JJMcC, stockbroker was a close friend to the Queens and although he had only recently moved to Italy he had
met the
Queens several times in totally different circumstances. How long ago it now seems since El asked him to write the foreword for his first "opi". JJMcC has been forgotten by most of the Queen followers. In several translations he was totally discarded as just another writer who wrote a 'upbeat' intro to a detective story. At first his labored articulation as oracle to the Ellery Queen novels discouraged neither Ellery's publisher nor the omnipotent gentleman himself. Thanks to JJMcC Ellery's fictionalized memoirs were published! He carried the burden of keeping the Queen's secret with some difficulty. Queen père and fils were major cogs in the wheel of N.Y. City's police machinery during the 20s and 30s. The secret of their real names was one secret they demanded to be kept. A secret never revealed... .

Ht is a well known fact that Ellery together with his wife
his father lived in a small Italian villa in the mountains. Some of the adventures of Ellery Queen were written in their Italian recluse. The Roman Hat Mystery being the first, followed by The French Powder Mystery, The Dutch Shoe Mystery ... The Egyptian Cross Mystery fictionalized one of Ellery's last cases. As did The Chinese Orange Mystery consist of some of the later notes Ellery remodeled into fiction.

When retired, after 32 years of intense police work, his father enjoyed writing monographs on "American Crime and Methods of Detection" for a German magazine. Which is not that surprising since he once studied in Germany (Heidelberg).
Ellery met his spouse during the case following The Roman Hat Mystery   "The Mimic Murders". He married her with his father's blessing and they all moved to Italy. Ellery's beautiful wife ("glorious creature") got ill shortly after arriving in their quiet haven but recovered quickly. Ellery's son looked a lot like his grandfather but has been held back from any public attention, probably on purpose since the Queens choose to retire from public life. Together with his mother he did collect stamps from an early age on. Which, considering the fan mail Ellery got from around the globe, amounted to an delightful collection for any philatelist.
Djuna followed them to Italy and beside being in good health and occasionally falling in love with a local beauty that's about all we know of the faithful servant.
Ellery often visits New York where there home in West 87 Street has remained as a semi-private-museum.

Some stories were never written down as a book. Whilst JJ was reading The Adventure of Ellery Queen, the great detective found himself hunting down a serial killer in Minnesota, who cut off his victims left finger. And even JJ himself admitted while meeting Ellery and their mutual friend judge Macklin in a Russian place on the East side, Ellery himself said to be extremely upset for not succeeding to solve "The Tyrolean Case" last summer. J.J.Fallacy, as Ellery sometimes called him, never knew those stories to be published. But Ellery did write some stories under his own name before The Roman Hat Mystery was published. Since this was a real case it was published under an alias... Ellery Queen.

In the foreword to the Halfway House Ellery points out to JJMcC that the book might have been called The Swedish Match Mystery but it was not. It did however keep the subtitle of its predecessors ' a problem in deduction'. After 10 books JJMcC was no longer asked to write the foreword to the Queen' books. Ellery may have had a quarrel with the publishing company whom though it better to drop JJMcC. The publicity concerning a certain Barnaby Ross did not do much for the identity of JJ and he contemplated changing to a other business. After careful consideration, and some kind words by the Queens themselves he did just that... Leaving his true identity as mysterious as Ellery Queen's. Many tried to seek out the identity of the humble man.

JJ lived in Rye, N.Y. for a while where he had an office. He owned a motorboat, was a backstroke-swimming champion at college and he rowed stroke-oar.  He occasionally took the plane to Europe.
On one of these trips JJ ran across the Queens in their small Italian mountain village. Reminiscing he brought a few stories into the open en soon JJ could persuade Ellery to gather his notes on the murder of Monte Field, which led eventually to the publication of The Roman Hat Mystery. Ellery always avers that as reward he could write the introduction to every Queen opus. Most of his writing ended with a place Rye, N.Y. ,Claremont, N.H. or Northampton, Massachusetts, which led some to believe JJ to be a lawyer who was well connected to the New York Police. There was a judge JJMcCue in Face to Face described as "Ellery's younger brother". This man was interviewed and admitted having known the Queens and indeed was even befriended with them. However he did never write a foreword of any kind.
Julian Symons thought him to be vice-president of a insurance-company in New York. His sister Mrs. McC. lived in Northampton


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