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Season 5 (1/2)

  The Adventures of Ellery Queen

  NBC Bromo-Seltzer Thursdays 9:30 - 10:00 pm 1943(198-210)
   East Coast version Saturdays 7:30 - 8:00 pm
   Producer/Director: Bob Steel
   Omroeper: Ernest Chappell
   Scripts: Frederic Dannay, Manfred B. Lee
   Muziek: Charles Paul, organist
   Sterren: Sydney Smith,(Ellery), Santos Ortega (Inspecteur
                 Queen), Ted de Corsia (Velie), Marion Shockley (Nikki Porter)

198* "The Cafe Society Case"
             10-05-44 or 10-07-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: W.Peterson
             East: Joe Laurie Jr., "Senator" Ed Ford, Harry Hershfield (3 of the 4  joke
                      experts on radio's Can you top this?

A death-by-drowning mystery at a society set summer home. Any one
             of the three pedigreed gentlemen could have been the murderer, but
             Ellery needs just one guess.

199* "Cleopatra's Snake"
             10-12-44 or 10-14-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Ken Sobol (author)
             East: Armand Denis (explorer/documentary filmmaker of  Dangerous Journey
                      with film which depicts the weird Hindu ritual of snake worship)

             Apparently there was a snake in the studio

200* "The Airport Disasters"
             10-19-44 or 10-21-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: unknown - pre-empted?
             East: Vaughn Monroe (orchestra leader, singer)

201* "The Unfortunate Fisherman"
             10-26-44 or 10-28-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Leonard Levinson (radio writer) 
             East: Sophie Kerr (author)

202* "The Election Day Murder"
             11-02-44 or 11-05-44 :30:00* 
             Repeat of "The Wandering Corpse" 08-13-39
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Aline MacMahon (actress)
             East: N. Siegel

203* "The Booby Trap" Sneakpreview AFRS Mystery Playhouse available on the internet... (AFRS pre-broadcast sneak preview)
             11-09-44 or 11-11-44: 30:00*
             AFRS Mystery Playhouse program "The Booby Trap" Sneak  preview at the
             end of a program Mr. & Mrs. North "Pam Solves it"   08-09-44
             Re-written as "Enter Ellery Queen" (Argosy, June 1960, reprinted as
             "The Mystery in the Library of Congress" in Q.E.D. (1968)
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Peter Donald (radio comedian)
             East: Nora Stirling (radio writer)
             Announced armchair detectives: Ken Roberts (quizmaster of Quick as a Flash
             and Phil Baker (quizmaster of Take It Or Leave It.)

204* "The Right End"
             11-16-44 or 11-18-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Tom Slater (radio host)
             East: Red Barber (sportscaster)

             Football story dealt with airlines and Japanese battleships.

205* "The Taste Test" aka "The Thespis Club"
             11-23-44 or 11-25-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: unknown
             East: Fannie Hurst (novelist)

An advertising agency launching a new health drink, invites Ellery to
             participate in a taste test. The agency lads think they have a natural in
             the beverage called "Etsat" (Taste spelled backwards). The tasting
             experiment becomes a natural setting for crime.

206* "The Glass Sword"
             11-30-44 or 12-02-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Jeanne Cagney (actress)
             East: Rouben Mamoulian (movie director)

Ellery and Nikki Porter visit the circus, where the ace sleuth matches
              wits with the tiniest detective extant.

207* "The Stickpin and the Ring"
             12-07-44 or 12-09-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Victor Jory (actor)
             East: Ilka Chase (authoress, actress)

208* "Death on Skates"
            12-14-44 or 12-16-44: 30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Barry Sullivan (actor)
             East: Frank Graham (radio announcer, magazine sports editor)

209* "The Toy Cannon"
            12-21-44 or 12-23-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Neil Hamilton (actor)
             East: Harriet Van Horne (radio critic/newspaper columnist) 

210* "The Inner Circle"
             12-28-44 or 12-30-44: 30:00*
             Repeat of "The Millionaires' Club" 04-23-43 or 04-25-43
             Printed as a story in the Calendar of Crime (1952)
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: R.Daigh
             East: Luise Rainer (actress)

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