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Season 4

"The Adventures of Ellery Queen"
NBC Bromo-Seltzer Thursdays 9:30 - 10:00 pm 1943 - 1944 (146-197)
   East Coast version aired Saturdays 7:30 - 8:00 pm
   Producer/Director: Bruce Kamman / Bob Steel
   Announcer: Ernest Chappell
   Scripts: Frederic Dannay, Manfred B. Lee
   Music: Charles Paul, organist
   Stars: Sydney Smith (Ellery),
Santos Ortega (Inspector Queen),
             Ted de Corsia (Velie), Marion Shockley / Helen Lewis (Nikki Porter) for two
             months starting Sep 1943)

146* "The Man with 10,000 Enemies"
            10-07-43 (West-Coast) or 10-09-43 (East-Coast): 30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detectives
            West: B.Cash and Hope Emerson
            East: P.Browning and Mary Little (radio columnist)
            Announced armchair detectives Ed Pawley (radio star
'Big Town')
            and Mary Little (radio columnist).
For a short while Helen Lewis takes over the role of Nikki
147* "The Hopeless Case"
            10-14-43 or 10-16-43: 30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detectives
            West: Vic Carroll and  M.E. Keeler
            East: Nadine Conner (opera singer) and Mayor
            Clarence V.Mooney of Asbury Park, N.J.

148* "The Frightened Star"
            10-21-43 or 10-23-43: 30:00* repeat of  7-14-40
            Script printed in EQMM spring '42
            Guest Armchair Detective
            West: Earl Carroll (theatrical producer) and
                        Beryl Wallace (showgirl/actress)
            East: U.S. navy in observance of Navy Day, Oct. 27, Elizabeth Wright
                     (Seaman First Class) and Harry Goldman (Pharmacist Mate First Class)

           A locked-room mystery involving the death of a mysteriously
           retired Hollywood actress ...

           Plot gimmick from The American Gun Mystery (1934)

149* "The Stolen Rembrandt"
           10-28-43 or 10-30-43: 30:00*
           Guest Armchair Detectives
           West: Eric Blore (actor) and W.Shaw
           East: (Five-phones-and-three-secretaries execs)

                     Howard S. Palmer (New York. New Haven & Hartford prexy) and
                     Charles E. Foster (vice-president of Cities Service Oil)

150* "The Vanishing Magician" East Coast radioshow available on the internet... East Coast episode preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City
            11-04-43 or 11-06-43: 30:00*
            Repeat of "The Disappearing Magician" 09-15-40
            Written by Frederic Dannay & Manfred B.Lee
            Guest Armchair Detective
            West: B.Pemberton and Linda Watkins (radio actress)
            East: Sonia Bigman (radio editor of Time magazine) and 
                      Edward Pawley (radio star
'Big Town')

            A has-been vaudevillian promises to disappear from a house to win $25,000

Marion Shockley returns as Nikki

Marian Shockley (sic), who created and has played the role of "Nikki Porter" for five years on the Ellery Queen NBC radio series, was off the air recently for nine weeks because of serious illness. But her voice apparently was heard; Helen Lewis who came to New York six years ago with Marian, and with her tried out for the role, is an expert mimic; she stepped in and imitated her friend Marian (The Lowville leader., Dec 2 1943)

151* "The Three Robbers" aka "The Three Dollar Robbery"
            11-11-43 or 11-13-43: 30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detectives West: Fran Carlon (radio actress) and
            Edward Pawley (radio star 'Big Town
            East: Linda Watkins (radio actress) and E. McCrane

152* "The Bullet-Proof Man" 15 minutes Office Of War Information version "The Adventure Of The Wounded Lieutenant" available on the internet... Two versions of this on the West Coast broadcast based episode preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City
            11-18-43 or 11-20-43: 30:00*
            Written by Frederic Dannay & Manfred B.Lee
West coast version basis for 15 minutes Office Of War Information
            syndication. "The Adventure Of The Wounded Lieutenant"
            Guest Armchair Detective
            West: Mrs.F.Cooper (? not mentioned in OWI), Virginia Field (actress) and
                        Ed Sullivan (columnist)
            East: Warren Hull, Parks Johnson (co-host of Vox Pop series)

Bob Steel takes over as producer director

153* "The Train that Vanished"
            11-25-43 or 11-27-43: 30:00*
            Printed as "Snowball in July" in Q.B.I. (1955)
            Guest Armchair Detective
            West: B.Berg and Lt.V.Perring
            East: John
C. Cullen (US Coastguard member, winner of Legion of Merit medal
             for trapping Nazi spies) and Jack Dempsey (US Coastguard member, ex-boxer
             'The Mauler'
) Both were making this appearance to salute the first anniversary
             of the SPARS.

154* "The Dying Message"
            12-02-43 or 12-04-43: 30:00*
            Guest Armchair Detectives
            West: Arthur & Kathryn Murray (dance instructors)
            East: J.L. Stewart and V.S. Wang

155* "The Man who Played Dead"
             12-09-43 or 12-11-43: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
            West: D. Caulson and Ginni Young (vocalist)
             East: Arthur & Kathryn Murray (dance instructors)

156* "The Unlucky Man"
             12-16-43 or 12-18-43: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Sonya.Bigman (Time Magazine editor) and M.Thompson
             East: Ted Collins (Columbia Records talent scout) and
                       Earl Wilson (newspaper columnist)

157* "Dauphine's Doll"
             12-23-43 or 12-25-43: 30:00*
             Printed as story in the Calendar of Crime (1952)
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Sergeant A.Carlson and Private V. Ellis
             East: Private I.Bassett and Pfc.P.Grove

             Written by Manfred B. Lee without input from Fred Dannay 

158* "The Invisible Footprints"
             12-30-43 or 01-02-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Joan Brooks (vocalist) and Ben Grauer (radio announcer)
             East: Pamela Kellino (actress) and A.Reynolds

159* "The Disaster Club"
             01-06-44 or 01-08-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Last Man Club" 06-25-39
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: John Boles (actor) and Agatha Christie (mystery writer)
             East: Joan Brooks (vocalist) and George McManus (comic strip artist)
             Announced armchair detectives East: Joan Brooks (vocalist) and
             Jack McManus (assistant managing editor of PM)

160* "The Mischief Maker" East Coast radioshow available on the internet... East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress East Coast episode preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City
             01-13-44 or 01-15-44: 29:40
            Written by Frederic Dannay & Manfred B.Lee
             Guest Armchair Detective West: Bill O'Connor (radio announcer) and Gloria
             Swanson (actress)
             East: Ganadine(?) Bean (member US Cadet Nurse Core) Peter Cusack
             (executive secretary for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis)
             Announced armchair detectives: Peter Cusack (executive secretary of National
             Foundation for Infantile Paralysis) and Lucille Petry, (director of the U.S. cadet
             nurse corps

             Anonymous letters are being sent to people living in an apartment house,
             causing all kinds of grief. Who's behind it?

Pamphlet printed by Crippen & Landru as a tribute to Ellery Queen as Ghost of Honor at the 1998 Malice Domestic Mystery convention. Add for Radiola Release 128 an album in it's Crime Series. It has The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe starring Sidney Greenstreet "The Case of the Careless Cleaner" Complete as broadcast on NBC radio November 17, 1950 and on the other side The Adventures of Ellery Queen. The complete murder mystery, as heard on NBC Radio January 20, 1944. Sponsored by Bromo Seltzer. Charles Paul at the Organ. Ernest Chappell announcing. "The Mystery of the Scarecrow and the Snowman".

161* "The Scarecrow and the Snowman West Coast radioshow available on the internet... West Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress West Coast episode preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City
             01-20-44 or 01-22-44: 30:00*
             Written by Frederic Dannay & Manfred B.Lee
             Condensed from 'The Dying Scarecrow" 01-07-40
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Jeanne Cagney (actress), Peter Cusack
             East:  Bill O'Connor (radio announcer) , Gloria Swanson (actress)
             Announced armchair detectives: Basil O'Connor (president of National
             Foundation for Infantile Paralysis) and Gloria Swanson (actress)
             Printed by Crippen & Landru as a tribute to Ellery Queen
             Used as basis for EQ appearance in the Crackajack Funnies comic #42

             A tough case that takes Ellery months to solve. A corpse is found frozen,
             on a farm filled with crazies

162* "The Family Ghost"
             01-27-44 or 01-29-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Marc Connely (playwright) and Martha Scott (actress)
             East: Howard W. Blakeslee (science editor) and Mrs. Blakeslee

163* "The Murder on the Air"
             02-03-44 or 02-05-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Flying Needle" 08-06-39
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Eddie Mayehoff (comedian) and Bea Wain (actress)
             East: Edith Head (Hollywood costume designer) and
                      Audrey Christie (actress in 'The Voice of the Turtle' Broadway play).

Second part of this broadcast donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of CongressNBC War Bond parade (02-05-44 at 12:00 pm) had Captain Glenn Miller; Band of the Army Air Force Training Command; Grantland Rice; cast of "Adventures of Ellery Queen"; Harry Hershfield on the show

164* "The Problem Child"
             02-10-44 or 02-12-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives West: Paula Lawrence and John Shuttleworth 
             (fictitious radio host)
             East: Jackie Tucker (USO hostess of Karber's Ridge, Ill.) and
                       Ben Grauer (NBC announcer)

165* "The Squirrel Woman"
             02-17-44 or 02-19-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Thirteenth Clue" 08-20-39
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Brenda Forbes (radio actress) and Candy Jones (model)
             East: Rear Admiral Yates Stirling, Jr. and Benay Venuta (singer/actress)

166* "The Black Jinx"
             02-24-44 or 02-26-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Irene Bordoni (singer) and Al Trace (singer/songwriter)
             East: Eddie Dowling (Broadway producer) and Helen Menken (radio actress)

167* "The Red Cross"
             03-02-44 or 03-04-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Arlene Francis (actress) and Lucy Monroe (singer)
             East: Helen Hayes and Lindsay MacHarrie
 (American Red Cross executive)

Special broadcast in honor of the $200M Red Cross War Drive

168* "Wanted: John Smith"
             03-09-44 or 03-11-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Devil's Violin" 01-28-40
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Aubrey Waller Cook (pianist) and June Vincent (actress)
             East: Irene Bordoni (musical comedy singer) and Stan Lomax (baseball player
                      sport columnist)

169* "The Circular Clues"
             03-16-44 or 03-18-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Woman in Black" 01-14-40
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Joan Edwards (singer/actress) and B. Yost
             East: Connee Boswell (singer) and Xavier Cugat (bandleader)

170* "The Glass Ball"
             03-23-44 or 03-25-44: 30:00*
             Repeat of "The Silver Ball" 03-17-40
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Nannet Fabray (actress) and Mrs.I Gerhard
             East: John G. Chapman (New York Daily News
drama critic) and
                      Sammy Schulman (war photographer)

171* "The Case EQ couldn't Solve"
             03-30-44 or 04-01-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: H. Duval and P.Young
             East: J.Clyde and Dick Todd (vocalist)
             Announced armchair detectives: two members of Ringling Brothers and Barnum
             and Bailey Circus: Paul Jung (white-faced clown) and
             Herbert Duval (legal adjuster) at WEAF East

172* "The Painted Problem"
             04-06-44 or 04-8-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Picture Puzzle" 11-05-39
             Guest Armchair Detectives West: I.Munson and Ya Ching Lee
             East: Milton Cross (Metropolitan Opera radio host) and Marc Lawrence (actor)

            Announced armchair detectives: Marjorie Lawrence of Metropolitan Opera, and
            Milton Cross (radio announcer).

173* "Dead Man's Cavern West Coast radioshow available on the internet...(Listen to introclip to the radioshow)  West Coast episode preserved at Marr Sound Archives - UMKC Miller Nichols Library Kansas City (AFRS re-broadcast of West version)
             04-13-44 or 04-15-44: 29:30
            Written by Frederic Dannay & Manfred B.Lee
             Condensed from "The Haunted Cave" 10-22-39
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Marjorie Lawrence (Metropolitan Opera star) and Francis Beverly Kelley of
                         The Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus (circus publicity director).
             East: Dale Carnegie (motivational speaker) and Ted Fio Rito (musician)

              A local legend known as "the Strangler", killed 29 people
              over 100 years ago. Has he come back for more?

174* "The Letters of Blood"
             04-20-44 or 04-22-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: M.Gateson and B. Vlavianos 
             East: Peggy Fears (singer) and George McManus (cartoonist of "Maggie and

175* "The Buried Treasure"
             04-27-44 or 04-29-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Lost Treasure" 09-24-39
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: A.Lesser and P.Fears
             East: Mrs.Inez Gerhard (author) and Clayton Rawson (mystery writer
                       magazine editor)

176* "The Thief in the Dark" Sneakpreview of AFRS re-broadcast available on the internet... (AFRS pre-broadcast sneak preview)
             05-04-44 or 05-06-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from 'The Cellini Cup" 11-12-39
             AFRS Mystery Playhouse program "The Thief in the Dark" sneak preview
             at the end of AFRS Nero Wolfe broadcast of "The Last Laugh" 07-05-43
             Printed as authorized story "Here is a 
Mystery" in Radio Guide 01-26-40
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: M.Gardner and J.C.Lewis (radio producer)
             East: Robert Watson,
Alex Pope and Martin Kosleck (actors respectively
                       played Hitler, Göring and Goebbels in Paramount's 'The Hitler Gang' )

Heavily condensed summary of the Cellini Cup "Here is a Mystery"... in RadioGuide - January 26.1940
             Ellery meets a man who claims that an
             art-gallery proprietor has cheated him out of  a
             cup made by the great Benvenuto. Ellery and
             Nikki go to the auction of the priceless  cup and
             meet a variety of people. That night the Cellini
             cup is stolen from the son of the art dealer in
             total darkness and in the presence of both
             Ellery and Nikki...

177* "The Chinese Puzzle"
             05-11-44 or 05-13-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: A.Fisher and Rex Harrison (actor)
             East: John J. Anthony (fictitious radio host of Good Will Hour) and
                       Rosemarie Lombardo (radio singer)

178* "The Bottle of Wine"
             05-18-44 or 05-20-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Marjorie Lord (actress) and S. Schuyler
             East: James McGurrin (commissioner of jurors, New York City) and John "String"
                       Brice, (police chief of Ringling Brothers-Barnum and Bailey circus.)

179* "The Great Chewing Gum Mystery
             05-25-44 or 05-27-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Gum-Chewing Millionaire" 06-18-39
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Henry Daniell, Lou Frankel (actor)
             East:  Edwin S. Friendly (New York newspaper man) and
                        Vincent Lopez (orchestra leader)

Monday: With Helen Hayes in the cast, as well as lovely Marion Shockley, St. Albans Naval Hospital boys will see the Ellery Queen Show exactly as WEAF beams it on Saturday Night. (Brooklyn Eagle - Fri May 26 1944)

180* "The Murder Game"
             06-01-44 or 06-03-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Dead Cat" 10-29-39
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: John Archer (actor) and Carol Thurston (actress)
             East: Ben Kaplan (Providence Journal radio editor) and
                       Rose Marie (nightclub singer)

             In which mystery develops at surprise party for Ellery's secretary, Nikki Porter

181* "The Dark Secret" East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
             06-08-44 or 06-10-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "The Black Secret" 12-10-39
             Guest Armchair Detectives
             West: Royal Arch Gunnison (radio reporter)
             East: Carol Thurston (actress) and Mrs. Geraldine Greentree (Ohio radio editor)
             Newspaper announced on WEAF 6-8-44 East: Royal Arch Gunnison (see 185)

182* "The Blue Chip" East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
             06-15-44 or 06-17-44: 30:00*
             Adapted as "The Adventure of the Blue Chip in 'Soldier Shows", Folio 27, 1945
             Intended for use by unit Special Services personnel in musical revues where
             there is no time for to build much scenery or costumes and a jury chosen from
             the audience was used as a part of the show.
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Jane Cowl (actress)
             East: Roland Young (actor and war bonds salesman
) It actually said it would
             be either Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff or Bromo Seltzer :-)

             The story is set at a time when gambling ships were allowed to operate within
             a three mile radius of the coast.  Our heroes are vacationing in Velie's beach
             house. Mrs. Velie is unable to attend. Suddenly a taxi drives up and delivers a
             drunken man. Morten Tucker is not only a beach developer he is also very dead.
             The trail leads to Frank Betts, Mrs. Diane Tucker, Buzz Rowland the pool master
             and the Tucker's daughter Penny. Why was he delivered to their address? Why is
             he wet?...What is the meaning of the Blue Chip Ellery found in the taxi?
                                             (visit to the LoC 4/29/2005,  the best radio story I heard )

183* "The Corpse in Lower Five" East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
             06-22-44 or 06-24-44: 30:00*
             Condensed from "Napoleon's Razor" 07-09-39
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: M. Rognadahl
             East: Gloria Halliday (finalist undiscovered voice of America in the
                       "America Cinderella competition")

             Returning from a movie writing stint Ellery, Nikki and Velie take the continental
             train to California. Several people are traveling along a drunk salesman Frank
miss Flame Brighton a movie star, a Canadian professor Parnaud,
             newlyweds Clyde Tomkins and his wife.... Parnaud an avid Napoleon addict
             reports his old Napoleon razor with a wooden handle stolen. Soon thereafter it
             is found in the back of Mr.Gilley in lower five, the place where professor
             Parnaud would have laid. When revealed that Frank Gilly, is not a salesman but
             a jewel thief who has just robbed emeralds. The murder car gets unhitched from
             "The Flyer" and Ellery calls his father in NY.  He'll join the train in Chicago,
             meanwhile no emeralds are to be found... so Ellery and his father set up a trap.
                                                                                           (visit to the LoC 4/29/2005)

184* "The Devil's Head" East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
             06-29-44 or 07-01-44 :30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Claudia Morgan (radio actress)
             East: Hildegarde (singer)
             Announced armchair detective: Annabella (French actress)

This episode was announced as "The Adventure of the House of the Four
" at the end of last weeks episode.
             The setting here is a country house in the middle of NY City. Nikki pays a visit
             to Dorothy Center's house (close to the water). Milo's brother, David who lives
             with the couple calls it "The House of the Four Devils" referring to the four
             sprouts on each corner of the roof. While talking to Dorothy in the garden, she
             confesses that she's unhappy. Having a 52 year husband is a daunting task for a
             27 year old and she admits being in love with someone else. As Milo comes to
             meet them one of the sprouts falls on his head. Fortunately Milo isn't dead. Nikki
             suspects David, Milo's brother and an artist who works on the top floor. Milo also
             suspects his brother and wife are having an affair and asks Ellery to investigate.
             When visiting Milo at home he gets shot (and again survives). Chasing the
             culprit they find Dorothy, who promptly confesses... Ellery Queen
             isn't convinced.                                                                (visit to the LoC 4/29/2005)

When another stage star appeared early for an Ellery Queen guest shot and demanded that the air show be put on at once, then left in a huff when it wasn't, the producer frantically phoned around till he located Miss (Claudia) Morgan at a friend's home, and she rushed to the studio and filled the gap. (Fort Covington Sun, August 31,1944)
It is unknown when this exactly happened, however Claudia appeared two times on the show (06-29-44 and 07-27-44). For the first show another (French) actress Annabella was announced in the newspapers.
Also 'Miss' Claudia Morgan was by then married to Ernest Chappell, the programs announcer, which could explain her readiness to fill in the gap.

185* "The Egyptian Tomb" East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
             07-06-44 or 07-08-44: 30:00*
             Repeat of "The Pharaoh's Curse" 08-25-40
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Michael Whalen (actor)
             East: Royal Arch Gunnison (war correspondent, author "So Sorry No Peace"

             An archeological expedition leads to disaster when a party discovers a famed
             tomb they clearly hear a voice speak out a curse.."Before two seasons are
             past the ghouls who touched this sacred grave shall die
". Soon after Kidder,
             on party member freaks out in a desert storm en dies. Tremo, yet another
             party member falls overboard and Smith died in his bed of some kind of an
             insect bite. Some remaining members ask Ellery to look in. They already know
             the curse is bogus as some other competitors tried to scare them off. But their
             contract which states one year after their findings they're to divide everything
             is even scarier. Professor Kareem is suspect number one, although he also is
             afraid and sleeps in a locked room guarded by photoelectric cells. Even so
             Kareem is murdered...                                       (visit to the LoC 4/29/2005)

186* "The Foul Tip" West Coast radioshow available on the internet... Second part (15 minutes) of this East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
             07-13-44 or 07-15-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Charles Latorre (actor)
             East: Michael Whalen (actor)

             A baseball-mystery.

187* "The Yang Piece" East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress Script available in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library of the Columbia University New York
             07-20-44 or 07-22-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Major George Fielding Eliot (military analyst)
             East: Colonel John Stillwell (retired Army Officer, president of National
                       Safety council)

188* "The Four Prisoners" East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
             07-27-44 or 07-29-44: 30:00*
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Dr.F.E.Long
             East:  Claudia Morgan (performer)

189* "The Man without a Heart" East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
             08-03-44 or 08-05-44: 30:00*
             Repeat of "The Meanest Man in the World" 08-18-40
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Jane Russell (actress)
             East: Jane Cowl (actress)

190* "The Three Hands" East Coast episode on Reel donated by NBC Radio Collection preserved in the Library of Congress
             08-10-44 or 08-12-44: 30:00*
             Repeat of "The Mark of Cain" 09-22-40
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Dorothy Hart (actress)
             East: Major George Fielding Eliot (military analyst)

191* "The Man Who Wanted Cash"
             08-17-44 or 08-19-44: 30:00*
             Repeat of "The Fatal Million" 09-04-40
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: John Mills (actor)
             East: Bill Stern (sportscaster)

             Involves a king who sells out and for a million dollars in cash.

August 18, 1944 Sydney Smith appeared as "Ellery Queen" on "Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel". In these 15 minutes shows sports reporter Bill Stern tells many stories of and about sports and sports figures -- many are rumors, or even gossip. Each week he had a different guest who told a story themselves.

192* "The Mayor and the Corpse"
             08-24-44 or 08-26-44: 30:00*
             Repeat of "The Picnic Murder" 09-08-40
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: John Conte (radio announcer) 
             East: Joan Edwards (singer/actress)

193* "The Dead Man's Bones"
             08-31-44 or 09-02-44: 30:00*
             Repeat of "The Emperor's Dice" 03-31-40
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Earl Wilson (columnist)
             East: Fred Waring (band leader)

194* "The Disappearing Cats"
             09-07-44 or 09-09-44: 30:00*
             Based (?) on story "The Seven Black Cats" (1937)
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Allan Jones (singer/actor)
             East: West Peterson (detective magazine editor)

195* "The College Crime"
             09-14-44 or 09-16-44: 30:00*
             Condensed version of "The Three R's" 09-10-39
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Captain J.Chase 
             East: Josephine Antoine (soprano)
             Announced armchair detective: Annamary Dickey (Metropolitan Opera soprano)
             In this version "There Was An Old Woman" was mentioned, in the '46  EQMM
             version "The Murderer was a Fox"(sic) and in the printed Calendar version
             "The Origin of Evil".

            When at the beginning of a new academic year students and teachers return to the
            classrooms, Ellery is hired by the administration of Barlowe College to locate a Poe
            scholar who vanished in the Ozarks during the summer. His finds some baffling
            clues: a detective-story manuscript, a skeleton with two  missing fingers... 

196* "The Robber of Fallboro"
             09-21-44 or 09-23-44: 30:00*  Repeat of "The Black Sheep" 07-28-40
             Source for The Accused in EQMM, 12/54 and The Robber of Wrightsville"
             in Q.B.I. (1955)
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: Cornel Wilde (actor)
             East: Victor E. Chenea (vice-president of Pan American World airways).

             A masked thief steals a $ 15,000 payroll from the owner of a mill in the
             village of Fallboro. When the victim's stepson is arrested for the crime
             on circumstantial evidence, the boy's mother calls in Ellery Queen.

197* "The Invisible Clock"
             09-28-44 or 09-30-44: 30:00*  Repeat of 08-11-40
             Script printed in
The Case Book of Ellery Queen' (1945)
             Guest Armchair Detective
             West: J.Holton, C. Choiniere
             East: Lieut. Eileen Mallon (Overseas veteran army nurse)
             "Lt. Mallon will tell why a quota of 6,000 volunteers for the Army Nurse Corps
             must be met by Jan. 1, to keep us the Army Medical Corps' record of saving the
             lives of 97% of all battle wounded treated." (44-09-30 Lima News)

             On the fashionable estate of a Long Island family of wealth a priceless ruby
             disappears during a society ball Ellery and Nikki are attending. The clue is the
             clock that is heard ticking where no clock exists.

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