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Season 1 (1/3)

"The Adventures of Ellery Queen"
   CBS  sustained Sundays 8:00 - 9:00 pm 1939 - 1940  (1-13)
                                                   10:00 - 11.00 pm (14-36)
   Producer/Director: George Zachary
   Omroeper: Ken Roberts
   Scripts: Frederic Dannay, Manfred B. Lee
   Muziek: Bernard Hermann (1ste 10 weken), Leith Stevens, Lynn Murray
Hugh Marlowe (Ellery), Santos Ortega (Inspecteur Queen), Howard Smith
                 vanaf episode 23 vervangen door
Ted de Corsia (Velie),
                 Marion Shockley (Nikki Porter),  Robert Strauss (Doc Prouty).

'Rogues' Gallery foto's van Hugh Marlowe & Marian Shockley.

1* "The Gum-chewing Millionaire"
         06-18-39 :60:00*
         Condensed as 'The Great Chewing Gum Mystery' 05-25-44 and 05-27-44
         Printed as authorized (not by Queen) book The Murdered
         (Whitman Better Little Books,1941)
         Guest Armchair Detectives: Peter Arno (cartoonist), Ruth  McKenney
         (playwright), Lee T.Smith and Frederick Chase Taylor (radio's 'Colonel

         Ellery receives a friendly letter from a stranger asking for a  recommendation
         on choosing a nurse. Before he knows it he's  involved in the murder of a
         gum-loving, will-changing old tyrant.

2* "The Last Man Club" Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
         06-25-39 :60:00* Repeated 02-18-40
         Repeated as "The Disaster Club" on 01-06-44 and  01-08-44
The Last Man Club - authorized not by Queen published Better Little Book, 1940         Printed as authorized (not by Queen) book The Last Man Club
         (Whitman Better Little Books,1941)
         Guest Armchair Detectives: Gelett Burgess (writer,
         author illustrator), Ed Gardner (radio star  from Duffy's
), Princess Alexandra Kropotkin (Russian refugee,
         linguist-writer), Deems Taylor (music critic, composer)

       When Ellery and Nikki witness a hit-and-run, the victim's
         dying words lead them into the  affairs of a survivor-
          takes-all-group to which the dead man belonged.

3* "The Fallen Angel"
         07-02-39 :60:00*
Adaptation available on the internet...         Condensed as "The Adventure of the Fallen Angel"  for NBC's Molle
         Mystery Theater
         Adapted as "The Fallen Angel" and published in EQMM, 7/51 and 
         in The Calendar of Crime (1952) 
         Guest Armchair Detectives: William H.Barton Jr. (Executive curator, Hayden
         planetarium), Christopher W. Coates (Aquarist, New York Aquarium)
         Francesca La Monte (Associate curator of ichthyology at the American
         Museum of Natural History), Pauline Simmons (Assistant curator of far
         eastern art, Metropolitan Museum of Art)

         Nikki's girl friend, recently got married a aging laxative tycoon and  moved into the
         monstrous family mansion. There she gets involved into a sexual relationship with
         her husbands' artistic younger brother. Then murder steps in ...and so does Ellery.

4* "Napoleon's Razor"  Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
        07-09-39 :60:00*
        Condensed as "The Corpse in Lower Five" 06-22-44 and 06-24-44
        Guest Armchair Detectives: Lillian Hellman (playwright), Herman Shumlin
        (Broadway producer), Craig Earl (host of radio's Professor Quiz) and Betty
        Garde (singer)

         A murder is committed on a transcontinental train from Santa Fe station in Los
         Angeles and cross the country, arriving at Grand Central terminal, New York.
         Ellery gets involved with a traveling salesman,  a movie star, a professor and
         an old razor.

5* "The Impossible Crime"
         07-16-39 :60:00*
         Guest Armchair Detectives: Jane Franklin, Mrs. Mary E. Hamilton, Michael
         Krozier and John J.Martin

          A murder that couldn't have been committed—and yet was—would
          reasonably be expected to stump such fictional criminologists as Sherlock Holmes,
          Nick Carter, Philo Vance, Perry Mason and Hercule Poirot.

6* "George Spelvin, Murderer"
         07-23-39 :60:00*
         Guest Armchair Detectives: Katharine Albert (playwright), Dale Eunson
         (playwright), Constance Smith and John S.Young (radio announcer)

          Ellery warns his colleagues that even though the killer's name is known, "the most
          redoubtable sleuth would have no cinch in summarizing this solution.
"  As
          ridiculous as it seems, everything is known about the murderer and nothing.
         (CBS publicity handout)

          There is a possible connection with 'The Scarlet Letters' (1953) where the
          name George Spelving (a traditional pseudonym for actors) pops up.

7* "The Bad Boy" Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
         07-30-39 :60:00*
         Guest Armchair Detectives: Daisy Armoury, Lewis E. Birdseye (General
         agent of St. Johns Guild Floating Hospital and Sea Side Hospital at
         New Dorp, Staten island)  Helen Leighty and Dr. Lloyd B.Sharp (Head of
         Life Camps). All 4 guests were New York child welfare officials.
Adaptation available on the internet...         Repeat performance in NBC's Ford Theatre 1-4-48 had playwright - producer
         Howard Lindsay as host. Hugh Marlowe (EQ), Santos Ortega (IQ), Ted De 
         Corsia (Velie), Charlotte Keane (Nikki), Brad Barker (boy Bobby Hayes
         Harold Dryanforth, John Gibson, Avril Harris, Jane Houston, Anne Seymour,
         Walter Vaughn, Guy Wallace. George Zachary (producer), George Falkner
         (continuity) Lynn Murray (composer - conductor), Howard Teichmann (editor).
         Adapted on television in the Dumont series "The Adventures of Ellery
         Queen" 10/19/50

         Sarah Brink, who was poisoned by arsenic in a serving of  rabbit stew and found
         dead in her bed with several dozen live bunnies loose in the room. In the
         Washington Square brownstone we also  find a secret room, an old matriarch, a
          magician and a precocious young boy.

         The latest in Sunday night radio socks
         Is wallowing knee-deep in crime:
         The killer's at large and as sly a a fox;
         O, boy! What a wonderful time!
         Away on the hunt the whole family goes;
         The murder? By whom was it seen?
         The corpus delicti won't tell what he knows
         —Hurray! Here comes Ellery Queen
!"  (39-07-29 Mason City Globe-Gazette)

8* "The Flying Needle"
         08-06-39 :60:00*
         Condensed as "The Murder on the Air" 02-03-44 and 02-05-44
         Guest Armchair Detectives: E.L.Bragdon (New York Sun radio editor)
         Leonard Carlton (New York Post radio editor), J. E. "Dinty" Doyle (New York
         Journal-American radio editor) and Joe Ranson (radio editor of the Brooklyn
         Daily Eagle)

          Ted Weeks, Broadway columnist, is murdered during his broadcast in
          a mystifying  manner.

          In line with his usual policy program-originator George Zachary reveals little
          beyond the fact that the approaching adventure occurs during a broadcast.
          Kenneth Roberts, CBS announcer identified with all of Queen's air adventures,
          is to turn actor on the flying needle mystery and play Kenneth Roberts,
          announcer. (39-08-05 Mason City Globe-Gazette)

Involved the blowing of a poisoned needle through a soda straw. Which
          was actually tested by Zachary hours before the show went on the air!

9* "The Wandering Corpse"
         08-13-39 :60:00*
         Condensed as "The Election Day Murder" 11-02-44 and 11-04-44
         Guest Armchair Detectives: Raymond Paige, Howard Barlow, Johnny Green
         and Mark Warnow (all bandleaders)

         The newly elected District Attorney is found murdered in a Turkish bath. 
         Inspector Queen and Sergeant Velie can rely on Ellery in a case which
         stumbles upon election fraud

10* "The Thirteenth Clue"
            08-20-39 :60:00*
            Condensed as "The Squirrel Woman" 02-17-44 and 02-19-44
            Guest Armchair Detectives: Henry Casler, James Crayhon, Don Doherty
            and Margaret Bourke-White (all news photographers)

            A series of thefts on a Broadway sideshow get Ellery involved. 
            Then a midget dies in a closed room gets bitten by a rattlesnake...

            Assisted by the competent, comely Nikki, Columbia's gentleman-detective
  finds himself faced with a gruesome problem in a honky-tonk side show on
            Broadway. Complicating matters are a little freak, a Hindu fortune teller, a
            snake charmer and a card expert. And the stolen articles?  Who could
            possibly want an ordinary flat iron, a mouse, broom, bag of salt, and deck
            of cards? Radiogenic-voiced Queen figures it out in his own ingenious,
            deductive fashion. (39-08-19 Mason City Globe-Gazette)

11* "The Secret Partner" aka "The Silent Partner"
            08-27-39 :60:00*
            Nine-part comic book adaptation distributed by Gulf Oil in
            May and June 1940
            Guest Armchair Detectives: Lois Doyle (daughter of radio columnist
            "Denty"),  Estelle Levy, (radio actress of Nila Mack's "Let's Pretend;")
             Buster Hoefer (editor and publisher of the Sheboygan (Wisconsin)
             Weekly, who contends its the world's smallest newspaper), Arthur Ross
             (schoolboy radio emcee of "March of Games.")

            Diamonds from Holland are smuggled into the States via a shipment of Tulip bulbs

12* "The Million Dollar Finger"
            09-03-39 :60:00*
            Guest Armchair Detectives: Dean Cornwall (commercial artist), 
            Ruth Garth (industrial designer), Tony Sarg (illustrator) and 
            Suzanne Silvercruys (sculptor)

          In Greenwich Village a group of starving artists encounter dead and Ellery Queen!

            The scheduled show was postponed because of European war new broadcasts.
            Guests reappeared on The Lost Treasurer 15*

13* "The Three R's"
             09-10-39 :60:00*
            Repeated condensed as "The College Crime" 09-14-44 and 09-16-44
            Adapted as "The Three R's" in 
EQMM, 9/46 and in The Calendar of
(1952).  In the condensed version "There Was An Old Woman" was
            mentioned, in the '46  EQMM version "The Murderer was a Fox"(sic) and
            in the printed Calendar version" The Origin of Evil".
            Guest Armchair Detectives: four undergraduates from Midwest colleges.

            When at the beginning of a new academic year students and teachers return to
            the classrooms, Ellery is hired by the administration of Barlowe College to locate
            a Poe scholar who vanished in the Ozarks during the summer. His finds some
            baffling clues: a detective-story manuscript, a skeleton with two  missing fingers.

            West Coast only

14* "The Blue Curse"
            09-17-39 :60:00* Repeated 02-04-40
            Guest Armchair Detectives: four winners of a write-in contest

            "Every mystery script has to have a focal clue on which the action hinges,"
             George Zachary says. "
The clue is usually some tiny detail in the story—a
             slot machine, a date, a baseball score board—but it must be the give-away
             to the murderer's identity. Unless it is perfectly correct in itself, people
             write in and criticize the solution."

            West Coast only

15* "The Lost Treasure" (aka Lost Treasurer)
            09-24-39 :60:00*
            Repeated as "Captain's Kidd Bedroom" 02-11-40
            Condensed as "The Buried Treasure" 04-27-44 and 04-29-44
            Adapted as "The Needle's Eye" (EQMM, 8/51),
as "Dead is my
" (True Adventures, 12/58) and collected in Calendar of Crime, 1952 
            Guest Armchair Detectives
            West: Camilla Boone, James Edwards, Hugh Hawley and Ester Tyler
            East: Dean Cornwall (commercial artist), Ruth Garth (industrial designer),
            Tony Sarg (illustrator) and Suzanne Silvercruys (sculptor)
            (all of whom were listed for the deduction squad Sept. 3, when the scheduled show
            was postponed because of European war new broadcasts)

            Ellery investigates the husband of the niece of a retired explorer. When
            visiting his island he runs into a treasure hunt and the explorer is
            murdered ...

During October 1939 Ted de Corsia replaced Howard Smith as Sergeant Velie.

From an audience of 30 visitors to the broadcast, four are to be chosen to comprise the armchair detective quartet. 

16* "The Woman from Nowhere"
            10-01-39 :60:00*
            Guest Armchair Detectives: Wally Butterworth and Parks Johnson
            (co-hosts of radio's Vox Pop program) and four audience members

            A pawnbroker moves with his family from one house to another.  To his
            astonishment he finds they find the body of a mysterious  woman in a
            trunk in the basement

            According to Mike Nevins a few minutes of this episode still exist. Sadly the
            sound quality is very poor and only the conversation of the guest armchair
            detectives is heard.

The Columbia Workshop 2nd series had as it's 7th episode "The Great Microphone Mystery" a 30-minute episode broadcast on October 05, 1939 aka Ellery Queen Mystery "The Case of the Mysterious Leap Year" and reran on February 29, 1940 it featured several CBS personalities, joined by several of their wives, play roles opposite to their usual ones. Burgess Meredith, Beatrice Kay, Howard Barlow, John Reed King, Mel Allen, Earle McGill, Norman Corwin, Nila Mack, Ted Husing, David Ross, Robert Trout, Kitty Trout, Mrs. Linton Wells, Ray Bloch (music director), Phil Cohen (director), John Fitzgerald (director), Paul Phillips (writer), Ted de Corsia, Mrs. George Fielding Eliot and Hugh Marlowe.

17* "The Mother Goose Murders"
            10-08-39 :60:00*
            Guest Armchair Detectives: four audience members

            Set in an old hotel where the mild-mannered proprietor Mr. Wiggins  turns
            out to be responsible for nursery-rhyme killings...

            When WBBM Chicago transmitted this show it was forced off
            the air 9 minutes before the end of the program.

            Robert Strauss played Mr. Wiggins not Prouty.

18* "The March of Death"  Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
           10-15-39 :60:00*
           Guest Armchair Detective: Harry Kurnitz (screenwriter-crime novelist)

           Ellery helps out a department store magnate find three children and
           stumbles across murder and a dying message!
           Millionaire Samuel March is murdered. He even carves a clue concerning his
           killer on a desk top. But that only serves to confuse the police.
           Suspicion points to six people including March's sons and daughters who
           were summoned from Cairo, Panama and other distant places just before he
           made a new will.

19* "The Haunted Cave"  Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
"Nikki schreeuwde en wierp rond Ellery's nek. Gedurende een ogenblik stonden ze beide stil, terwijl een spookachtig geweeklaag tot hen doordrongd..." uit The Adventure of the Haunted Cave (met Hugh Marlowe en Marian Shockley)
            10-22-39 :60:00*
            Condensed as "Dead Man's Cavern" 04-13-44
            and  04-15-44

            Printed as authorized story in Radio &
  Mirror  (05-1940)
            Guest Armchair Detectives: four members of CBS
            staff and Radio City Music Hall, Martin Lewis
             (Radio Guide columnist) was the only one of the
            amateur sleuths to name the murderer correctly..

            Ellery spends the weekend at Tecumseh Lodge
            with Nikki, Inspector Queen and Velie. While
            investigating a cave haunted by a strangler Colin
            Montague is murdered...

Kenneth Roberts, announcer for the Ellery Queen show, looked as though he needed a good night's sleep. Well, he did; he was up all night pacing the floor of the hospital where his frau gave birth to a son as dawn approached. (Radio Guide 39-11-10)
Note: Tony, Kenneth's son was born on 10-22-39

As it usually happens, all members of the cast are not in the studio when the mystery is finally solved. So the members of the cast have made up a pool, each chipping in a dime and then guessing who the murderer is. Actor Ted de Corsia has won it three times now, with Robert Strauss a close second with two wins. People were suspecting De Corsia of having inside information, but we can vouch for the difficulty of finding out any dope before the show begins. We went to a recent broadcast and tried to get Actor Ray Hedge to tell us who the murderer was. He wouldn't so much as give us the initials. When the show was over we learned that Ray Hedge played the murderer. (39-10-29 Jack Sher, The Port Arthur News)

20* "The Dead Cat"
            10-29-39 :60:00*
            Condensed as "The Murder Game" 06-01-44 and 06-03-44
            Adapted story printed as "The Dead Cat" in EQMM, 10/46 and collected
            in  The Calendar of Crime (1952)
            Guest Armchair Detectives: unknown

         During a Halloween party a game of Murder is played. One of the
            guest's throat is cut in pitch darkness. Fortunately both Ellery and Nikki
            attend (in cat costumes)

21* "The Picture Puzzle"
           11-05-39 :60:00*
            Condensed as "The Painted Problem" 04-06-44 and 4-08-44
            Guest Armchair Detectives: unknown

            A executed bank robber hid a fortune in stolen bonds, Ellery tries to find
            the goods by studying a painting on the wall of the prison cell

22* "The Cellini Cup"
            11-12-39 :60:00*
            Printed as authorized story (not Queen) "Here is a 
Mystery" in  Radio
            AFRS Mystery Playhouse program "The Thief in the Dark" sneak preview
            at the end of AFRS Nero Wolfe broadcast of "" 07-05-43 (?)
            Condensed as "The Thief in the Dark"  05-04-44 and  05-06-44
            Guest Armchair Detectives: unknown
Heavily condensed summary of the Cellini Cup "Here is a Mystery"... in RadioGuide - January 26.1940

            Ellery meets a man who claims that an
            art-gallery proprietor has cheated him out of a cup
            made by the great Benvenuto. Ellery and Nikki go
            to the auction of the priceless cup and meet a
            variety of people. That  night the Cellini cup is
            stolen from the son of the art dealer in total
            darkness and in the presence of both Ellery and

... An interesting revelation is the explanation of the radio detective's odd name. The authors of the series, Manny Lee and Fred Dannay, wanted to compound a name for their hero that would become well-remembered. They decided, since Q was the most unusual alphabetic letter, and then, since "Queen" presented definite picture, that was to be their figure's last name. "Ellery" was chosen for its rare application, and thereupon the completed pseudonym was tested on the friends of Dannay and Lee for tenacity to the memory. The name stuck in all cases tried and it now sticks in the minds of millions of Sunday night listeners all over the nation.
(39-11-18 Mason City Globe-Gazette)

23* "The Tell-tale Bottle"
           11-19-39 :60:00*
            Reworked and printed as "The Telltale Bottle" in EQMM, 11/46 and 
            collected in The Calendar of Crime (1952) 
            Reprinted as "The Thanksgiving Day Mystery" in EQMM, 12/65
            Guest Armchair Detectives: Alvena Smith (Tulane University coed) one of
            four amateur contestants.

            When delivering holiday food baskets to the poor, Ellery and Nikki stumble into
            a cocaine-pushing operation and a murder.

24* "The Lost Child"  Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
            11-26-39 :60:00*
            Condensed as "The Missing Child" 05-07-42 and 05-09-42
            Adapted as "Kidnaped!" (This Week, July 8, 1951 reprinted in EQMM
            6/58 and collected as "Child Missing! in Queen's Bureau of Investigation
            Guest Armchair Detectives:  four unidentified celebrities

            Ellery sets out to find a missing child who's parents are about to
            divorce and finds a mysterious letter and a negligent nurse.

25* "The Man who wanted to be Murdered"
            12-03-39 :60:00*
            Printed as authorized story (not Queen) in
Radio & 
            Television Mirror
            Guest Armchair Detectives:  four unidentified celebrities
Re-enactment by actors for Radio & Television Mirror August 1940, The Man who wanted to be Murdered
            A wheelchair-bound old gambler deliberately
            tempts his brother, his nephew, his niece,
            and his doctor. Through his will he intends to
            leave everything to charity if he lives longer
            that one week otherwise his estate  will be
            divided among them. Furthermore, the old man
            makes a $ 25,000 bet that Ellery can't  solve his
            murder. On the last day of the specified week
            his wish is fulfilled...

26* "The Black Secret"  Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
           12-10-39 :60:00*
           Condensed as "The Dark Secret" 06-08-44 and 06-10-44
           Guest Armchair Detectives:  four unidentified celebrities

           Ellery and Nikki go undercover as clerks in a rare-book shop where some
           valuable works were stolen. Then the co-owner is murdered.

"...Two boys, ages fifteen and seventeen, walked into a New York department store with a trick box designed to conceal stolen books. Caught, they confessed they had picked up the idea of the novel way to steal novels from an Ellery Queen broadcast, "The Missing Manuscript." They are on probation." (Movie Radio Guide, Feb 17.1940)
(Note: There was no episode by that name, but "The Black Secret" script fits the description)

27* "The Four Scratches" aka "The Three Scratches"
           12-17-39 :60:00*
           Basis for the script for "The Penthouse Mystery" (1941)
           Guest Armchair Detectives:  four unidentified celebrities possibly
           Chamberlain Brown (producer) (an article in the Washington Post from
           Dec 21, 1939 mentions him as solving the story "a few days ago")
           "Four armchair detectives chosen from the radio audience, and Columbia
            network listeners in general as the program rings in".

28* "The Swiss Nutcracker"
           12-24-39 :60:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives:  four unidentified celebrities

           Marooned at a New England house party Ellery is faced with the thefts of a
           nutcracker, Santa's suit and a valuable diamond.  Everyone has an alibi.

Radio & Television Mirror 12-4029* "The Scorpion's Thumb"
           12-31-39 :60:00*
           Printed as authorized story (not Queen) in
Radio &
           Television Mirror
           Guest Armchair Detectives:  four unidentified celebrities

           At a New Year's party a partner of a Wall Street
           brokerage  house is served a poisoned cocktail...

30* "The Dying Scarecrow"  Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
            01-07-40 :60:00*
            Condensed as "The Scarecrow and the Snowman" 1-20-44 and 1-22-44
            Guest Armchair Detectives: Marge Kerr, Russell Markert (promoter),
            George Shoemaker and Helen Sioussat (radio producer/director)

            In July Ellery, Nikki, the Inspector and Velie are driving through the Midwestern
            arm country. They stop to take home movies of a picturesque scarecrow and find
            a knifed man inside the scarecrow outfit. The victim survives but remains
            unidentified and vanishes from the local hospital soon afterwards. Six months
            later, Ellery and his entourage return to the area during a blizzard and discover the
            same man, inside a  snowman in a farmyard only this time very dead....

31* "The Woman in Black"  Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
            01-14-40 :60:00*
            Condensed as "The Circular Clues" 03-16-44 and 03-18-44
            Guest Armchair Detectives:  four armchair detectives chosen from the radio

            Ellery investigates the haunting of the family of a English writer

32* "The Anonymous Letters"
            01-21-40 :60:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives (East): George and Martha Washington, 
           Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Robert E.Lee (5 people with
           famous names)

          Visitors will attempt to solve Adventure of the Anonymous Letters on CBS show
          George and Martha Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin and
          Robert E. Lee - these are the armchair detectives who have accepted Ellery
          Queen's challenge to beat him to the solution of the Adventure of the Anonymous
          Letters over Columbia network.
          Mr. and Mrs. George Washington are respectively, a US postal carrier and
          housewife of Caldwell, N.J. Napoleon Bonaparte, aged nineteen, is a New York
          University senior and business manager of The Medley, a college publication.
          Benjamin Franklin is an attorney and Robert E. Lee an illustrator of crime
          stories for newspapers and magazines. The latter three are New Yorkers.
          Abraham Lincoln of New Jersey and Ulysses S. Grant of New York were unable to
           accept the CBS sleuth's challenge to appear on the program.
          (Buffalo Courier-Express, Sunday, Jan 21, 1940)

33* "The Devil's Violin"
            01-28-40 :60:00*
            Condensed as "Wanted, John Smith" 03-09-44 and 03-11-44
            Guest Armchair Detectives: four people named John Smith
            John Smith ( Flushing, N.Y.), John Smith, (Brooklyn, N.Y), John Smith and
            John Smith, (New York City)

            Ellery tries to help two refugees from Austria a violinist and child prodigy. Their
            Stradivarius is threatened by a bearded man with a limp, wearing dark glasses
            who calls himself John Smith.... 

34* "The Blue Curse"
            02-04-40 :60:00* Repeat of 9-17-39
           Guest Armchair Detective: Donald Cook (movie and radio actor)

35* "Captain Kidd's Bedroom"
           02-11-40 :60:00* Repeat of "The Lost Treasure" 09-24-39
           Condensed as "The Buried Treasure" 04-27-44 and 04-29-44
           Adapted as "The Needle's Eye" (EQMM, 8/51) and collected in
           of Crime
, 1952 
           Guest Armchair Detectives: three experts

           Ellery investigates the husband of the niece of a retired explorer. When visiting
 his island he runs into a treasure hunt and the explorer gets murdered ...        

           Radio Thriller Puts Kidd On “Jorgan ’s Island”
 Those who listened in on the Ellery Queen hour over WABC last Sunday evening
 could easily discern that the scene of the play was Gardiner’s Island, although it
 was listed as an Island two miles off the coast of Montauk Point, owned by one
 Ellery Queen's phantasmagoria was the equal of any of Sherlock Holmes
           laudanum-spiked pipe dreams.
 Ellery unerringly hit on the solution to the crime, and three experts in the studio
 made a feeble attempt to solve the crime fifteen minutes before the closing curtain.
 You see there a room in the old Manse on Jorgan's Island occupied by Captain
 Kidd in the seventeenth century. The old boy was said to have buried treasure on
 the Island, to some one or other he imparted the message that "he who would find
 the treasure, must look through the eye of the needle.” Queen takes a trip to
 Jorgan's Island, coming out at Montauk Point and being ferried across by none
 other than the proprietor himself, Mr. Jorgan. They are met at the dock on the
 Island, by “Silver” the one-legged caretaker.
 Plots and intrigue develop at a fast pace and some confusion. Suffice it
 to say' that Queen discovers that the “eye of the needle” refers to a
 design on the rare old wallpaper in Kidd's bedroom, presumably not
 re-decorated since the departure of fair William in 1695. Poking a broom
 handle through the design, Queen "takes a bead” on a hill on the east
 shore of the Island, and, digging there, finds a chest full of gold, silver and
 platinum jools. (Clue No.1) No sooner the treasure trove is recovered than Jorgan
 is found shot in Kidd's bedroom. Jorgan had fired his pistol, but no bullet hole is
 found in the room and examination discloses no wound on any one on the Island
 (clue No. 2) enter a guy posing as an English jook and stage-English wife—a
 Scotland Yard agent, one Viborg (a nasty individual) etc etc ad nauseam.
 Who done it? Give up? Well ya see, the jools is a plant by the English jook who is
  none other than a desperate international crook. He buries the loot on the island
 with the connivance of the wooden legged caretaker, invents the yam about
 looking through the needless eye so that the “ice” can be "discovered” and
 then peddled legitimately as Kidd's treasure. The platinum settings (Clue No. 1)
 done him in as Queen showed that this had not been used until 1900 for jewelry.
 The wooden legged bloke, Silver, did the shooting, because Jorgan' bullet was
 lodged in his wooden leg (clue No. 2) hence no bullet hole in the room and no
 wounded person on the Island.
           Queen announced that his program would be continued as a thirty minuae feature
 beginning in two weeks, but here for once he failed to give any logical reason why.
 Montauk Point received about six or eight mentions in the play, the “Suffolk
 County police" one or two but no - distinguishable local names.
 As Colonel Bradley so often said about modem inventions, including the scourage
 known as “radio," “Ah, the marvelous workings of the wheelbarrow!"
 (The East Hampton Star, Thursday Feb 15, 1940)

The Last Man Club - authorized not by Queen published Better Little Book, 194036* "The Last Man Club" Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
           02-18-40 :60:00* Repeat of 6-25-39
           Condensed as "The Disaster Club" on 01-06-44 and
           Guest Armchair Detectives: unknown

           When Ellery and Nikki witness a hit-and-run,  the
           victim's dying words lead them into the affairs of a
           survivor-takes-all-group to which the dead man belonged.

           George Zachary, program originator, announced that  Queen Fans have been
           given the opportunity to select
the mystery that they have most enjoyed.

February 29, 1940 repeat of The Columbia Workshop 2nd series' 7th episode "The Great Microphone Mystery" a 30-minute episode first broadcast on October 05, 1939 aka Ellery Queen Mystery "The Case of the Mysterious Leap Year" it featured several CBS personalities, joined by several of their wives, play roles opposite to their usual ones.

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