamity Town" Wrightsville. Introduced in 1942, this New England town of Wrightsville is the place where many of Ellery's novel-length and short story adventures of the next three decades take place.
Dale reminds us as does the add above, this winter is a great occasion to re-visit Calamity Town, Joe Goodrich is the author of the new theatrical version of Calamity Town. The play had a public reading in New York in 2013, was first produced in 2014 in preview in Claremont, New Hampshire (a town that in all likelihood provided the model for Wrightsville) under the staging hand of Arthur Vidro.

It will now have its official world premiere this coming January 23 through February 21 at the Vertigo Theatre in Calgary, Canada. If you are anywhere near Calgary, try to catch it. I only wish I could!
November 3. 2015

On October 10. 1905 Fred Dannay was born in Brooklyn, New York. 110 years later we can look back on his life and work. Together with Manfred B. Lee (who was also born 110 years ago January 11. 1905) he made his living by bringing Ellery Queen to life in various ways.
Continued interest in Ellery today is varied, and could be described as somewhat restricted to a niche of mystery connoisseurs. But we have through the years seen a resurgence of Kungen ar dod - Cover Swedish edition, CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...interest that has resulted in a growing availability of EQ related works: the  DVD-series of the 1975-76 NBC television series with Jim Hutton, the publication of Ellery Queen radio scripts, repeated live performances of  radio scripts in Italy and Japan, a stage version of Calamity Town by Joe Goodrich (see advertisement above),...
And those living in the US are no longer relegated to the secondhand book market in order to find Ellery Queen stories since the digital market has made most of the Queen library fully available.

So is the publication of a printed version of an Ellery Queen novel still big news? I think it is. So it's therefore with great pleasure that we bring to your attention a new Swedish publication by Deckarhyllan. "The King is Dead" (as "Kungen är död"). This is the first new translation of Ellery Queen into Swedish since 1981 (when "The Roman Hat Mystery" was published). One of the people behind this initiative is EQ enthusiast Håkan Andersson who hopes this will be the first of a series!
September 24. 2015

This month a memorial service was held in Boston for Rose Dannay. Only last December we reported on the passing of Picture from the cover of My Life with Ellery Queen, A Love Story by Rose Koppel DannayFred Dannay's widow. She was 100 years, 3 months, 2 days old. 
In 2010 Rose Dannay self-published her autobiography, My Life With a Man of Mystery: The Love Story of Ellery Queen and Me.  An article by Tina Chandler had this to say: "Maybe it’s her life experience, but Dannay knows some of what scientists have been working hard to discover—the secrets to happiness. A self-described naturally happy person, Rose Dannay loved going out with her famous, but rather private, husband. When he received invitations, “He kept saying ‘no,’ and I kept saying ‘yes.’..."

We're glad to report that Rose's autobiography (entitled My Life with Ellery Queen, A Love Story) will be republished soon, with a introduction by Francis (Mike) Nevins. Thanks to Dale C. Andrews for this info, if you are curious how Dale came about this information ... read more in his most recent article on SleuthSayers here ...
August 16. 2015

Exiting news from Crippen & Landru! Their website has announced the upcoming publication of a unnamed collection of stories of "Ellery Queen simulacrum" Leroy King by James Holding.
James who also wrote the juveniles wrote a series of pastiches, estimable mysteries in their own right. In these series King Danforth and Martin Leroy creators of the detective "Leroy King" solve crimes on their own during a round-the-world-tour. The titles of these stories evocated the early Queen-work, The Norwegian Apple Mystery, etc ... (read more here...)
Halfway House - Japanese cover with cover art by Takenaka CLICK ON COVER TO READ MORE ...July 15. 2015

When last May we talked about the publication of the ninth cover by Japanese artist Takanaka on 'The Spanish Cape Mystery' we also expressed the fear, since the National series was covered, publisher Kadokawa Shoten's might be quitting on the series. Glad to announce this is not the case! Coming up next July 25. is the publication of 'Halfway House'. Look at the splendid art work which shows father and son!
The Roman Hat Mystery - CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...The French Powder Mystery - CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...The Dutch Shoe Mystery - CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...The Greek Coffin Mystery- CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...The Egyptian Cross Mystery - CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...
The American Gun Mystery - CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...The Siamese Twin Mystery - CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...The Chinese Orange Mystery - CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...The Spanish Cape Mystery  - CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE...
Cover Danish 2015 edition The Roman Hat Mystery - CLICK TO READ MORE...July 12. 2015

Last June a new Danish edition of The Roman Hat Mystery (Døden på sidste række aka 'Death on The Last Row) was published by Rosenkilde & Bahnhof. Bringing their recent re-issues to six!
June 7. 2015

Over the years I've collected images of covers of Ellery Queen editions from all over the world. After all this time I thought of having at least one example of each country or region where Ellery Queen editions may have been available. With the addition of these newly found Indonesian covers I may have finally achieved just that. However some of these Indonesian titles I couldn't, as yet, attribute to the exact title in the canon. If you want to help out go here.

Intaian Maut - Indonesian translation of an unknown title meaning Espionage Death, ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...Irama Neraka - Cover Indonesian edition Double, Double ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...Matinja Don Juan - cover Indonesian edition of The Death of Don Juan... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...Pembunuhan - cover Indonesian edition 'Dutch Shoe Mystery'... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...Sang Radja Telah Mati - Cover Indonesian edition of The King Is Dead... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...
Rahasia Salib Mesir Kuno - Cover Indonesian edition of The Egyptian Cross Mystery'... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...Rahasia Tandjung Spanjol 2 - Cover Indonesian edition of The Spanish Cape Mystery... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...Tiga Tjerita Detective - cover unknown Indonesian edition ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...Rahasia Radjawali Emas - Cover Indonesian edition of  The Golden Eagle Mystery... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...


  • Rose Koppel Dannay's re-published 2010 memoir of her years with Fred Dannay. "It is not too much to say that Rose saved Fred's life," as she enabled him to enjoy the status of mystery elder statesman earned by more than forty years of shaping stories that broadened the reach of mystery fiction." Perfect Crime Books, Feb 7. 2016
  • Joseph Goodrich has edited and annotated a selection of Dannay and Lee's letters, and it's being published by Perfect Crime Books. It's called BLOOD RELATIONS: THE SELECTED LETTERS OF ELLERY QUEEN, 1947-1950, and covers the writing of Ten Day's Wonder, Cat of Many Tails and The Origin of Evil, as well as offering a vivid picture of the complex and often tortured psychological and artistic relationship existing between Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee.
  • Perfect Crime Books also has, a Francis M. Nevins' Ellery Queen biography available. The work entitled 'The Art of Detection' carries the byline "The story of how two fractious cousins reshaped the modern detective novel". Mike also became one of the West 87th Street Irregulars.
  • This month at Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's iPod page...The Crippen and Landru EQ-books Tragedy & Moths
  • This month at Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's iPod page...
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