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Season 6

   The Adventures of Ellery Queen

CBS Anacin Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:00 pm 1945 - 1946 (240-291)
    Producer/Director: Bob Steel
    Announcer: Don Hancock
    Scripts: Frederic Dannay (Anthony Boucher), Manfred B. Lee
    Stars: Sydney Smith (Ellery), Santos Ortega (Inspector Queen),
               Ted de Corsia (Velie),
Gertrude Warner (Nikki Porter)

240* "The Man who was Afraid"
             09-05-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Judge Jonah J. Goldstein (N.Y. Court of
             General Sessions, Republican candidate for mayor of New York
             Announced in newspaper (Wisconsin State Journal) for broadcast on
             08-22-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Capt. Charles S. Vaughn (Pan American
             Clipper pilot)
241* "The Blue Egg"
             09-12-45 :30:00*  Repeated on 02-26-48
             Guest Armchair Detective: Virginia McWatters (opera singer)

             An impossible crime has been committed. Where is that missing
             fabulous blue sapphire?

242* "The Lost Soul"
             09-19-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Shep Fields (musician, bandleader, just
             returned from tour of Germany and France.)

243* "The Green House"
             09-26-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: George V. Denny Jr. (associate director of 
             the New York League for Political Education) 
             Announced in newspaper (Wisconsin State Journal) for broadcast on
             08-29-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective:  Evelyn Wyckoff (singing star of Oklahoma)

244* "Ellery Queen, Cupid"
             10-03-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Edith Spencer (radio's "Aunt Jenny")

245* "The Kid Glove Killer"
             10-10-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Eddie Downling (Broadway producer)
             Repeat performance guest: Carol Stone (Broadway actress)

246* "The Other Man"
             10-17-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Jan Clayton (actress)
             Repeat performance guest: Danton Walker (newspaper columnist)

            The master detective throws fast switch and springs a surprise in his
            dramatization of a mystery story in which a man finds himself betrayed. 

247* "The Repentant Thief"
             10-24-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Commander Henry H.Hale (US Navy Officer
             skipper of aircraft carrier Franklin)

248* "The Halloween Murder"
             10-31-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Edward Everett Horton (actor)

             Halloween Show

249* "The Message in Red Introclip to the radioshow Episode preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City
             11-07-45 :30:00*
             Written by Manfred B.Lee & Anthony Boucher
             Chet Kinsbury (music), Frank
Mellow (sound effects),
             James Rinaldi (sound engineer),
             Virginia Dwyer (commercial spokeswoman).
             Guest Armchair Detective: Victor Jory (actor)

             Three women are murdered on the same night with the same gun.

"The Message in Red" was followed by a Mr. and Mrs. North episode where Ellery Queen helped to solve "The Murder in Mink"

250* "The Happy Marriage"
             11-14-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Joseph Curtin and Alice Frost (stars of  radio's
             Mr. and Mrs. North appearing as those characters)

             Last week, the Norths' were annoyed when Ellery made
a surprise appearance
             on their comedy-mystery show and solved the mystery before they did....

251* "The Ape's Boss"
            11-21-45 :30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detective:  Eleanor Steber (Metropolitan Opera star)

252* "The Doodle of Mr.O'Drew"
             11-28-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Vera Zorina (actress/dancer)
             Repeated 05-13-48 as "Nikki Porter, Starlet"

253* "The Peddler of Death"
             12-05-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Helen Hayes (actress)

Shown (L to R) are Del Dunning, Ruthrauff & Ryan; L. Bernegger, Whitehall sales manager; Miss Gertrude Warner, who plays Nikki Porter on "Ellery Queen"; R. G. Rettig, Whitehall advertising manager; Watson Lee, CBS sales department.
OFFICIALS of Whitehall Pharmacal Co., New York, makers of Anacin and sponsors of "Ellery Queen" on CBS, were guests of Ruthrauff & Ryan Inc. and CBS when they attended a broadcast in conjunction with a supervisors sales conference in New York. Shown (L to R) are Del Dunning, Ruthrauff & Ryan; L. Bernegger, Whitehall sales manager; Miss Gertrude Warner, who plays Nikki Porter on "Ellery Queen"; R. G. Rettig, Whitehall advertising manager; Watson Lee, CBS sales department.                                    (Broadcasting, December 10. 1945)

254* "The Man with Two Faces"
             12-12-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Major General Emmanuel E. Lombard (retired
             French liaison officer for General DeGaulle and General Eisenhower)
             Repeat performance guest: Vera Zorina (actress/dancer)
             Announced guest NY Evening Post 12-12-45: Sir Cedric Hardwicke
             (stage & film actor)

255* "The Curious Thefts"
             12-19-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Ralph Morgan (actor)
             Repeat performance guest: Virginia Vale (actress)
             Condensed story in Story Digest 9-46

256* "The Man Who Loved Murders"
             12-26-45 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Jean Sablon (French singer)

"The Reign of Terror" Sales presentation preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City
     01-46 :41:14*
             A 4-part murder mystery (sales presentation) program for G. Washington
             Coffee, not a broadcast. The story has an almost graphic sex scene! It's
             doubtful anything this racy was ever broadcast. The solution to the crime is the
             most far-fetched  imaginable. An elaborate and very clever sales presentation.
             It features a nearly fully-staged sex scene, and ends with Inspector Queen
             saying "Well I'll be god damned."

             Two impossible crimes have taken place: a man is  murdered in a stalled
             elevator, another dies on a street in full view of a policeman. There is no
             discernible cause of death for either body. The next day,
a couple with no
             clothes on are both found dead in a locked room.
"Flakesy, the mobster," dies
             right on schedule. 

257* "The Lost Hoard"
             01-02-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Saul Pett (newspaper columnist, radio columnist)

258* "The Various Deaths of Mr. Frayne
             01-09-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Arthur Godfrey (radio star)

259* "The Green Eye"
             01-16-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Morgan Conway (ex-FBI agent, actor who
             plays Dick Tracy

    An international jewel thief baffles the police of two continents.
             The chase leads from New York to London, with
Ellery investigating the
             crime in competition with Scotland Yard and New York's finest.

260* "The Lovely Racketeer"
             01-23-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: James L.Cox (American inventor and holder
             of NAM Pioneer Award for his work on lighting)

261* "Ellery Queen's Tragedy"
             01-30-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: unknown

262* "The Fifteenth Floor"
             02-06-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Marjorie Rambeau (actress)

263* "The Living Death"
             02-13-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Belita (ice skater/actress)
             Repeat performance guest: James L.Cox (inventor)

264* "The Three Fencers"
             02-20-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Willie Mosconi (pool expert, world pocket
             billiards champion)
             Repeat performance guest: Eugene List (pianist)

A female fencer from France was stabbed to death with a foil.

265* "The Ninth Mrs.Pook"
            02-27-46 :30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detective: Craig Rice (mystery writer)
            Repeat performance guest: Dick Joy (radio announcer)

266* "The Phantom Shadow"
             03-06-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Alfred Eichler (advertising executive/
             mystery writer)
             Repeat performance guest: Jean Meegan (newspaperwoman)

In this Queen, Nikki Porter witnesses a murder, sees the killer and the
              victim, but fails to identify either.

267* "The Clue of the Elephant"
             03-13-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Betty Forsling (Newsweek radio editor)
             Repeat performance guest: Sam Spiegel (radio producer)

268* "The Man Who Waited"
             03-20-46 :30:00*
             Adapted as "Cold Money" (This Week, 03-20-52 and collected in Q.B.I., 1955)
             Guest Armchair Detective: Orson Welles

269* "The Armchair Detective"
             03-27-46 :30:00*  Repeated on 3-18-48
             Guest Armchair Detective: Private Pat Berkely (wounded Army Medical
             Corpsman in Halloran Hospital)

            The Armchair detective is murdered whilst Ellery Queen is on the air.
             Ellery finds the solution before the show ends.

270* "The Death Wish"
             04-03-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Con Colleano (acrobat tight wire artist)
             Repeat performance guest: six of the "Goldwyn girls"

271* "The Girl who couldn't get Married
             04-10-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Carolyn Rolland (associate editor of the
             magazine Seventeen

In his radio thriller, Ellery himself falls in love with a frustrated girl, who is
             unable to catch a husband. This crush sort of dashes a stream of water on
             the torch which his secretary, Nikki Porter has been carrying for the slick

Gertrude Warner is taking a two week holiday and has been written out of the script. On tonight's show she'll be shot off mike and listeners will get the impression Nikki is still around, for they'll hear her labored breathing in a hospital bed. Yet the real Nikki ”Miss Warner” will be miles away. (The Knickerbocker News, Albany, Mike Mann, April 17, 1946)

272* "Nikki Porter, Murder Victim"
            04-17-46 :30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detective: six of the "Goldwyn girls"
            Plot De Muerte Natural by Rafael Burnal used by permission 

            The master detective needs plenty of assistance. He has spring fever,
            and is lethargic so that even the challenge of a clueless killing in a series
            of brutal jewel robberies, fails to arouse his interest. That is until Nikki
            Porter gets shot.
 A second attempt is made by a man in a surgical outfit
            and Ellery strikes back hard and fast

273* "The Man Who Bought One Grape"
             04-24-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: James P. Markham (Attorney of Houston, Texas
             Repeat performance guest: James H. Pepkin (Texan)
             In Texas there is a poker hand peculiar to that state known as "The
             Blaze" This fact is essential to the solution hence the choice of guests.

             An eccentric one-eyed millionaire has been buying one grape a day from an
             Italian fruit vendor. He apparently used them as replacement for his stolen
             glass eye. Then the thief is murdered.

274* "The Rhubarb Solution"
             05-01-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Joan Edwards (singer)
             Repeat performance guest: Saul Pett (newspaper columnist)

            A dollar bill with a nail polish message aids in finding a farm
            woman who disappeared

275* "The Nine Mile Clue"
             05-08-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Red Barber (sportscaster)
             Repeat performance guest: Muriel Babcock (magazine editor)

             In need of auto repairs Ellery and Nikki stop in a small town. The
             garage owner is killed and Ellery's car gets involved...

276* "The Crime in the Darkness"
            05-15-46 :30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detective: Vernon Pope (editor of Pageant magazine.)
            Repeat performance guest: Margaret Whiting (singer)

            Ellery investigates a case where a man uses telepathy in stead of his eyes.

277* "The Hollywood Murder Case"
             05-22-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Elsa Miranda (The "Chiquita Banana" girl)
             Announced armchair detective: Lucille Ball (comedienne)
             Repeat performance guest: Lucille Ball (comedienne)

             Ellery and Nikki in Hollywood. Ellery wants to write a  screenplay based
             on the murder of a famous director. Another director claims to have a
             piece of the movie soundtrack that implicates a famous actress of the
             crime. Then soundtrack is stolen and the second director murdered.

278* "The Laughing Woman"
             05-29-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Francis Lederer (actor)
             Repeat performance guest: John Reed King (radio announcer)

             A neurotic wife leaves her husband for a racketeer. The husband
             becomes prime suspect when that racketeer is murdered.

Trudy Warner was first married in June 1946, prompting a voluntary suspension of her Radio career and her departure from the successful Ellery Queen Mystery program. Nikki was written out of the script until the middle of July when Charlotte Keane took over.

279* "The Mr.Warren's Profession"
             06-05-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Dorothy Dunn (contest winner from Ohio,
             guest editor of Charm magazine)
             Repeat performance guest: Barbara Lewis (secretary)

             A professional blackmailer who had the strange habit of making puns
             about book titles is murdered . Just before dying he ran a bell over and over...

280* "The Great Spy Puzzle"
             06-12-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: John Reed King (radio announcer, quiz master
             Repeat performance guest: Archie Mayo (movie director)

            A man is killed in front of both Nikki and Ellery. He offered them
            fragments of a piece of paper. He didn't get the time to explain but they
            can make out the word Ft. Haust on one fragment 

281* "Cokey and the Pizza"
             06-19-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Elsa Miranda (The "Chiquita Banana" girl)
             Repeat performance guest: Francis Lederer (actor)

             Whilst Ellery is investigating how a gangster trapped in a room above an
             Italian restaurant gets his supplies of cocaine, the man is murdered.... by a
             Penguin.  Inspector
Queen wants Cokey Cox to sing in the worst way...
             Cokey is no Caruso, his song will" jail a dangerous mob

282* "The Double Die" aka "The Devil Die"
             06-26-46 :30:00*
             Announced armchair detective: Dolores Moran (actress)
             Guest Armchair Detective: Joseph Curtin and Alice Frost (stars of
             radio's Mr. and Mrs. North appearing as those characters)

A gambler asks Ellery to investigate who uses loaded dice.  Then Ellery is
             called away: in Indiana his phone number turned up in the hotel room of a
             vanished corpse. The gambler is murdered and leaves a clue: two dice turned
             to show threes

283* "The War Bride"
             07-03-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Dolores Moran (actress)
             Repeat performance guest: Richard Long (actor)

             An ex-soldier desperately wants to marry a young French  woman he
             met overseas. He's been threatened with murder if he does...

284* "The Confidential Butler"
"The Confidential Agent"
             07-10-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Wallace C. Siple (Canadian flying ace and
             trail blazer of world's first overseas freight route for RAF Ferry Command.)
             Repeat performance guest: Sunny Skylar (songwriter)

             A butler blackmails three of his former employers and gets  murdered.
             A tea-brewing clue helps Ellery out.

285* "The Ultra-Modern Murder"
             07-17-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective:
             Alan Baxter (actor, leading man of  Voice of the Turtle)
             Repeat performance guest: Ed Hall (newspaper editor)

             A woman is murdered whilst entering a surrealist art studio. She pulled a
             light cord made of a snake's tail firing off  an antique dueling pistol in the
             hand of a Venus statue facing the door.

286* "The Golden Key"
             07-24-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Ben Hecht (writer)
             Repeat performance guest: Maxwell Hamilton  (magazine editor)

             Three young college students are the focal point of attempted murder. 
             A Phi Beta Kappa-key points Ellery in the right direction

287* "The Man Who Got Away with Murder"
             07-31-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Ray Bolger (actor, dancer)

             A lawyer phones in and confesses to a series of recent murders.
             To get the better of Ellery he then claims the caller was an impostor.
             The lawyer is stabbed to death.

288* "The First Night"
             08-07-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Milton Berle (comedian)
             Repeat performance guest: Joan Edwards (singer)

             During a seaside vacation Ellery tries to enjoy a first night opening of
             a play by the local summer theater company

289* "Bis to Cal" aka "Bis and Cal"
             08-14-46 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective: Paula Stone (actress)
             Repeat performance guest: Benny Baker (comedian)

             A financier turns to Ellery after receiving a ransom note with his
             daughter's thumbprint in blood. But is she really kidnapped?

From Left to Right: Ellery Queen, Charlotte Keane, Parks Johnson and Warren Null.290* "The Gymnasium
08-21-46 :30:00*
             Repeat of  10-12-42
             or 10-10-42
             Guest Armchair Detective:
             Warren Hull, Parks Johnson
             (co-hosts radio's Vox Pop)

             Above right: (From L to R): Ellery Queen, Charlotte Keane, Parks Johnson
             and Warren Null.

291* "The Doomed Man"
              08-28-46 :30:00*
              Guest Armchair Detective:  Marsha Hunt (actress)

              A young woman gets blamed for the murder of a patriarch.
              A candlestick clue is all Ellery needs

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