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Q.B.I.: Covers added since April 2018: 44 better and 14 new covers. The latter corresponding with the red numerals in the list.
Latest additions made on Jul 22. 2018:

Esta era una anciana - cover Spanish edition, Ed. Diana, Collecion Caiman, MexicoEl misterio de Cabo Español - cover Spanish edition, coleccion Caiman, Ed. Diana, MexicoEl misterio de la cruz egipcia - cover Spanish edition, coleccion Caiman, ed. Diana, MexicoEl Misterio de los Hermanos Siameses - cover Spanish edition, coleccion Caiman, Ed. Diana, 1962, MexicoIm eigenen Saft - cover German edition Ullstein, 1981El Misterio del Sombrero de Copa - cover Spanish edition, coleccion Caiman, Ed. Diana, MexicoLa Puerta Intermedia - cover Spanish edition, Colleccion Caiman, Ed. Diana, MexicoLa ciudad desgraciada - cover Spanish edition, G.P.Policiaca, Plaza & Janes, Barcelona, 1958

April 2017 - April 2018: 51 better and 106 new covers
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August 3. 2018 - April 18. 1999

JJMcC, stockbroker, was a close friend to the Queens and although he had only recently moved to Italy he had met the Queens several times in totally different circumstances. How long ago it now seems since El asked him to write the foreword for his first 'opi'. JJMcC has been forgotten by most of the Queen followers. In several translations he was totally discarded as just another writer who wrote a 'upbeat' intro to a detective story. At first his labored articulation as oracle to the Ellery Queen novels discouraged neither Ellery's publisher nor the omnipotent gentleman himself. Thanks to JJMcC Ellery's fictionalized memoirs were published! He carried the burden of keeping the Queen's secret with some difficulty. Queen père and fils were major cogs in the wheel of N.Y.City's police machinery during the 20s and 30s. The secret of their real names was one secret they demanded to be kept. A secret never revealed. Click here for more...

July 1. 2018

William Smith played Richard Queen in some 10 episodes of the Ellery Queen radio series. He is the last actor to get his "in-depth" biography here ... not without good reason.

Although the internet has made it easier to research biographical information about many actors otherwise long forgotten, when it comes to correctly identifying someone the unending stream of information available on the internet can present its own difficulties. "Bill Smith" unfortunately is a combination of two very common names. This makes mis-identification a real risk. "The" Bill Smith we're looking for isn't William Smith born on March 24. 1933.
Bill Smith (William Smith) -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...This last actor who, in my mind, forever will be Falconetti (Rich Man, Poor Man), did start his acting career at an early age. Physical appearances aside, he simply could not have been the actor who took on the roles 'our' Bill Smith played. The current online information on both of these actors tends to be sadly scrambled. Click on his picture to read the information we have sifted through and found to be correct.

June 2. 2018

This month's mystery podcast offered on the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine website is Dale Andrews' Ellery Queen pastiche, "Literally Dead," Hear Dale Andrews reading his story “Literally Dead,” from the December 2013 issue of EQMM click on the EQMM podcast icon ....)which the author himself recorded for EQMM during the recent Malice Domestic convention in Bethesda, Maryland. Click and enjoy!

It's his third Ellery pastiche -- the first, "The Book Case," is included in
The Misadventures of Ellery Queen, co-edited by Josh Pachter and Dale and available on Amazon.


Ellery Queen really came in all different "shapes and sizes". One more successful than the other. Bill Owen is most famous as "King of Trivia" but also portrayed Ellery in the nationally syndicated radio series Ellery Queen's Minute Mysteries (1965-67). It ran for many years on radio stations. ... (click on picture for more) Bill Owen -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ... 
May 17. 2018

Mystery book maven Otto Penzler has started another new initiative, Penzler Publishers. The new house will release its first six books this fall under the American Mystery Classics imprint.

American Mystery Classics, Penzler said, will feature “traditional mystery stories” by some of the most popular writers from what he called the "golden age of detective fiction," which he said ran from the end of World War I through World War II. The new books will be released in both hardcover and trade paperback, but not as e-books.

Penzler said his inspiration to launch the imprint by the fact that British publishers have been successfully releasing mystery reprints from this time period. And, he added, no company in the U.S. has followed suit. “We’re not doing the hardboiled guys that Vintage does,” Penzler explained. Instead, he went on, his imprint will focus on authors such as Ellery Queen and Mary Roberts Rinehart.

The Chinese Orange Mystery - cover Penzler Publishers 'American Mystery Classics', 2018 (released in both hardcover and trade paperback)Another motivation for creating the new company was to meet the needs of customers who have requested, both in his bookstore and in notes on his website, print copies of classics available now in only in e-book format. Relying on sales of books through his Mysterious Bookshop as well as his Mysterious Press.com e-bookstore, Penzler also found that traditional mysteries were the most in demand.
The Queen book that is part of the inaugural list is The Chinese Orange Mystery.
Penzler will release another six books in March 2019. By 2020, he said he hopes to be releasing 24 books annually. (Source: Publishers Weekly)


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May 10. 2018

Although Dannay once recalled there was talk of an EQ newspaper comic strip it is said nothing came of it. 

Starting September 30, 1946 the newspaper The Wilkes-Barre Record ran the first in a series of eight mystery novelettes by famous detective fiction writers.
Each story was contained in six installments. Starting with
A Tale of Two Women by Dashiell Hammett it also included: The Adventure of the House of Darkness by Ellery Queen
, Borrowed Crime by William Irish, Cocaine by Cornell Woolrich,  Death rides the train by Eric Stanley Gardner, The Mystery of The Spotted Pup by Dorothy D. Hughes, The Seventh Murder by Carroll John Daly and  Intruder at Scotland Yard by Eric Ambler. Read more here ...

April 22. 2018

Anniversaries/birthdays ... always a mix of emotions. On the one hand a year of set backs and even a loss of friends to look back to and on the other hand accomplishments and things to look forward to.

Even considering it's the 19th birthday of this site, Ellery Queen-wise, we still have something to look forward to. Let me take you through a string of thoughts: Jeffrey Marks' biography on Ellery Queen makes good progress and could hit the shelves this year... Jeffrey also stood at the helm at Crippen & Landru publication of
The Zanzibar Shirt and others Stories by James Holding (see below). An, as usual at C&L, very fine edition, features amongst others "The Norwegian Apple Mystery" the very same story also included in The Misadventures of Ellery Queen co-edited by Josh Pachter &‎ Dale C. Andrews.

Josh informed us that perhaps thanks to the enthusiastic review in the new Spring issue of MYSTERY SCENE and the backcover ad on the new May/June issue of EQMM, the Kindle edition of Dale Andrews' and my MISADVENTURES OF ELLERY QUEEN has climbed up to #68 in its category on Amazon. Dale proudly refers to the review available at the site of Larque... Josh wonders, as a challenge to the reader, if they can make it into the Top 50 or even the Top 10?
We hope so, it would make an already good year for fans of Ellery Queen even better, no small feat for an author who almost 90 years ago wrote his first story...
The Zanzibar Shirt and others Stories. Since time began, authors have been told to write what they know. James Holding (1907-1997) took that advice to heart. After his retirement from advertising, Holding began writing full-time. One of his early ghostwriting gigs was continuing the Ellery Queen Jr novels, which had first appeared in the 1940s. Fred Dannay and Manfred Lee, hired Holding to jumpstart the series after a lengthy hiatus. 
April 2. 2018

More news on Sergeant Velie, albeit of the sad kind, last month his longtime friend Charles Leinenweber announced that actor Tom Reese  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...Tom Reese died December 12 at a hospice facility in Studio City after a brief illness.  Tom played Sergeant Velie in the excellent Ellery Queen TV-series in 1975-76. Tom was a masterful villain, but he'll always be best remembered for his good guy role, Sgt. Velie, a cigar chomping, bull-in-a-china shop cop ... (click on picture for more)
March 24. 2018

In 2018 Crippen & Landru provided a collection which included all ten stories in the series along with a brief biography of Holding and the most comprehensive bibliography of Holding’s short story works. The Zanzibar Shirt and others Stories. Since time began, authors have been told to write what they know. James Holding (1907-1997) took that advice to heart. After his retirement from advertising, Holding began writing full-time. One of his early ghostwriting gigs was continuing the Ellery Queen Jr novels, which had first appeared in the 1940s. Fred Dannay and Manfred Lee, hired Holding to jumpstart the series after a lengthy hiatus.

At the same time, Holding decided to write a series of short stories about fictional sleuths King Danforth and Martin Leroy, two collaborative mystery writers (whose character was named Leroy King) on their own around-the-world cruise with their wives. The cases on the high seas are masterpieces of deductions and logic, following the smallest clues to their logical deductions. The stories even included the title structure “The Location Object Mystery” as used in the early Ellery Queen mysteries. Presumably the stories met with the approval of Dannay as the works appeared first in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine.

Holding would continue to write short stories, ultimately publishing over 100 stories in the mystery field. In addition to Leroy King, he wrote about series characters Manuel Andrada, also known as The Photographer, a hired killer and Hal Johnson, the Library Detective.

This collection includes all ten stories in the series along with a brief biography of Holding and the most comprehensive bibliography of Holding’s short story works. Buy from Crippen and Landru

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March 18. 2018

The new anthology The Misadventures of Ellery Queen by Josh Pachter and Dale C. Andrews got a very detailed and glowing review on Brad Friedman's blog. Incidentally this blog was only recently added to our Q.E.D. section, where you will find many interesting links to pages on Ellery Queen.
If you're interested in buying this excellent anthology just click the banner above. Better still if you want a signed copy you can meet Dale and Josh on Thursday, April 12 7 P.M. at the Cascades Library in Sterling. You can learn about the vibrant subgenre of literary pastiche and parody, the work of legendary mystery author Ellery Queen, and the many times other writers have imitated, poked gently fun at, and otherwise paid tribute to the Ellery Queen characters.

Sergeant Thomas Velie made his entrance in the Queen-saga with
the words 'What's up, Doyle?' in The Roman Hat Mystery where he is introduced to us as a tall man in plain clothes. He is addressed by Inspector Queen in a rather fatherly way as 'Thomas'. Whilst the faithful sergeant addresses Ellery as 'maestro'.
Velie aka
" the tall one with the sledgehammer hands and the rumbling voice.." still has (largely through the Hutton TV-series) somewhat of a cult following.

The only missing profile of an actor who took on the role of Velie was the one for Bill Zuckert. It's now online and as the page attests he had a very successful career in both radio and theater. We were also thrilled to get the help for this from his daughter Kymm Zuckert. Bill played Velie in the easily forgettable murder mystery "Ellery Queen, Don't Look Behind You" (1971)
...(click on picture for more)
Bill Zuckert  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...
March 4.2018

Eight actors in total have played Sergeant Velie. Of those Ed Latimer and Bill Zuckert are the last two actors for whom the profile pages were missing on this site. Bill's profile page is coming soon. Ed Latimer's page is now published online.
Very few sources on the net bring us information for this actor born in 1897. Not that Ed didn't perform regularly: he played over 300 roles on radio! In 1947 he played Sergeant Velie on The Adventures of Ellery Queen ...(click on picture for more) Ed Latimer  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...
February 17. 2018

The Misadventures of Ellery Queen
edited by Josh Pachter &‎ Dale C. Andrews features stories classic pastiches, parodies and homages.

This volume assembles 16 stories by a wide variety of authors, all written (sometimes tongue-in-cheek) as homages to, and parodies and pastiches of, the character -- and writing team -- known as "Ellery Queen".

INTRODUCTION: Elementary Questions, by Josh Pachter and Dale C. Andrews
INTRODUCTION: Sorely Missed Adventures, by Richard Dannay
INTRODUCTION: The Sincerest Form of Flattery, by Rand Lee
THE MYSTERY OF THE RED BALLOONS, by Thomas Narcejac, translated by the RK Jones
DYING MESSAGE, by Leyne Requel
THE REINDEER CLUE, by Edward D. Hoch
THE BOOK CASE, by Dale C. Andrews and Kurt Sercu
TEN MONTHS' BLUNDER, by J.N. Williamson
THE LAST CHECK, by Patricia McGerr
THE RANSOM OF EQMM #1, by Arthur Vidro
THE TEN-CENT MURDER, by Joseph Goodrich

You can also order your copy by clicking the banner below...

February 4. 2018

Only in one movie series did Doc Prouty make it to the screen. Charles Lane was the actor who took on the role. Charles had both a long life and career. He was born in the 'magnificent' year of 1905. The same year when Manfred B. Lee and Frederick Dannay were born. Charles passed away in 2007 at 102 years.
The three first Ellery Queen movies (1940-1941) produced by Larry Darmour for Columbia featured Doc Prouty played by Charles. After which the Doc Prouty part was left out of the movies. Charles did another Ellery Queen stint this time as the coroner in A Close Call for Ellery Queen (1942)... (click on picture for more) Charles Lane  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...

The Zanzibar Shirt and others Stories. Since time began, authors have been told to write what they know. James Holding (1907-1997) took that advice to heart. After his retirement from advertising, Holding began writing full-time. One of his early ghostwriting gigs was continuing the Ellery Queen Jr novels, which had first appeared in the 1940s. Fred Dannay and Manfred Lee, hired Holding to jumpstart the series after a lengthy hiatus. 


  • The EQMM 75th Anniversary Exhibition was on view from Sep 26 to Dec 23 2016 in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Butler Library. Included were some of founding editor Frederic Dannay's correspondence with several of the most important writers of the 20th century, as well as some of his edited manuscripts (from the Frederic Dannay papers, which are housed at the library), as well as original drawings for some of the magazine’s early covers and selections from the correspondence of EQMM’s second editor, Eleanor Sullivan.(full report here)

  • Rose Koppel Dannay's re-published 2010 memoir of her years with Fred Dannay. "It is not too much to say that Rose saved Fred's life," as she enabled him to enjoy the status of mystery elder statesman earned by more than forty years of shaping stories that broadened the reach of mystery fiction."
    Perfect Crime Books, Feb 7. 2016

  • Joseph Goodrich has edited and annotated a selection of Dannay and Lee's letters, and it's being published by Perfect Crime Books. It's called BLOOD RELATIONS: THE SELECTED LETTERS OF ELLERY QUEEN, 1947-1950, and covers the writing of Ten Day's Wonder, Cat of Many Tails and The Origin of Evil, as well as offering a vivid picture of the complex and often tortured psychological and artistic relationship existing between Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee.

  • Perfect Crime Books also has, a Francis M. Nevins' Ellery Queen biography available. The work entitled 'The Art of Detection' carries the byline "The story of how two fractious cousins reshaped the modern detective novel". Mike also became one of the West 87th Street Irregulars.

  • Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Podcast page!...This month at Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's iPod page...

  • JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc has for some years now the privilege of representing the complete works of Ellery Queen. As of this year they also publish nine eBook editions of the Ellery Queen novels. These downloads are available through the usual channels listed on their own page here.
Visit Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine's website...

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