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Q.B.I.: Covers added since April 2016: 111 better and 384 new covers. The latter corresponding with the red numerals in the list.
Latest additions:

The Chinese Orange Mystery - cover Japanese edition, Kadokawa Bunko, July 15. 2011シャム兄弟のひみつ (The Siamese Twin Mystery) - cover Japanese edition, Kadokawa Bunko, July 2. 2011 ドラゴンの歯 (The Dragon's Teeth) - cover Japanese edition, Kadokawa Bunko, June 4. 2011日本キモノのなぞ (The Door Between) - cover Japanese edition, Kadokawa Bunko, 1967Tấn bi kịch X - cover Vietnamese edition of  'The Tragedy of X", Văn học editions, 2016Tấn bi kịch Y - cover Vietnamese edition of  'The Tragedy of Y", Văn học editions, 2016Tấn bi kịch Z - cover Vietnamese edition of  'The Tragedy of Z", Văn học editions, 2016Bi kịch cuối cùng - cover Vietnamese edition of  'Drury Lane's Last Case", Văn học editions, 2016

April 2015 - April 2016: 10 better and 185 new covers

April 2014 - April 2015: 18 better and 103 new covers

December 7. 2016 - April 18. 1999

Following my visit to the NYC Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine 75th Anniversary Symposium in September, Janet Hutchings, editor of EQMM, asked if I'd like to contribute an article to the EQMM blog Something is About to Happen. It was easy to answer that question with a "yes!"

As was the case following the Ellery Queen Centennary Symposium back in 2005, this article was written in collaboration with Dale C. Andrews. And this time the subject of the article is this website. It's always hard to figure out how to write about yourself, particularly when there are two of you. Somewhat Caesarian or even JJMcC-ian, if you like, the article is written in the third person even though it is about us. But, after all, that is what Ellery Queen (the author) did when writing about Ellery Queen (the detective).

The article was posted on
Something is about to Happen as of Wednesday, November 30. Today it's available here. We also offer you one convenient page where you can enjoy all speakers of EQMM's 75th Anniversy symposium with a few of the photo's I took myself. The page can also be reached via the main page (X marks the spot! click it)

We can also report that in Vietnam the complete Drury Lane works have now (2016) been published by Văn học editions. See the above section for the covers. 

We gladly echo the following from EQMM:

Columbia University’s Butler Library Presents an Exhibition and Symposium Honoring EQMM’s 75th Anniversary

The EQMM 75th Anniversary Exhibition will be on view from September 26 to December 23 in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Butler Library, 6th Floor East. Included will be some of founding editor Frederic Dannay’s correspondence with several of the most important writers of the twentieth century, as well as some of his edited manuscripts (from the Frederic Dannay papers, which are housed at the library), as well as original drawings for some of the magazine’s early covers and selections from the correspondence of EQMM’s second editor, Eleanor Sullivan.

The exhibition and symposium are free to the public—and we do hope you’ll join us, as it wouldn’t be a celebration without you, our readers!
For updated information on the special issues celebrating our 75th-anniversary year, please click here

November 23. 2016

Tom Reese  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...We can report that another in-depth page on an actor has now been added in the List of Suspects section. There you will now find a page devoted to Tom Reese, who gave us one of the best-known, and probably the finest portrayal of Sergeant Velie in the 1975 NBC Ellery Queen series. Sadly, he is also one of the only actors who has portrayed one of the major Ellery Queen characters who is still alive. (Click on the picture for more) 

November 9. 2016

EQMM made available the different parts of EQMM’s 75th-Anniversary Symposium, recorded at the symposium itself on September 30, 2016.

Part 2 of EQMM’s 75th-Anniversary Symposium, recorded at Columbia University’s Butler Library on September 30, 2016. Panel: A Brush With Death: Crime Fiction Cover Art and Illustration from the Pulps to the Present. Featuring Janet Salter Rosenberg, Laurie Harden, Tom Roberts, and Jonathan Santlofer (moderator). 
(Audio and video by Ché Ryback).

Part 2 of EQMM’s 75th-Anniversary Symposium, recorded at Columbia University’s Butler Library on September 30, 2016. Panel: A Brush With Death: Crime Fiction Cover Art and Illustration from the Pulps to the Present. Featuring Janet Salter Rosenberg, Laurie Harden, Tom Roberts, and Jonathan Santlofer (moderator).

October 19. 2016

I attended the EQMM 75th Anniversary Symposium, which was held on September 30 in New York City's Columbia University, Butler Library, Room 203. And yes, this event was everything it was every thing that an Ellery Queen fan could hope for. I always enjoy my time in the United States, and that enjoyment is only heightened when I also get the chance to visit with fellow EQ(MM) fans. Where else can you find yourself in a room with four (count them, four)West 87th Street Irregulars! Crossing the Atlantic is never an easy event, but nothing would have kept me from joining everyone in Room 203. Nearly a full house of friends, and enthusiastic EQMM fans.

Needless to say, I returned to Europe invigorated with ideas that I want to convey on this site. But I need to take the time do this well. So here's what you can expect in the following weeks:

- The promised article on the 75th Anniversary symposium and
  EQMM Exhibition... (Expect something similar to what we did
  in 2005 commemorating the Ellery Queen centennial)
- An expansion of the EQMM page in the Whodunit section of
  this site
- A new page explaining navigation in throughout site,
  including ways to access the hidden information embedded
  throughout Ellery Queen -- A Website on Deduction (This is,
  after all a site based on mysteries!)

And of course I'll continue to add new covers as I acquire them. Beginning a few weeks ago these additions are included in a separate section at the top of this page...

Interested readers should know most of the pictures used on the website have long descriptions with background information sometimes not included in the text on the same page. Microsoft's Internet Explorer used to have this feature activated as a standard.
Firefox users wanting this can install an add-on called '
Popup ALT Attribute'. Makes a big difference, believe us.

September 11. 2016

One of the thing I'm looking forward to this month is the EQMM 75th anniversary symposium in the Columbia University's Butler Library... September 30. Not just because of the symposium itself, but also because I'll be seeing many of the Ellery Queen fans and scholars whom I've been in correspondence with over the years. A lot of them I'm already proud to call friends.
One of them, Dale C. Andrews, I've visited with most recently only last month when by chance we could connect in London. Dale then went on from London to tour Scotland. In 2014 Dale and I wrote this article, which originally appeared on the SleuthSayers website and which explores the occurrence of the name 'Andrews' and its derivations in the Queen canon. During his Scotland trip Dale found out there is yet another such occurrence that we missed when we wrote that article!
September 1. 2016

Are there still discoveries to be made that surprise even us?
Some time ago we found out the Czech Republic had an EQ movie on TV in 1986 "The Fourth Side of the Triangle". Ladislav Kolář (Jim Denton) and Monika Maláčová (Angela) in Wife or Death (TV, 1992)Which left us somewhat prepared to find out this wasn't a one off. In 1966 they had "The Adventure of the Seven Black Cats" on TV and in 1975 "The Glass Village"... However the real surprise came with the fourth installment: "Wife or Death" (1992) which is a first for a ghostwritten Ellery Queen (by Richard Deming)! 
August 22. 2016

James Burke  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...We also added an in-depth page for actor James Burke to the List of Suspects - Sergeant Velie pages. I normally find more information on an actor's 'post-radio' period. But strangely enough in this case I found plenty on his 'pre-radio' vaudeville period (1912-1929). I even discovered James was a World War I veteran... More often than not cast as a cop, usually a none-too-bright one, most notably as Sgt. Velie in Columbia's Ellery Queen mysteries in the early 1940s  ... (click on picture for more)
August 8. 2016
Ted de Corsia  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...
We added an in-depth page for actor Ted De Corsia to the List of Suspects - Sergeant Velie pages.
Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. Ted began his acting career on stage and then into radio where, during October 1939, he replaced Howard Smith as Sergeant Velie in the Ellery Queen-series before breaking into movies in 1948. ... (click on picture for more)

A challenge to the reader
: if you think you could add additional
information (even corrections) please do so... You can reach us by What we don't know and you just might...clicking on "Uncle Sam". We've always appreciate corrections and additional information, however small the detail may be.

July 22. 2016

Found an interesting article, which emphases a, for EQMM, festive year. In An Interview with Janet Hutchings (Dec 1, 2015) Art Taylor, asks EQMM editor Janet Hutchings about the commemorative events set for this year, changes in the magazine industry and her best moments in editing...
July 17. 2016
Gertrude Warner  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...
Added an in-depth page on Gertrude Warner (4/2/1917 - 1/26/1986) to the List of Suspects-Nikki Porter pages. In 1945 Trudy was picked for the role of Nikki Porter playing opposite Sydney Smith. Her successful radio career continued for 28 years and well over 4,000 performances. She was considered one of the queens of daytime radio.
June 26. 2016
Richard Coogan -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...
Added an in-depth page on Richard Coogan (04/04/1914 - 03/12/2014) to the List of Suspects-Ellery Queen pages. Richard replaced Sydney Smith as Ellery Queen in the radio series but lasted only a few months. He did become one of the first actors to make his mark on TV. He became the start of the live sci-fi-series Captain Video during it's first season (1949-1950).


  • Rose Koppel Dannay's re-published 2010 memoir of her years with Fred Dannay. "It is not too much to say that Rose saved Fred's life," as she enabled him to enjoy the status of mystery elder statesman earned by more than forty years of shaping stories that broadened the reach of mystery fiction." Perfect Crime Books, Feb 7. 2016

  • Joseph Goodrich has edited and annotated a selection of Dannay and Lee's letters, and it's being published by Perfect Crime Books. It's called BLOOD RELATIONS: THE SELECTED LETTERS OF ELLERY QUEEN, 1947-1950, and covers the writing of Ten Day's Wonder, Cat of Many Tails and The Origin of Evil, as well as offering a vivid picture of the complex and often tortured psychological and artistic relationship existing between Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee.

  • Perfect Crime Books also has, a Francis M. Nevins' Ellery Queen biography available. The work entitled 'The Art of Detection' carries the byline "The story of how two fractious cousins reshaped the modern detective novel". Mike also became one of the West 87th Street Irregulars.

  • This month at Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's iPod page...The Crippen and Landru EQ-books Tragedy & Moths

  • This month at Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's iPod page...
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