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Season 5 (1/2)

  The Adventures of Ellery Queen
NBC Bromo-Seltzer Thursdays 9:30 - 10:00 pm 1944 (198-210)
   East Coast version aired Saturdays 7:30 - 8:00 pm
   Producer/Director: Bob Steel
   Announcer: Ernest Chappell
   Scripts: Frederic Dannay, Manfred B. Lee
   Music: Charles Paul, organist
   Stars: Sydney Smith (Ellery),  Santos Ortega (Inspector Queen),
              Ted de Corsia (Velie),
Marion Shockley (Nikki Porter).

198* "The Cafe Society Case"
             10-05-44 or 10-07-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: W.Peterson
             East: Joe Laurie Jr., "Senator" Ed Ford, Harry Hershfield (3 of the 4  joke
                      experts on radio's Can you top this?

A death-by-drowning mystery at a society set summer home. Any one
             of the three pedigreed gentlemen could have been the murderer, but
             Ellery needs just one guess.

199* "Cleopatra's Snake"
             10-12-44 or 10-14-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Ken Sobol (author)
             East: Armand Denis (explorer/documentary filmmaker of  Dangerous Journey
                      with film which depicts the weird Hindu ritual of snake worship)

             Apparently there was a snake in the studio

200* "The Airport Disasters"
             10-19-44 or 10-21-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: unknown - pre-empted?
             East: Vaughn Monroe (orchestra leader, singer)

Leonard Levinson doing the guest detective bit on the "Ellery Queen'' rebroadcast tomorrow (Thursday) night, says he's doing it just so's the wife and kids in Hollywood can hear his voice. (Variety, Wednesday, October 18, 1944)

201* "The Unfortunate Fisherman"
             10-26-44 or 10-28-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Leonard Levinson (radio writer) 
             East: Sophie Kerr (author)

202* "The Election Day Murder"
             11-02-44 or 11-05-44 :30:00* 
             Repeat of "The Wandering Corpse" 08-13-39
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Aline MacMahon (actress)
             East: Norman Siegel (syndicated radio columnist, radio editor
             of the Cleveland Press)

             Late on Election Night at the headquarters of a successful candidate the Queens
             are joining in the celebration. But tragedy strikes in an adjacent Turkish bath
             with Inspector Queen in somewhat of a jam, and Nikki Porter a not too helpful

203* "The Booby Trap" Sneakpreview AFRS Mystery Playhouse available on the internet... (AFRS pre-broadcast sneak preview)
             11-09-44 or 11-11-44: 30:00*
             AFRS Mystery Playhouse program "The Booby Trap" Sneak  preview at the
             end of a program Mr. & Mrs. North "Pam Solves it"   08-09-44
             Re-written as "Enter Ellery Queen" (Argosy, June 1960, reprinted as
             "The Mystery in the Library of Congress" in Q.E.D. (1968)
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Peter Donald (radio comedian)
             East: Nora Stirling (radio writer)
             Announced armchair detectives: Ken Roberts (quizmaster of Quick as a Flash
             and Phil Baker (quizmaster of Take It Or Leave It.)

204* "The Right End"
             11-16-44 or 11-18-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Tom Slater (radio host)
             East: Red Barber (sportscaster)

             Football story dealt with airlines and Japanese battleships.

205* "The Taste Test" aka "The Thespis Club"
             11-23-44 or 11-25-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: unknown
             East: Fannie Hurst (novelist)

An advertising agency launching a new health drink, invites Ellery to
             participate in a taste test. The agency lads think they have a natural in
             the beverage called "Etsat" (Taste spelled backwards). The tasting
             experiment becomes a natural setting for crime.

206* "The Glass Sword"
             11-30-44 or 12-02-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Jeanne Cagney (actress)
             East: Rouben Mamoulian (movie director)

Ellery and Nikki Porter visit the circus, where the ace sleuth matches
              wits with the tiniest detective extant.

207* "The Stickpin and the Ring"
             12-07-44 or 12-09-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Victor Jory (actor)
             East: Ilka Chase (authoress, actress)

208* "Death on Skates"
            12-14-44 or 12-16-44: 30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Barry Sullivan (actor)
             East: Frank Graham (radio announcer, magazine sports editor)

209* "The Toy Cannon"
            12-21-44 or 12-23-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Neil Hamilton (actor)
             East: Harriet Van Horne (radio critic/newspaper columnist) 

210* "The Inner Circle"
             12-28-44 or 12-30-44: 30:00*
             Repeat of "The Millionaires' Club" 04-23-43 or 04-25-43
             Printed as a story in the Calendar of Crime (1952)
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: R.Daigh
             East: Luise Rainer (actress)

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