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Season 1 (3/3)

 "The Adventures of Ellery Queen"
   CBS Gulf Oil Sundays 7:30 - 8:00 pm 1940 (46-67)
   Producer/Director: George Zachary
   Omroeper:: Bert Parks
   Scripts: Frederic Dannay, Manfred B. Lee
   Muziek: Lynn Murray
Hugh Marlowe (Ellery), Santos Ortega (Inspecteur Queen),
Ted de Corsia (Velie), Marion Shockley (Nikki Porter).

After "The Gulf Screen Guild Theater" went of the air it was replaced by Ellery Queen and thus the program gained it's first sponsor. Bert Parks stepped in as announcer...

As advertised in Gulf Funny Weekly "The Adventures of Ellery Queen"

46* "The Double Triangle"
           04-28-40 :30:00* 
           Repeated on 07-08-43 or 07-10-43
           Script printed in in
The Case Book of Ellery Queen (1945)
           Guest Armchair Detectives: unknown

       Ellery tries to locate the anonymous lover who's romancing the wife of a young
          bookkeeper. His efforts to keep the husband from murdering the lover result in
          him becoming the eyewitness to the killing of the wife.

47* "The Man who could double the Size of Diamonds" Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
          05-05-40 :30:00*
          Repeated on 07-15-43 or 07-17-43
          Script printed in EQMM, May '43
          Guest Armchair Detectives: unknown

In March 2017 EQMM's Podcast page featured  a clever script from The Adventures of Ellery Queen radio series of the late 1930s and the 1940s. “The Adventure of the Man Who Could Double the Size of Diamonds” (which was reprinted in EQMM in May 1943 and August 2005) is read here by Mark Lagasse. To hear the podcast click here...          Ellery not only solves the murder of a scientist who claims to have
          discovered a chemical progress for making diamonds grow, at the
          same time he untangles the impossible theft of four such stones
          from a locked and guarded vault.

48* "The Fire Bug"
          05-12-40 :30:00* 
          Repeated on 07-22-43 or 07-24-43
          Script printed in EQMM, March '43
          Guest Armchair Detectives: unknown
          A series of suspicious blazes in Ellery neighborhood, each of
          which destroyed a building owned by the same man.

49* "The Honeymoon House"
         05-19-40 :30:00* 
Arthur Mann, was Ted Cott's victim on the popular Sunday afternoon musicquiz, "So You Think You Know Music." Then he umpired his own sports quiz, and wound up the day matching wits with Ellery Queen. No wonder Arthur looks bewildered...(from a Radio Studio Picture)          Repeated on 07-29-43 or 07-31-43
          Script printed in
The Case Book of
          Ellery Queen
          Guest Armchair Detectives: Arthur Mann
          (Umpire of the  'Choose Up Sides' sports

          A blonde and a tipsy play-boy. Love
          rivalries among the offspring of

          munitions manufacturers lead to a bride's
          murder on her wedding night.

50* "The Mouse's Blood"
          05-26-40 :30:00* 
          Repeated on 08-05-43 or 08-07-43
          Script printed in EQMM September '42 and reprinted in The Fireside
          Mystery Book (1947)
          Guest Armchair Detectives: two armchair detectives chosen from the
  radio audience and CBS network listeners in general.

          Extortion and death in sports arena. Ellery happens to be outside the house
          where a blackmailer is stabbed to death by one of four athletes who were to
          have made the payoffs to him that night.

51* "The Four Murderers"
          06-02-40 :30:00* 
          Repeated on 08-12-43 or 08-14-43
          Guest Armchair Detectives: Louis Connolly (newspaperman)
          and Mary Rhinehart (stenographer)

52* "The Good Samaritan"
          06-09-40 :30:00* 
          Repeated on 08-19-43 or 08-21-43
          Basis for movie "
A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen" 1942
          Script printed in EQMM November '42 
          Guest Armchair Detectives: two unknown guests

          Ellery hunts the elusive Robin Hood who's been sending stolen
          $100 bills to the needy tenants in a certain tenement.

53* "The Mysterious Travelers"
           06-16-40 :30:00* 
           Repeated on 08-26-43 or 08-28-43
           Guest Armchair Detectives:  Muriel Frizzell (supervisor)

          Murder suspects from Persia, Ceylon and the Fiji Islands in New York
          to thrust Ellery into one of most exciting peregrinations in crime.

54* "The Dark Cloud"  Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
           06-23-40 :30:00* 
           Repeated on 09-02-43 or 09-04-43
           Guest Armchair Detectives: Doris Gibson, magazine cover girl

55* "The Blind Bullet"
           06-30-40 :30:00*
           Repeated on 09-09-43 or 09-11-43
           Script printed in EQMM, 9/43
           Adapted on television in the Dumont series "The Adventures of
Queen" 12-7-50
           Guest Armchair Detectives:  Fred Hogan (telephone maintenance

           A bear and a millionaire are hit. A ruthless tycoon feels threatened as he
           received a precise minute and day of his death. The magnate turns to Ellery to
           protect him from this anonymous enemy. 

           Later recycled as premise for 'The King is Dead' (1952)

56* "The Fallen Gladiator"
           07-07-40 :30:00*  Repeated on 09-16-43  or 09-18-43
           Based on "Mind over Matter" from Blue Book, October 1939 and
           collected in
New Adventures of Ellery Queen (1940)
           Guest Armchair Detectives: unknown

           For the first time in the history of the program, an Ellery Queen
           story that has appeared in print will be dramatized on the air.

57* "The Frightened Star"
           07-14-40 :30:00*
           Repeated 10-21-43 or 10-23-43
           Script printed in EQMM spring '42
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           (West): Mitzi Cumming
           (East): Dr.Henry R. Junemann (dentistry professor)

           A locked-room mystery involving the death of a mysteriously  retired Hollywood
           actress ...

           Plot gimmick from The American Gun Mystery (1934)

58* "The Treasure Hunt"
           07-21-40 :30:00* 
           Repeated on 09-23-43 or 09-25-43
           Based on "The Treasure Hunt" Detective Story, December '35 and

fall '41 (first issue) and collected in New Adventures of
           Ellery Queen
           Guest Armchair Detective: Carol Bruce (vocalist of "Louisiana Purchase"),
           Jack Berlind (cab pilot)

        One of the retired general's house guests stole a rope of pearls from his
           daughters' bedroom. Ellery sets out to find it and devises a treasure-hunting
           game as a psychological trap for the thief. 

59* "The Black Sheep"
           07-28-40 :30:00*
           Repeated as "The Robber of Fallboro" 09-21-44 or  09-23-44.
           Source for The Accused in Today's Family February ' 53 and EQMM
           December '54 and as The Robber of Wrightsville" in Q.B.I. (1955)
           Guest Armchair Detectives: Benny Baker (comedian), Marjorie Allen (soprano)

           A masked thief steals a $ 15,000 payroll from the owner of a mill in the village of
           Fallboro. When the victim's stepson is arrested for the crime on circumstantial
           evidence, the  boy's mother calls in Ellery Queen.

60* "The Fatal Million"
           08-04-40 :30:00*
           Repeated as "The Man who wanted Cash" 08-17-44 and 08-19-44
           Guest Armchair Detectives: Doris Sharpe (radio casting director), 
           Ben Kish (Pittsburgh university quarterback)

           An impersonator who murdered the owner of a chain of roadside
           restaurants, posed as his victim during a secret sales  transaction,
           and walked away with a million dollar cash in a suitcase.

61* "The Mysterious Clock" aka "The Invisible Clock"
           08-11-40 :30:00*
           Script printed in
The Case Book of Ellery Queen' (1945)
           Guest Armchair Detective: Andrew S.Telep (small town newspaper
           editor from Mayfield, Pennsylvania

         A priceless ruby pendant disappears during a society ball Ellery and
           Nikki are attending. The clue is the clock that is heard ticking where
           no clock exists. Ellery Queen probes three air-tight alibis.

62* "The Meanest Man in the World
           08-18-40 :30:00*
           Repeated as "The Man without a Heart" on 08-03-44 and 08-05-44
           Script printed in EQMM July 42
           Guest Armchair Detectives: Walter Wanger (movie producer)

           Ellery and Nikki are empanelled side by side as jurors in the same
           murder trial. The defendant, Will Keeler, seems to be the only one
           who could have plunged the paperknife into the back of Sylvester
           Gaul's neck. 

No photo: Unlike most fictional heroes, Ellery Queen has never been pictured except in words to readers of his detective novels. The collaborating authors have conflicting ideas of what their hero looks like and no artist has been able to satisfy both. (40-08-23 Wisconsin State Journal)

63* "The Pharaoh's Curse"
           08-25-40 :30:00*
           Repeated as "The Pharaoh's Tomb" on 07-06-44 and 07-08-44
           Guest Armchair Detectives: two armchair detectives chosen from the
           radio audience and CBS network listeners in general.

64* "Box N° 13"
           09-01-40 :30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives: two armchair detectives chosen from the
           radio audience and CBS network listeners in general.

           Murder mixes with baseball.

65* "The Picnic Murder"
           09-08-40 :30:00*
           Repeated as "The Mayor and the Corpse" on 08-24-44 and 08-26-44
           Guest Armchair Detectives: two armchair detectives chosen from the
           radio audience and CBS network listeners in general.

           A Sunday outing attended by six persons, from which only five return
            is the subject of investigation. Belief in the innocence of a small town
            lawyer indicted for murder on circumstantial evidence leads the radio
            sleuth to look into a case that makes few headlines but almost sends
            the wrong man to the chair.

Q: Who is Ellery Queen, the mystery writer?
A: Ellery Queen isn't a fellow. He is two Jewish boys who produce radio shows--in addition to writing murder mysteries. Previously they wrote under the name of Barnaby Ross. (40-09-09 Denton Record-Chronicle)

66* "The Vanishing Magician" aka "The Disappearing Magician"
           09-15-40 :30:00*
           Repeated as "The Vanishing Magician" on 11-04-43 or 11-06-43   
           Guest Armchair Detectives: unknown

           A two-story Chelsea brownstone owned by 4 ex-vaudevillians is
           threatened with foreclosure. Avanti the Magician tries to save the
           house by challenging Mr. Steele, a businessman who has made a
           standing offer of $25,000 for any illusionist's trick he can't solve
           within 24 hours. Avanti claims to be able to disappear from the
           closely examined and guarded brownstone. The  police guards the
           place and the trick is pulled off. Ellery sees through the gimmick but
           refuses to reveal his solution until the 24 hours are up.

67* "The Mark of Cain" aka "The House of Cain"
            09-22-40 :30:00*
The Pocket Mystery Reader - 1942             Repeated as "The Three Hands" 08-10-44 and 
            Script printed in
"The Pocket Mystery
            Guest Armchair Detectives: two unknown guests

            Ellery, Nikki, Sergeant Velie and Inspector
            Queen masquerade as servants in an attempt to
            prevent murder among the heirs of eccentric
            millionaire John Cain. To no avail...

The 'Screen Guild Theatre' will replace the detective mystery series starting Sunday, Sept. 29.

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