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Season 2

"The Adventures of Ellery Queen"

Ernest Chappell   NBC Bromo-Seltzer Thursdays 9:30 - 10:00 pm 1942 (68-93)
   East Coast version aired Saturdays 7:30 - 8:00 pm
   Producer/Director: George Zachary
   Announcer: Ernest Chappell
   Scripts: Frederic Dannay, Manfred B. Lee
   Music: Charles Paul, organist
   Stars: Carleton Young (Ellery),
Santos Ortega (Inspector Queen),
Ted de Corsia (Velie), Marion Shockley (Nikki Porter).

68* "The Song of Death"
        01-08-42 (West) or 01-10-42 (East): 30:00*
        Guest Armchair Detectives
        West: Frank Buck (explorer) and Dorothy McGuire (actress)
        East: Frederick Chase Taylor (radio's Colonel Lemuel Q. Stoopnagle) and
                 Neysa McMein (illustrator/poster artist)

69* "The Invisible Clue" WANTED! Believed to be in existence... click here for more...
        01-15-42 or 01-17-42: 30:00*
        Script printed in Adventures in Radio (1945)
        Guest Armchair Detectives
        West: Charles Herbert (radio producer/composer) and
                   Mark Warnow (radio orchestra conductor)
        East: Meyer Davis (orchestra leader) and Ham Fisher (cartoonist)

        A threat of death.

70* "The Patient Murderer"
        01-22-42 or 01-24-42: 30:00*
        Guest Armchair Detectives
        West: Aubrey Waller Cook (pianist) and Bea Wain (radio singer)
        East: Lois January (actress) and George Jessel (comedian)

Around this time George Zachary left the program

71* "The 52nd Card"
         01-29-42 or 01-31-42: 30:00*
         Guest Armchair Detectives
         West: A.Finn and M.Kingsley
         East: Gypsy Rose Lee (stripper) and Norman Corwin (radio writer).

72* "The Imaginary Man"
         02-05-42 or 02-07-42: 30:00*
         Guest Armchair Detectives
         West: Mel Ott (baseball star) and Hank Warden (actor)
         East: Frank Forest (singer) and Lucille Manners (singer)

73* "The St.Valentine's Knot"
         02-12-42 or 02-14-42: 30:00*
         Guest Armchair Detectives
         West: Lady Hardwicke (wife of actor Sir Cedric Hardwicke) and
                     Mary Lewis (Metropolitan Opera soprano)
         East: D.Fritsch and Parks Johnson (host radio's Vox Pop series)

74* "George Washington's Dollar"
         02-19-42 or 02-21-42: 30:00*
         Adapted as The President's Half Disme in EQMM, February '47 and collected
          in The Calendar of Crime (1952)
         Guest Armchair Detectives
         West: Mr. and Mrs. Parks Johnson (of radio's Vox Pop series)
         East: Gilda Gray (actress) and Joe Howard (musician)

75* "The Old Witch"
         02-26-42 or 02-28-42: 30:00*
         Guest Armchair Detectives
         West: Vicki Baum (novelist) and Howard Dietz (theatrical producer)
         East: Heinie Dorner (tenor) and E.B.Locker

76* "The Missing Tumbler"
         03-05-42 or 03-07-42: 30:00*
         Guest Armchair Detectives
         West: Bill Stern (sportscaster) and Blue Barron (orchestra leader)
         East: Aubrey Waller Cook (pianist) and Mayor Harter (via phone)

          Fixing in the sports world.

77* "The Income Tax Robbery"  East Coast radioshow available on the internet... West Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
           03-12-42 or 03-14-42: 30:00*
          Printed as The Ides of Michael Magoon in 

          The Calendar of  Crime
  (1952) and reprinted as
          Filled in for Murder in Adventure Magazine, June 1959
          Guest Armchair Detectives:
          West: Alice Marble (tennis star) and Chicago Mayor
                      Edward Joseph Kelly (via phone)
          East: M.Hedstrom and Baltimore Mayor
                      Howard Wilkinson Jackson (via phone)

          Mike Brady, a private detective asks Ellery for help. He helps out
          wealthy families who have a kleptomanic problem...
                                                                                         (visit to the LoC 4/27/2005)

  Chicago's Mayor Edward J. Kelly took no chances of being put on
          a spot when invited to be a guest "detective" on an
Ellery Queen
 mystery case. Preferring to hear the show at NBC's Chicago studios
          (the program originates in New York), he arrived at the Merchandise
          Mart accompanied by three "real McCoys" from Chicago police force.
          When decisions were handed down, the mayor and tennis star Alice
          Marble, who also was a "detective" on the case, place the guilt on
          the same man. Must have been three red faces when the culprit was
          unveiled by
Ellery Queen, and he  wasn't the guy picked...
                                                                                       (Movie-Radio Guide 06-13-42)

          Between 1918 and 1955 income tax returns were due on March 15.
          hence the timing of this episode...

Marian Shockley, actress heard as Nikki Porter on NBC "Ellery Queen". NBC photo is marked 3/18/42 included text: "SCREAM TEST: screaming techique is part of the necessary equipment for Marian Shockley"78* "The Out-of-order Telephone"
           03-19-42 or 03-21-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: G.F.Donahoe and M.S. McDermott
           East: Miss F.E. Conaty and Gordon S.Miller

79* "The Servant Problem"
           03-26-42 or 03-28-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Jim Ameche (radio actor) and
                       John Allen (radio newscaster)
           East: Leo G. Carroll (actor) and Judith Evelyn (actress)

                     The Stars of Angel Street as armchair detectives.

On April 1. Lee visited the studios during rehearsals and met with Kaye Brinker, a young actress, who would become his second wife

80* "The Black Syndicate"
           04-02-42 or 04-04-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Mayor A.Rossi (via phone) and Lois Wilson (actress)
           East: Judge S.McDevitt and Selena Royle (actress)

81* "Ellery Queen, Swindler
           04-09-42 or 04-11-42: 30:00*
           Script printed in Rogues Gallery (1945)
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Bill Johnson (bandleader) and Allen Prescott (radio comedian)
           East: Arthur Murray (dance  instructor) and Marian Anderson (singer)

            A 'respectable' jeweler, Adolf Humperdinck cheats one of his employees out
            of $ 4,000. Ellery, with the help of M. Jallet, works out a jewel-switching
            maneuver to retrieve the young  man's money.

82* "The Superstitious Client"
           04-16-42 or 04-18-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: L.Brophy and Mayor Z.Leymel (via phone)
           East: Mrs.Octavus Roy Cohen (wife of author) and Mayor R. Perkins

83* "The Millionaires' Club"
           04-23-42 or 04-25-42 :30:00*
           Repeated as "The Inner Circle" 12-28-44 and 12-30-44
           Adapted as "The Inner CircleEQMM, January 1947 and collected in
           Calendar of Crime, 1952
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Bernardine Flynn (radio announcer/actress) and Otto Soglow (cartoonist)
           East: L.Brophy and Ward Greene (author)

84* "The Living Corpse"
           04-30-42 or 05-02-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: N.W.Lathan and Mayor E.J.Reilly (via phone)
           East: Ed Gardner (Duffy's Tavern star) and  Shirley Booth (actress)

85* "The Missing Child"
           05-07-42 or 05-09-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Shep Fields (orchestra leader) and Mrs.Joy Lyons
           East: Lawrence E. Spivak (publisher) and Bea Wain (radio singer)

86* "The Green Hat"
           05-14-42 or 05-16-42: 30:00*
           With  John P. McIntyre as prominent Washington war correspondent
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: a 'jury' of servicemen
           East: a so-called 'blue ribbon jury'
, jurymen which convicted a real killer to
                       the electric chair at Sing-Sing, will switch from fact to fiction as the guest
                       armchairs detectives. Program was advertised with a warning "Attention
                       Colored Folks".

87* "The Three Iou's"
           05-21-42 or 05-23-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: R.Porterfield and Earl Young (radio newscaster)
           East: Alice Marble (tennis ace, radio sportscaster) and
                     E.J.Reilly (Mayor of Chicago via phone)

88* "The Old Men"
           05-28-42 or 05-30-42: 30:00*
           Adapted as "As Simple as ABC" in EQMM, May 1951 and collected as
           "The Gettysburg Bugle"  in The Calendar of Crime (1952)
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Joan Caulfield (actress) and Emery Deutsch (bandleader)
           East: D.Lind and Judge J.T.Mahoney

89* "The Dog Fires"
           06-04-42 or 06-06-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Joan Edwards (singer/actress) and  J.Scheeter
           East: Warren Hull (actor/radio announcer) and Joana Leschin (concert pianist)

Story of heartless pyromaniac.

90* "The June Bride"
           06-11-42 or 06-13-42: 30:00*
           Adapted as "The Medical Finger"  in EQMM, June '51 and collected 
           in The Calendar of Crime (1952)
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Lois January (actress) and Lem Ward (painter/woodcarver)
           East: C. Agar and Jack McManus

           Seven minutes after a wedding  ceremony the very wealthy bride drops dead.
           Main suspect appears to be the violent-tempered former boyfriend who had 
           threatened to kill the woman. Ellery is attending 

Odds are five to one against armchair detectives solving ELLERY QUEEN murder mysteries, according to the guesses in the NBC series which started in January. Thirteen were correct; 68 missed.
(42-06-13 The Billboard) 

91* "The Golf Murder"
           06-18-42 or 06-20-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Alphonso d'Artega (band leader) and Kay Lorraine (vocalist)
           East:  Joan Edwards (singer/actress) and Conrad Thibault (singer)

Marion opposite Carleton Young in a photo for episode 92 "The Midnight Visitor" (1942)
92* "The Midnight Visitor
           06-25-42 or 06-27-42: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: James and Dorothy Kilgallen
                      (father and daughter, journalists)
           East: E.Allardice and A.Simon

93* "The Air Raid Warden
            07-02-42 or 07-04-42: 30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detectives
            West: Benay Venuta (singer/actress) and D.Mich
            East: Clyde Barrie (baritone) and Dick Stabile (bandleader)

After a whirlwind courtship Manfred B. Lee and Kaye Brinker were married on July 4, 1942 the same day as this last broadcast. The series went of the air for three months...

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