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Season 3

  The Adventures of Ellery Queen
NBC Bromo-Seltzer Thursdays 9:30 - 10:00 pm 1942 - 1943 (94-145)
   East Coast version aired Saturdays 7:30 - 8:00 pm
   Producer/Director: Knowles Entriken, Bruce Kamman
   Announcer: Ernest Chappell  Stand-by Announcer: Ben Grauer
   Scripts: Frederic Dannay, Manfred B. Lee
   Music: Charles Paul, organist
Stars: Carleton Young (Ellery),
Santos Ortega (Inspector Queen),
              Ted de Corsia (Velie),
Marion Shockley (Nikki Porter).

94* "The World Series Crime
10-08-42 or 10-10-42: 30:00*
Repeated on 09-30-43 or 10-02-43 (Episode 145)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: unknown
East: George McManus (comic strip artist),  Benay Venuta (singer/actress), other newspaper announced Pierre Huss, Benay Venuta.
Republished as a 1985 booklet by Gogaku Shunjusha (Japan)

The star player of the Eagles, Sparky is in a batting slump due to his stolen bat. Ellery Queen may be the only person who can save the World Series for the Eagles. 

Ellery succeeds just in time for the home run that leads the Eagles to victory, showcasing OWI's slogan for the day: "You can always trust your Uncle Sam!"  ("The Ellerys of the Airwaves" - Francis M.Nevins EQMM 2005)
95* "Mr. X"
10-15-42 or 10-17-42: 30:00*
West: G. Parsons and Harriet Van Horne (newspaper columnist)
East: A.Ames and Guy Parsons (Philadelphia's Superintendent of Police)

Ellery investigates the death of a recluse who had turned his apartment into a fortress and shut himself out.
96* "The Polish Refugee"
10-22-42 or 10-24-42: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detective
West: unknown
East: Mrs. Clarence Day Jr. and Oscar Serlin (theatrical producer)

Ellery tries to help a refugee countess who recently escaped from Nazi-occupied Poland.
97* "The Witch's Broom"
10-29-42 or 10-31-42: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: P.C.Mason and Marine Sergeant W.P.Berkley
East: Flora Robson (actress), the star, and John Van Druten (playwright), one of the authors of The Damask Cheek, a comedy that opened last week on Broadway

A Halloween murder thriller
98* "The Fatal Letter"
11-05-42 or 11-07-42: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Sergeant Vance and Sergeant L.White
(United States Marine Corp)
East: Jerry Lester (comedian) and Lucille Manners (singer)

Ellery and his pretty secretary-assistant, Nikki Porter, investigate a brutal killing.

"The Poet's Triangle" (Supossedly only first part) of East or West Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
11-12-42 or 11-14-42: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Lanny Ross (singer) and D.London
East: Les Brown (bandleader) and Eleanor Lyn
n (comedy Broadway actress)
Ann Corio announced as armchair detective

A love triangle between a poet Justine Prince, his wife and his secretary Joan Bentley. Talking in verses Justin concludes that "Joan is dead" To soon discover than Joan is indeed dead by poisoning. No suicide. Justine's father in law is a retired scientist in chemistry but too old and too sick. (The story itself includes a plug for Queen's newest anthology Sporting Blood)
                                (visit to the LoC 4/27/2005)

Our master detective, will be called upon to investigate a radio murder mystery Involving a romantic bard in the "Adventure of the Poet's Triangle." All musical selections. on the programs are originals by Charles Paul, musical director of the show. He also writes for daytime soap operas, hut calls that "mushy stuff." The wide range of Ellery Queen's adventures gives him extensive opportunities for sophisticated material. (The Cincinnati Enquirer November 15, 1942)

100* "The Bald-headed Ghost"
11-19-42 or 11-21-42: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detective
West: unknown
East: Eva Gabor (actress) and Dr. R.A.Button
Bert Lytelll announced as armchair detective
 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle announced Ella Logan (actress, singer)

The "master sleuth" Ellery Queen matches wits with the supernatural. In addition he almost loses his charming secretary, Nikki to the charms of a famous' Lothario of the theater. In fact, Ellery has quite a miserable time during part of his broadcast tonight...
101* "The Three Mothers" aka "The Dead Man's Chest"
11-26-42 or 11-28-42: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Bernard Geis (publisher) and C.Marr (one of his cover girls)
East: unknown
Repeated on 01-22-47 as "Queen Solomon" (Episode 306)
Part of a series of EQ episodes to be restaged with Australian actors and local commercials. Airdate 02-04-55 (Episode 30)
102* "The Man in the Taxi"
12-03-42 or 12-05-42: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: L.Guy and M.Hayes
East: Sally Rand (fan dancer) and Barry Wood (singer/musician)

Ellery investigates the murder of a playboy who for reason of his own was working as a cab driver when he was stabbed to death in his taxi.
103* "The Gymnasium Murder"
12-10-42 or 12-12-42: 30:00*
Repeated on 8-21-46 ((Episode 290)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West:  Irving Caesar (Broadway composer) and
Lady Hardwicke (wife of actor Sir Cedric Hardwicke)
East: pre-empted by a football game

The story tells how a prizefighter, who accidentally killed a man in the ring, was double crossed by a Chicago gangster. Murder develops and Ellery Queen is Johnny-on-the-spot.
Lee, Dannay May Do Special Gov't Series. Manfred Lee and Fred Dannay, co-authors of "Ellery Queen," may do a special series for the Government on the subject of security of war information. They conferred over the weekend with George Zachary, radio production head of the Office of War Information, and a decision on the matter will be made in a few days. Zachary formerly directed the "Ellery Queen" program and, in addition to his Government duties, still directs the Andre Kostelanetz show Sunday afternoons on CBS for Coca-Cola. (Variety, December 16, 1942)

"The Yellow Ledger" aka
        "Ellery Queen's Greatest Case
12-17-42 or 12-19-42: 30:00*
Adapted as "The Black Ledger" in This Week , 01-26-52 and collected in Q.B.I., 1955)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Walter B. Gibson (author and creator of The Shadow) and Choo Choo Johnson (hobo musician)
East: L.Sullivan and Hank Worden (actor)

Ellery undertakes the most dangerous mission of his career  and outwits a nest of Nazi spies. Ellery needs to bring a ledger from New York to Washington, D.C., by train. His essential kidnappers strip search him on the ride, to no avail.


In some cases an agent's entire list of performers eventually ask to get on "prestige" shows like Information, Please as guest experts, on Ellery Queen as guest armchair detectives, on Battle of the Sexes as guest stooges, on Take It or Leave It as guest ringers. They'll be a guest on anything as long as it's before a mike. It's getting so that the shows themselves are becoming tougher and tougher to crash because many name-guests experts have turned out to be just guest dopes.
42-12-19 The Billboard)

Kosty-Disney Tieup For Good Neighbor Ballyhoo
The Andre Kostelanetz show for Coca-Cola goes to the Coast for a single broadcast Dec. 27 to premiere the music from the new Walt Disney picture, 'Saludos Amigos.' Trip was arranged through the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, which is plugging 'Saludos' because of its Latin-American subject matter. Film was produced by Disney from cartoon and live footage made during his South American trip last year.
Besides Kostelanetz, those making the trip will include Yasha Frank, producer;
George Zachary, director; Ted Cott, m.c: Lou Robbins, arranger; Gilbert Seldes, continuity writer: Bernice Zazonick, of the D'Arcy agency, and Mrs. Zachary. Disney, currently in Mexico City, will go to Hollywood for the broadcast, which will use members of the film cast and will originate from a sound stage of the Disney studio.
In order to make the Coast trip for the Dec. 27 show, Mrs. Zachary (actress Marian Shockley) is being written out of the 'Ellery Queen' program, on which she plays the femme lead. It will be the first time she's missed a broadcast in the three years the series has been on the air.
  (Variety, Wednesday, December 23, 1942)


"The Red and Green Boxes"
12-24-42 or 12-26-42: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detective
West: A.Ames and Captain Don Saxon
East: Ann Corio (stripper/actress) and P.Schoenstein

A Christmas gift from Ellery Queen to his many loyal radio fans will be one of the features of his special program which will be broadcast in Christmas week. On the air, Ellery will present his listeners with an unusual surprise. “To say more would spoil the surprise," Ellery stated. This much of the mystery he did disclose — that it is the strange adventure of the ruby which turned into an emerald, and the odd case of the three human guinea pigs.

106* "The Man who was Murdered by Installments"
12-31-42  or 01-02-42: 30:00*
Repeated on 04-22-48 as "Murder by Installments" (Episode 350)
Guest Armchair Detective
West: V.Carol and H.Thompson
East: Walter Compton and Peggy Wood (actress)

Dexter Prill a very wealthy old man has two nephews and a niece. Two of  his greedy relatives have been cut out of the will, leaving all of his thirty million dollars to one of the rest. Which relative's worries are over? Or have they just begun? The old  man is shot twice, but only in the arm and leg.
As of here we know producer and director was Bruce Kamman
107* "The Singing Rat" West Coast radioshow available on the internet... West Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress West Coast episode preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City
01-07-43 or 01-09-43: 30:00*
Written by Frederic Dannay & Manfred B.Lee, Charles Paul (organ)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Ann Corio (vaudeville actress) and Alfred D.McKelv(r)ey (manufacturer)
East: Jean Holloway (radio writer) and Frank Luther (radio announcer)

A stool pigeon sets up racketeer Musso. Clue to the secret of murder is a hollow cigarette.

The singing rat is a rodent in human form, who, in the vernacular of the underworld, "sang" or squealed. This strange tale turns up a monogrammed cigarette that can't be smoked, a cowardly politician and a murder attempt in Police Headquarters.

"Mr. Short and Mr. Long"  Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
01-14-43 or 01-16-43: 30:00*
Script printed in the The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (1944) as "The Disappearance of Mr. James Phillimore
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: John G.Chapman (New York Daily news drama critic) and C.G.Kimball
East: Joan Edwards (singer/actress) and Ben Yost (of the Ben Yost Singers)
Newspapers announced: Wynn Murray (singer/actress) and Ben Yost

Both Dannay and Lee were fans of Sherlock Holmes. Douglas Green states that it  was only natural that the cousins would give Ellery a case Holmes had failed to solve. This is Ellery's solution to the unfinished case of Mr. James Phillimore, who, stepping back into his own house to get his umbrella, was never seen in this world.

109* "The Fairy Tale Murder"
aka "Little Red Riding Hood"
01-21-43 or 01-23-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West:  William Fawcett (magazine publisher) and  I.Thirer
East: B.Briskam and P.Schoenstein

Nikki, able assistant to Ellery Queen, plays a triple role in "The Adventure of the Fairy Tale Murder". Besides being herself, Nikki impersonates Little Red Riding Hood and a frightened old woman. It will happen in the course of solving a poison murder, which involves three big, bad wolves, keeping the fairy tale touch.
110* "Tom, Dick and Harry"
01-28-43 or 01-30-43: 30:00*
Script printed in  EQMM, 7/43 and reprinted in  the
Saint's Choice Vol.7: Radio Thrillers (1946) as "The Murdered Ship" 
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Helen Barton (visitor from San Diego) and Harry Conover (Modeling agency owner)
East: Bob Allen (singer) and F.Mercer

Ellery is summoned to Washington to investigate the most important case of his career (Lima News - 43-01-30)
111* "The Secret Enemy"
02-04-43 or 02-06-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: T.Dugan and J.Hogan
East: Harry Conover (Modeling agency owner) and Candy Jones (model)

This is the strange tale of an invisible avenger who rises out of the dark past, and comes from thousands of miles away to carry out a mission of merciless vindictiveness against a wealthy American family.
112* "The Broken Statues"
02-11-43 or 02-13-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: S.A. McCabe and Captain Don Saxon
East: Joan Edwards (actress) and Abe Lyman (bandleader)

A dangerous female crook, who has just been released from prison, enters the case which presents the queerest problem the famous gentleman detective has ever been requested to solve. Ellery’s search is for an answer to why somebody deliberately keeps smashing the poor attempts of a tyro sculptor to copy some of the world’s great statuary.
113* "The Two Swordsmen"
02-18-43 or 02-20-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Private M.Kaplan and J.M.Ross
East: Herb Shriner (radio comedian) and Betty Bruce (dancer)

A poisoned sword, a duke and a queen make it sound like a story out of the age of chivalry but it is a modern mystery.
114* "The One-legged Man"
02-25-43 or 02-27-43: 30:00*
Script printed in EQMM, 11/43 
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Jerry Crowley (radio man) and C.Hughes
East: Sara Ann McCabe (singer in Show Time) and Wilbur Evans (noted baritone).

Ellery Queen's second assignment from Washington as Special Investigator for the United States Government takes him to a Long Island war plant. There he encounters a serious sabotage plot and murder.
When Knowles Entriken, who directed the Ellery Queen broadcasts received a sudden call for an important assignment for the West Coast office of Ruthrauff & Ryan, the cast came up with a clever going-away gift, a handsome picnic basket filled with sandwiches, canned goods, and thermos coffee, just in case Knowles couldn't get into the diner of the transcontinental trains. (43-02-27 The Billboard)
115* "Number Thirteen Dream Street"
03-04-43 or 03-06-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Nanette Fabray (actress) and Luanna Walter (actress)
East: Ed Sullivan (newspaper columnist) and Nancy Kelly (actress)

Ellery tries to help an actress locate her uncle, who has been writing letters to her from a fictitious address.
116* "The Incredible Murder"
03-11-43 or 03-13-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: J.A.Knight and Helen Twelvetrees (actress)
East: William Prince (actor) and John Shuttleworth (fictitious radio host)
Ashbury Park Press announced: John Shuttleworth (editor of True Detective magazine) and Madge Evans, (screen star, guest detectives).

Ellery visits the state penitentiary death house to investigate the murder of a man who about to be legally executed.
117* "The Boy Detectives"
aka "The Great Nut Mystery
03-18-43 or 03-20-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Jerry Lester (radio personality) and H. Mueller
East: Frank Forest (tenor) and M. Reich

Ellery Queen is joined by two special assistants Jimmy Doyle and Sammy Berg, two messengers, get on the trail of desperate criminals with Ellery to solve a baffling case which arises in the simple surroundings of Nuttlely's Nut Store.
118* "The Circus Train" East Coast radioshow available on the internet... East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress Incomplete episode (Armchair detective sequence has been deleted) preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City
03-25-43 or 03-27-43: 30:00*
Written by Frederic Dannay & Manfred B.Lee
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Bob Bruce (radio actor) and G.I.Giles
East: George R.Crowley (Super-intendant New York,  New Haven and Harvard Railroad Police Force) and Francis Beverley Kelley (Ringling Brothers-Barnum and Bailey circus radio director).

A circus owner is killed with three $10,000 bills removed from the body. 
119* NBC press photo, Marion Shockley from the "Ellery Queen" show which aired April 1st. 1943"The Human Weapon"
04-01-43 or 04-03-43: 30:00* 
Repeated 03-04-48
Adapted in an episode of the Dumont TV-series the Adventures of Ellery Queen 11/23/50
Guest Armchair Detective
West: Alphonso d'Artega (band leader) and N.Bodanya
East: Jerry Lester (comedian) and B.O'Neill

Insane man seeks his wife's life.

Above right: NBC press photo, Marion Shockley from the Ellery Queen show which aired April 1st. 1943.
120* "The Three Musketeers"
04-08-43 or 04-10-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Doris McFerrin (magazine editor) and Leonard Sillman (Broadway producer)
East: Lois January (actress) and Crockett Johnson(cartoonist)

When a jointly-owned lottery ticket hits the Jackpot for a value of anywhere from $75,000 to $750,000 cash, murder by poison occurs, thereby starting Ellery Queen on another clue trail.
121* "Pharaoh Jones' Last Case"
04-15-43 or 04-17-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Dorothy Arzner (movie director) and Bill Johnson(orchestra leader)
East: Brenda Forbes (actress) and Frederick Sammis
(editorial director of Radio Mirror magazine)

The story concerts the master fiction detective of all time. This great sleuth had a ghost writer who died.
Suddenly an Englishman turns up in America with a newly discovered Pharaoh Jones' story. Publishers, critics and readers had never heard of it. Consternation breaks out in the double-dome set when this mysterious manuscript is put up for sale at private auction. And murder and theft follow in fast order.
122* "The Deadly Game"
04-22-43 or 04-24-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 4-21-40 "The Poker Club" (episode 45)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: William Juengst (columnist) and
Natalie Schafer (actress)
East: John L. Nanovic (pulp magazine editor) and Virginia Gilmore (actress)

Death follows a poker session. After a performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar a game of poker is played... murder soon followed.

THURSDAY—Got the repaired specs . . . Hard at work til midnight . . . Then to Radio City to be an "Ellery Queen'- armchair detective (or the show's West Coast b-cast . . . Found that the beauteous "Doughgirl" Natalie Shafer was the other guest . . . Guessed wrong but it was fun 'anyhow who'd expect Jungst to accuse a columnist of murder?) . . . Liked Carleton Young and found Marion Shockley to be even prettier than the pic I printed . . . Back to the shop to pound the mill 'til past breakfast time.
(Radio Dialog by William Jeungst-Brooklyn Eagle, Monday April 26, 1943)

"The Three Gifts"
 04-29-43 or 05-01-43: 30:00*
 Guest Armchair Detectives
 West: J.Fox and Carl Post
 East: Gloria Gilbert (tap dancer Broadway Musical Star
 and Garter
) and Jimmy Jemail (newspaper gossip
 columnist New York Daily News)

Crime intrudes in the placid life of little old Jonathan Caylilff, whose one desire is to bring happiness to three people he has never seen.

Friday: Carl Post was drafted as an emergency armchair detective on the Ellery Queen coaster last night... The Post-man not only guessed the murderer but the solution as well... Amazing!
            (Brooklyn Eagle, Monday May 3, 1943)

124* "The Eye Print"
05-06-43 or 05-08-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Lee Dixon and Celeste Holm (actress)
East: Joan Caulfield (actress) and Richard Widmark (actor)

Ellery who is noted for new developments in scientific criminal detection, turns from using fingerprints and footprints to an "eye print" to help discover a murderer.

Making use of a new development in scientific crime detection, Ellery Queen makes use of an eye print, in his broadcast tonight over NBC. Interesting sidelight on the program is a friendly little game of chance frequently indulged in by Ben Grauer, stand-by announcer on the show. With nothing more to do than give the network cue at the end of the broadcast, Ben tries to figure out the solution, with a side bet of 2 to 1 with Ted de Corsia, who plays Sergeant Velie and who knows the result. Ben lost eight time straight until last week when he correctly name the killer. (Schenectady Gazette, May 8. 1943)
125* "The Barbaric Murder"
05-13-43 or 05-15-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: A.Connolly and Bretaigne Windust (stage and movie director)
East: Kathryn Cravens (radio commentator) and Alexander Kirkland (movie actor)

The tale concerns an archaeologist and his future son-in-law, the treasures they find in the Peruvian jungles, and a murder.
And the WEAFer Ellery Queen, will try an innovation - Mayors of various towns will function as armchair detectives... Mayors will catch the show over their local NBC stations and long-distance phone or teletype their solutions to WEAF. Serviceman from the particular Mayor's town will be standing by at the Radio City studio to sub for him if wartime priorities block the message. (The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, May 21 1943)
126* "The Fortune Teller"
05-20-43 or 05-22-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Patricia Peardon (radio actress) and Mayor E. J. Reilly
East: K. Hughes and M. May

Ellery tries to save a wealthy spinster from a gypsy fortune teller who seems to be able to predict the future with an uncanny accuracy.
127* "The Death Trap"
05-27-43 or 05-29-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Ruth McDevitt (radio actress) and L. Rollins
East: Paula Lawrence (from the Cole Porter Musical Something for the Boys) and Guy Lombardo (bandleader)
Repeated on 01-29-48 as "The Death House" (Episode 338)
Part of a series of EQ episodes to be restaged with Australian actors and local commercials. Airdate 08-20-54 (Episode 6) as  "Other Side of The Grave" aka "The Dead House"

A young woman required by a relative's will to live in a house with somebody else in the family has rigged with a series of death traps.
128* "The Killer who was going to Die"
06-03-43 or 06-05-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: R. Burton and J. Bellows
East: Nellie Revell (radio personality) and Ben Yost (from the Ben Yost Singers)

A young woman required by a relative's will to live in a house with somebody else in the family has rigged with a series of death traps.

On June 6. 1943 the Fred Allen show had "Ellery Queen" as guest. This was Carleton Young and Fred Allen was armchair detective (along with a couple of him comedy characters).  Texaco Star Theater 9:30 - 10:00pm - CBS

Ellery Queen, with the assistance of "One Long Pan" solves "The Adventure of the Jockey Who Rode With Death." No actor credit was given during the 30 minutes show but it's also assumed Marion Shockley played Nikki.

Fred Allen had to pay co-authors Manfred Lee and Frederic Dannay a royalty for permission to have Carleton Young do his Ellery Queen characterization Sunday night (6) on the Texaco show (Variety, Wednesday, June 9, 1943)

Fred Essex directed this episode and remembers Fred Allen didn't solve the mystery

On one episode (Carleton G. Young played Ellery and Ted De Corsia played Sgt.Velie) the script presented a problem to both the sound man and the engineer in the control booth. This particular story, written by Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee, concerned radio actors rehearsing a program in a studio in which their story related to a thief breaking into a jewelry story and smashing the glass on a display table and stealing the jewels seen in the case.
The problem was this: How to alter the voices of the cast so they sounded in normal conversation and then how they supposedly sounded over the radio within the drama they were portraying. The listener at home without realizing it was to differentiate between their so-called role playing as actors on the radio and their regular voices as they spoke to each other. The Control Room engineer, after different attempts, solved the situation by inserting a filter when the cast was supposedly on the radio which cut off the lows in their voices. It was not too noticeable, just enough to suggest what was happening.
Fred Essex, Radiogram, March 2011
129* "Crime, Inc"
06-10-43 or 06-12-43: 30:00*
Condensed as "The Crime Corporation" in Story Digest, November 1946
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Guy Lombardo (bandleader) and Arleen Whelan (actress)
East: Mia Slavenska (ballerina) and David Thimor both from Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

Which advance notices describe as the doings of "six slick operators of a criminal organization somewhat similar to the real Murder,Inc., mob of Brooklyn."
130* "The Man with the Red Beard"
06-17-43 or 06-19-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Virginia Field (actress) and Norman Tokar (radio actor)
East: Gypsy Rose Lee (stripper) and  Joe Besser (comedian, Broadway's Sons O'Fun)*

Ellery Queen demonstrates his versatility as a detective by solving his puzzler without even leaving his apartment. An insurance agent carrying benefit money for the USO fund is murdered, and Queen recovers the money and identifies the murderer.

* Above: Radio stations east of the Mississippi River had to start their stations with ‘W’, and stations west of the Mississippi with ‘K’. (There is some discrepancy though since radio stations that already existed before this rule was put in place weren’t required to change their name.) KSTP radio was just west of the Mississippi. This add implies that the guests for the June 17. 1943 broadcast (predating the East Coast broadcast by two days) were Gypsy Rose Lee and Joe Besser.
Ruthrauft & Ryan auditioning for a new Ellery Queen. Carleton Young leaves the program for Hollywood to take up his contract with 20th-Fox.   (Variety, Wednesday, June 23, 1943)
131* "Sergeant Velie's Revenge"
06-24-43 or 06-26-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Christine Ayers (showgirl) and William Fawcett (magazine publisher)
East: Virginia Field (Broadway actress, The Doughgirls and the new movie, Stage Door Canteen) and Norman Tokar (radio actor "Henry" in The Aldrich Family)

The tables are turned on the clever Ellery by his father Inspector Richard Queen, and Sergeant Velie, who have become annoyed at the master sleuth's seeming nonchalance in approaching the most difficult problems of criminal detection. This pair of conspirators from police headquarters rig up a fake crime, and off goes Ellery on a wild goose chase with Queen, Sr. and flatfoot Tom Velie doubled up in mirth. The suave gentleman detective thinks the case is on the level, never suspecting that he has been framed by the inspector and sergeant, who want to give Ellery his comeuppance.
132* "The Hidden Crime"
07-01-43 or 07-03-43: 30:00*
Guest Armchair Detective
West: J. Deering and A.B. Hecht
East: James Montgomery Flagg (magazine illustrator) and Harriet Von Horne (newspaper columnist)
Announced in newspapers: James Montgomery Flagg (artist) and Sherman Billingsley (Stork Club Owner)

A mystery yarn in which a curious infraction of the law occurs. A million dollars in an open desk drawer is ignored by a thief who breaks into an apartment. He binds an elderly gentleman, and ransacks the place completely without taking a thing. Obviously a clever crime was committed, but after investigation, nobody can say exactly what did happen. Nobody, that is, but the master detective, Ellery Queen, and he’s not telling in advance.
Beginning of a 13 episode summer repeat series.
133* "The Double Triangle"
07-08-43 or 07-10-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 4-28-40 (Episode 46)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Harry Von Zell (actor) and Fred Warrin (bandleader)
East: Phil Baker (radio comedian) and Donna Dae (singer)

rate husband begs protection against himself.
134* "The Man who could Double the Size of Diamonds" Script of this story included in "The Adventure of the Murdered Moths" ...
07-15-43 or 07-17-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 5-05-40 (Episode 47)
Script printed in EQMM, 5/43
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: M.Davis and W.Doble
East: Joan Edwards (singer/actress) and R.Mealand Newspaper announced Raymond Paige (bandleader) as guest.

In March 2017 EQMM's Podcast page featured  a clever script from The Adventures of Ellery Queen radio series of the late 1930s and the 1940s. “The Adventure of the Man Who Could Double the Size of Diamonds” (which was reprinted in EQMM in May 1943 and August 2005) is read here by Mark Lagasse. To hear the podcast click here...Ellery not only solves the murder of a scientist who claims to have discovered a chemical progress for making diamonds grow, at the same time he untangles the impossible theft of four such stones from a locked and guarded vault.
135* "The Fire Bug"
07-22-43 or 07-24-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 5-12-40 (Episode 48)
Script printed in EQMM, 3/43
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Jerry Wayne (actor) and Private J.Fink.
Jerry Wayne couldn't attend a press agent replaced him.
East: Janet Blair (actress) and Paula Stone (actress)
A series of suspicious blazes in Ellery neighborhood, each of  which destroyed a building owned by the same man.
136* "The Honeymoon House"
07-29-43 or 07-31-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 5-19-40 (Episode 49)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Virginia Gilmore (actress) and F.Hornaday 
East: Ann Corio (stripper/actress) and Paul Lavall (orchestra conductor)

Script printed in The Case Book of Ellery Queen (1945)

Love rivalries among the offspring of munitions manufacturers lead to a bride's murder on her wedding night...
During August Carleton Young was replaced by Sydney Smith.
137* "The Mouse's Blood"
08-05-43 or 05-07-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 5-26-40 (Episode 50)
Script printed in EQMM 9/42 and reprinted in The Fireside
Mystery Book (1947)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Ann Corio (stripper/actress) and Jay C.Flippen(actor)
East: M.Davis and Mary Small (actress)

Ellery happens to be outside the house where a blackmailer is stabbed to death by one of four athletes who were to have made the payoffs to him that night. (? see title below)

Thrifty fellow - Ellery Queen recently invited Vocalist Martha Stewart to be armchair detective. He prepared a monogrammed cigarette lighter as a guest gift. Miss Stewart became ill and couldn't appar. So Queen invited Songstress Mary Small. The monogram was okay. (Evening Star - Washington D.C. July 25. 1943)
138* "The Four Murderers"
08-12-43 or 08-14-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 6-02-40 (Episode 51)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Paul Lavalle (orchestra conductor) and Paula Stone (actress)
East: Jay Jost
yn (actor Mr. District Attorney) and Danton Walker (newspaper columnist)

The two crime chasers of the kilocycles and Walker will pit their wits against the murderer of old Mrs. Twill, or as the title indicates, the four murderers. Everyone in this strange case is a killer, and for a change Ellery will lay his cards face up on the table from the beginning...

The cast of "Mr. District Attorney" made money when they won a wager from the "Ellery Queen" performers.
Jay Jostyn of the former show was a guest star on the latter, and his colleagues bet the opposition that he'd solve the mystery. (The Erie County Independent - July 12 1943)
139* "The Good Samaritan"
08-19-43 or 08-21-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 6-09-40 (Episode 52)
Basis for movie
A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen 1942
Script printed in EQMM 11-42 
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Jan Kiepura (opera singer) and Danton Walker (newspaper columnist)
East: Ralph Edwards (radio personality) and Rajah Raboid (stage magician)

Ellery hunts the elusive Robin Hood who's been sending stolen $100 bills to the needy tenants in a certain tenement.
140* "The Mysterious Travelers"
08-26-43 or 08-28-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 6-16-40 (Episode 53)

Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Otto Preminger (movie director) and Rajah Raboid (stage magician)
East: F.B. Beddow and C.C. Conell
Announced guest: Jan Kiepura

Murder suspects from Persia, Ceylon and the Fiji Islands in New York to thrust Ellery into one of most exciting peregrinations in crime.
141* "The Dark Cloud"
09-02-43 or 09-04-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 6-23-40 (Episode 54)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Ezra MacIntosh (radio producer/director) and I.T.Miller
East: Christine Ayers (showgirl) and Spike Jones (bandleader)
Part of a series of EQ episodes to be restaged with Australian actors and local commercials. Airdate 05-20-55 (Episode 45)

When Ellery Queen, the Inspector and Nikki set out for a weekend's cruising in the luxurious private yacht The Dark Cloud, adventure seemed the last thing that could happen. But a murderer strikes, and Ellery solves one of his most intriguing problems. (The ABC Weekly)
During September Marion Shockley was replaced by Helen Lewis.
142* "The Blind Bullet"
09-09-43 or 09-11-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 6-30-40 (Episode 55)
Script printed in EQMM, 9/43
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Candy Jones (model) and Spike Jones (bandleader)
East: Richard Coogan (radio actor) and Julie Stevens (radio actress) both from Abie's Irish Rose

A ruthless tycoon feels threatened as he received a precise minute and day of his death. The magnate turns to Ellery to  protect him from this anonymous enemy.

Later recycled as premise for The King is Dead (1952)

Julie Stevens and Dick Coogan will be escorted to their Abie's Irish Rose broadcast by two NBC studio cops tonight, but not because they're under arrest The pair will have exactly one minute to get from Ellery Queen, where they will guest, to the Abie studio, five stories up, and it will take a special elevator and two cops to do it! (Evening Star, September 12!, 1943)
143* "The Fallen Gladiator"
09-16-43 or 09-18-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 7-07-40 (Episode 56)
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Jack Dolph (author) and Dave Rubinoff (violinist)
East: Don Dunphy (sports announcer) and Jerry Wayne (actor)

Story of the prize ring. After attending a world heavyweight championship boxing match, Ellery discovers the dethroned champ's body in a parking lot.
144* "The Treasure Hunt"
09-23-43 or 09-25-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 7-21-40 (Episode 58)
The Brooklyn Eagle announced "The Frightened Star" (09-25-43 which would have been a repeat of episode 57)
Script printed in EQMM spring '42
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Jackie Kelk (radio actor) and Mary Small (vocalist)
East: "Senator" Ed Ford, Harry Hershfield (caricaturist) and Joe Laurie Jr. (3 of the 4 joke's experts on radio's Can you top this?

One of the retired general's house guests stole a rope of  pearls from his daughters' bedroom. Ellery sets out to find it and devises a treasure-hunting game as a psychological trap for the thief. 

Plot gimmick from The American Gun Mystery (1934)
145* "The World Series Crime" East Coast Radioshow available on the internet... East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress East (not West) Coast episode preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City
09-30-43 or  10-02-43: 30:00*
Repeat of 10-08-42 (Episode 94)
Written by Frederic Dannay & Manfred B.Lee
Guest Armchair Detectives
West: Don Duphy (sports announcer) and Al Schacht (baseball coach)
East:  Ken Sears (baseball player) and Art Flynn (editor Sporting News), Joe Gordon (baseball player) was unable to join.
The Brooklyn Eagle announced Walter Lanier "Red" Barber (sportscaster) come Oct 2.
Republished as a 1985 booklet by Gogaku Shunjusha (Japan)

The star player of the Eagles, Sparky is in a batting slump due to his stolen bat. Ellery Queen may be the only person who can save the World Series for the Eagles. 

Ellery succeeds just in time for the home run that leads the Eagles to victory, showcasing OWI's slogan for the day: "You can always trust your Uncle Sam!" ("The Ellerys of the Airwaves" - Francis M.Nevins EQMM 2005)
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