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Q.B.I.: Covers added since April 2018: 101 better and 45 new covers. The latter corresponding with the red numerals in the list.
Latest additions made on Jan 11. 2019:

A Aldeia de vidro - cover Portuguese edition, Coleccao Vampiro, Livros do Brasil, LisboaBarbacoa Sagrienta - Softcover Spanish edition, Ediciones Círculo de Lectores, 1983 La Muerte Gira el Disco - cover Spanish edition, Diana Caiman, Mexico, 1963Calamity Town - cover Scherz Phoenix Books, Berne, 1947The Egyptian Cross Mystery - dustcover Gollancz (Volume V of the Complete Crime Novels of Ellery Queen: first published 1933)El caso del inspector Queen - Cover Spanish edition, Ediciones Picazo, 1979The Spanish Cape Mystery - cover Japanese edition, Kadokawa BunkoIl rovescio della medaglia - cover Italian edition, 90 anni di Giallo Mondadori, Jan 2019

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January 1. 2019 - April 18.1999

Happy New Year to everything Ellery Queen!
Hoping for yet another year of new initiatives both known and unknown ... .

                   Aya Fukushima (Boon Fukushima) is a Japanese freelance illustrator and textile designer who surprised us with this rendition of famous photograph of Manfred B. Lee and Fred Dannay (Picture courtesy of Aya Fukishima). We've given it a fitting place in our "museum", it'll show up in the "Pastiche section" of this site.

Aya Fukushima (Boon Fukushima) is a Japanese freelance illustrator and textile designer who surprised us with this rendition of famous photograph of Manfred B. Lee and Fred Dannay (Picture courtesy of Aya Fukishima). We've given it a fitting place in our "museum", it'll show up in the "Pastiche section" of this site. Click here ...

December 15. 2018

On June 15. 1981 Fred Dannay and his wife Rose attended the third Crime Writers' International Congress which was held in Stockholm. The international jury, with Fred in it, chose the unknown Frank Sisk, a 65 year old American journalist, as winner in the short-story competition with "A visit with Montezuma".  Which not only resulted in a publication but also a Saab Turbo. Many detective writers attended.

At the congress they were also given a day trip by ship to Åland on Saturday June 20, 1981.
To read more and see several pictures (!) click here ...

December 1. 2018

Next March will see the publication of Frederic Dannay, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and the Art of the Detective Short Story by Laird R. Blackwell.

This critical study presents the first thorough examination of the role Queen played in the flourishing of the detective-crime short story with particular focus on the importance of Frederic Dannay as editor of EQMM and scores of short story anthologies. Many of the authors ("Old Masters," "New Masters," and "tec tyros" alike), detectives, and stories that Queen promoted and championed are listed and described, including authors who won Edgars, EQMM Contests, Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes, famous authors from other genres such as Baum, Borges, Dreiser, Whitman, Wells, and even William Butler Yeats, "lost and forgotten" stories of classic authors, and auspicious debuts of authors and detectives who were to become famous. With over 50 years as author, historian, and editor, Queen was the detective-crime short story's "guardian angel, patron saint, and publisher." Without the influence of Queen, the detective-crime short story may not have survived, for Queen was "the last bastion of short mystery fiction"; he was "the detective-crime short story."

As author of the popular Ellery Queen novels and short stories, as literary historian and critic, and especially as editor of the renowned Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine-- Ellery Queen was the single greatest force in the mid-1900s for the survival and health of the detective-crime short story. Queen's indefatigable and enthusiastic promotion of his favorite form of fiction was vital to its continuing popularity after the passing of Doyle and Chesterton and Christie and Hammett and its other famous authors of the early- and mid-20th Century.  Click on the cover to pre-order!
November 4. 2018 1999

Actor Ken Swofford died Thursday, his grandson Brandon Swofford announced. The red-headed Swofford portrayed the determined reporter Frank Flannigan on the admired but short-lived 1975-76 NBC series Ellery Queen, starring Jim Hutton, and he recurred as Lt. Catalano on several episodes of another sleuthing series, Angela Lansbury's Murder, She Wrote. Swofford frequently played lawmen of various stripes, doing so on other shows. He was 85.

Only last December 2017 we lost actor Tom Reese after a brief illness.  Tom played Sergeant Velie in the same Ellery Queen series.
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November 2. 2018

Information Please (NBC Red) ran from 1938 to 1946, in this series of quiz programs listeners could submit questions to a panel of experts. Money was paid to those whose questions were used, and more prizes were awarded to listeners whose questions stumped the panel. On September 18. 1942 the panelists were series regulars John Kieran and Franklin Pierce Adams and guests Christopher Morley and Orson Welles. After announcer Milton Cross explained the rules, the panelists answered questions on topics that included history, popular and classic literature, silent movies, and geography. Some of the questions dealt with Welles's radio and theater career. Mystery writer "Ellery Queen" submitted a question about fictional detectives and stumped the panel for which he was awarded a war bond and a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Read more here.
October 13. 2018

When Josh Pachter began work on Misadventures (2017) he re-read The Tragedy of Errors and got inspired when he found three cases for something Ellery Queen called "The Puzzle Club".

The central concept of the five-story EQ miniseries — which Isaac Asimov later co-opted for his much longer run of Black Widowers stories — was that six friends gathered at irregular intervals for a gourmet dinner, but before sitting down to eat one member of the group was ensconced in what was called “The Puzzle Chair,” and the other five presented an invented mystery for the evening’s designated solver to tackle.

His idea for a brief puzzle story seemed well suited for the Puzzle Club, so he wrote it up, titled it “A Study in Scarlett!” and submitted it to EQMM.
Janet Hutchings liked it, got approval by the Dannay and Lee heirs and it should be appearing in the magazine in 2019.

Enjoying the experience Josh set out to write four more Puzzle Club pastiches, and then after they’d all been published in EQMM, intends collecting the original five and his new five in a single volume: The Puzzle Club, by Ellery Queen and Josh Pachter. Read more here
October 1. 2018

Darlene Cypser is an attorney, author, and historian living in Colorado. She's more well-known among Sherlockians than Queenians, though she has confessed several times that Ellery Queen was her first love. .

She thinks what Ellery Queen needs for a revival is not a new movie or television show, or even necessarily new books. She thinks it is the same thing that has kept the Sherlock Holmes community so vibrant for so long:
1) Gatherings of fellow devotees, and
2) The Game.
She's convinced introducing both could go a long way towards the goals for Ellery Queen mentioned on this website.

After re-reading her collection of Ellery Queen books she once gain found herself facing a nagging question, a story that had to be told.

"My method of fleshing out a Canonical world is different from writing a pastiche. ... For my current work I decided that I only needed to determine the chronology of the first nine books, which constitute what Francis Nevins called the first period."

Subsequently she offered that piece of work to this site. So you're able to enjoy it by clicking here or on her picture below.

Darlene Cypser holding The Siamese Twin Mystery (Photo courtesy Darlene Cypser)
(Photo courtesy Darlene Cypser)
September 17. 2018

Defining pastiches is open for discussion. One possible definition would be that it exaggerates the reality. Surely one of the definitions. If so then caricatures also fall into this category. Sort of...

Cartoons by Thor Fredric (Tor Fredriksson, 1913-1961) did cartoons for the Swedish language press in Finland during the 1930s and through WWII. After the war he founded a sports magazine and spent less time drawing. His wartime efforts show that he could've had an interesting career in that direction, too. Because of the Finnish/Swedish language barrier, Thor Fredric's cartoon work has been all but forgotten, until some samples of it were rediscovered in a book about WWII cartoons in 2014. Picture Courtesy Jyrki Vainio

Much to our surprise we found a caricature of the nephews "Manning Lee" (sic) and "Fred Dannay" drawn by Thor Fredric (Tor Fredriksson, 1913-1961) who did cartoons for the Swedish language press in Finland during the 1930s and through WWII. After the war he founded a sports magazine and spent less time drawing. His wartime efforts show that he could've had an interesting career in that direction, too. Because of the Finnish/Swedish language barrier, Thor Fredric's cartoon work has been all but forgotten, until some samples of it were rediscovered in a book about WWII cartoons in 2014.

Picture Courtesy Jyrki Vainio. We also added the caricature to the pastiche pages here...  

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September 1. 2018

Fred Duesenberg cars were made for success. During the decade of the twenties, his automobiles won the Indianapolis 500 in 1924, 1925, and 1927, while finishing second or third in four of the other seven Indianapolis events.

The Duesenberg on the cover of the Italian edition of 'The New Adventures of Ellery Queen'It seems like Ellery Queen only used the Duesenberg whenever he was not residing in N.Y. It's an 1924 open two seater with a "Dickey seat" in the back and a counter which shows 215000 km (Finishing Stroke).The Duesenberg was a symbol of wealth and the luxury dream car of Americans. It is only as second hand car Ellery could afford this vehicle. It's a second hand... Click here or on the cover to read more...

August 3. 2018

JJMcC, stockbroker, was a close friend to the Queens and although he had only recently moved to Italy he had met the Queens several times in totally different circumstances. How long ago it now seems since El asked him to write the foreword for his first "opi". JJMcC has been forgotten by most of the Queen followers. In several translations he was totally discarded as just another writer who wrote a 'upbeat' intro to a detective story. At first his labored articulation as oracle to the Ellery Queen novels discouraged neither Ellery's publisher nor the omnipotent gentleman himself. Thanks to JJMcC Ellery's fictionalized memoirs were published! He carried the burden of keeping the Queen's secret with some difficulty. Queen père and fils were major cogs in the wheel of N.Y. City's police machinery during the 20s and 30s. The secret of their real names was one secret they demanded to be kept. A secret never revealed. Click here for more...

July 1. 2018

William Smith played Richard Queen in some 10 episodes of the Ellery Queen radio series. He is the last actor to get his "in-depth" biography here ... not without good reason.

Although the internet has made it easier to research biographical information about many actors otherwise long forgotten, when it comes to correctly identifying someone the unending stream of information available on the internet can present its own difficulties. "Bill Smith" unfortunately is a combination of two very common names. This makes mis-identification a real risk. "The" Bill Smith we're looking for isn't William Smith born on March 24. 1933.
Bill Smith (William Smith) -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...This last actor who, in my mind, forever will be Falconetti (Rich Man, Poor Man), did start his acting career at an early age. Physical appearances aside, he simply could not have been the actor who took on the roles "our" Bill Smith played. The current online information on both of these actors tends to be sadly scrambled. Click on his picture to read the information we have sifted through and found to be correct.

June 2. 2018

This month's mystery podcast offered on the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine website is Dale Andrews' Ellery Queen pastiche, "Literally Dead," which the author himself recorded for EQMM during the recent Malice Domestic convention in Bethesda, Maryland. Click and enjoy!

It's his third Ellery pastiche -- the first, "The Book Case," is included in
The Misadventures of Ellery Queen, co-edited by Josh Pachter and Dale and available on Amazon

Ellery Queen really came in all different "shapes and sizes". One more successful than the other. Bill Owen is most famous as "King of Trivia" but also portrayed Ellery in the nationally syndicated radio series Ellery Queen's Minute Mysteries (1965-67). It ran for many years on radio stations. ... (click on picture for more) Bill Owen -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...

The Zanzibar Shirt and others Stories. Since time began, authors have been told to write what they know. James Holding (1907-1997) took that advice to heart. After his retirement from advertising, Holding began writing full-time. One of his early ghostwriting gigs was continuing the Ellery Queen Jr novels, which had first appeared in the 1940s. Fred Dannay and Manfred Lee, hired Holding to jumpstart the series after a lengthy hiatus.


  • Buy from Crippen and Landru: The Zanzibar Shirt and others Stories - James Holding (1907-1997) This author write a part of the Ellery Queen Jr novels, and decided to write a series of short stories about fictional sleuths King Danforth and Martin Leroy, two collaborative mystery writers (whose character was named Leroy King) on their own around-the-world cruise with their wives. The cases on the high seas are masterpieces of deductions and logic, following the smallest clues to their logical deductions.

  • The Misadventures of Ellery Queen edited by Josh Pachter &‎ Dale C. Andrews features stories classic pastiches, parodies and homages.

    16 stories by a wide variety of authors, all written (sometimes tongue-in-cheek) as homages to, and parodies and pastiches of, the character -- and writing team -- known as "Ellery Queen".

    INTRODUCTION: Elementary Questions, by Josh Pachter and Dale C. Andrews
    INTRODUCTION: Sorely Missed Adventures, by Richard Dannay
    INTRODUCTION: The Sincerest Form of Flattery, by Rand Lee
    THE MYSTERY OF THE RED BALLOONS, by Thomas Narcejac, translated by the RK Jones
    DYING MESSAGE, by Leyne Requel
    OPEN LETTER TO SURVIVORS, by Francis M. Nevins
    THE REINDEER CLUE, by Edward D. Hoch
    THE BOOK CASE, by Dale C. Andrews and Kurt Sercu
    TEN MONTHS' BLUNDER, by J.N. Williamson
    ELROY QUINN’S LAST CASE, by Dennis M. Dubin
    THE MAN WHO READ ELLERY QUEEN, by William Brittain
    E.Q. GRIFFEN EARNS HIS NAME, by Josh Pachter
    THE LAST CHECK, by Patricia McGerr
    THE RANSOM OF EQMM #1, by Arthur Vidro
    THE TEN-CENT MURDER, by Joseph Goodrich

    You can also order your copy by clicking the banner above...

  • Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Podcast page!...This month at Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's iPod page...

  • JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc has for some years now the privilege of representing the complete works of Ellery Queen. As of this year they also publish nine eBook editions of the Ellery Queen novels. These downloads are available through the usual channels listed on their own page here.
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